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Thursday, June 18, 2015

GIF - Song Joong Ki, Jo In Sung and Lim Ju Han Surprise Visit on Running Man

Got so excited for this episode of Running Man when heard of Song Joong Ki dropping by! It was a bonus that Jo In Sung and Lim Ju Hwan were with him also.

Talk about flower boys raining in Running Man!

It has been so long! It has been a month or so since Song Joong Ki was discharged from his military duties and seeing him looking good and so very handsome is a treat.

Even the RM cast and guests were so excited. The wives could not hide their enthusiasm even in front of their husbands who gladly indulged [really? hahaha maybe] in seeing Jo In Sung because they are a fan!

hahaha....two surprised fan got so excited!

Love how Jo In Sung immediately brushed off some pecks on Kwang Soo's denims...love the bromance!

Song Joong Ki really missed this group. He used to be a part of RM. Hope he comes again as a guest.

Look at these bunch of men! Could not contain their fanboying iover In Sung! LOL! Everyone wanted a snap and a hug from him.

And of course the more shy Lim Ju Hwan.

Husband feeling out of place...

Greeting his sunbaes...

Awwww...so cute! Smiling here while typing these captions.... Love the smiles!

Jo In Sung was having so much fun!

Cute friendship between these guys.

Some clips when Song Joong Ki was still in the show...

And I just saw him first in Sungkyunkwan Scandal withy PYC and YAI.

More laughs and smiles....

Again Kwang Soo was saying something and Jae Suk whispered to him. Maybe to shut him up. LOL

Just had a loud laugh when In Sung slapped Kwang Soo right there and then.

In Sung was invited to come as a guest but he declined! hahaha...Schedule was the excuse.

One friend was not with them. Ki Bang does not even know about this! lol

Enjoyed the short visit of these three gorgeous and handsome men of K-dramaland!

Welcome back Song Joong Ki!


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