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Friday, November 8, 2013

Kim Hyun Joong @The Five Movie Premiere 131108

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So serious! But handsome. He was photographed with his Inspiring Age/Age of Feelings co-stars Lim Soo Hyang and Shin Seung Hwan.

Jung So Min Photo Update 131102


with her grandmother

and Instagram update

[ChunHye] FanFic - Cupid's Shuffle Chapter 5

Latest installment of CS is up. 

credit: @inkymuse

enjoy reading ChunHyers!

Kim Tae Hee and Kim Soo Hyun Won "Dream Icon" in Cosmo Beauty Awards 2013

Two Korean artists, Kim Tae Hee and Kim Soo Hyun attend the Cosmo Beauty Awards 2013 to receive their prestigious award Dream Icon.


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[mslee's thoughts] Secret Episode 14 Screen caps and Review

I still have this small hope for Do Hoon to turn around and do the right thing. But in the end, again, it all goes down to self preservation. 

We are nearing the end of this drama that brought us so much intense emotions, from unbelievable unfairness of the situations, to furious Min Hyuk falling in love to his subject of obsession and up to this moment of still teeth gritting audacity and arrogance of both Se Yoon and Do Hoon just to cling to what they think they deserve in this lifetime.

Se Yoon is still not backing out of the wedding, albeit Min Hyuk's outright decision not to do it. Even if it means endangering his father's not yet recovered health. SY is using DH to put pressure on MH side by using documents that will further damage the company even including her own father's company just to see MH running towards her and stay. DH at first was very concerned and I believed him, considering he feels something for her. But again, he surprised me with his unchanging ruthlessness. To the point of making it appear he is helping SY corner MH but the truth was, he is only doing it in his last attempt to thwart YJ's step appearing in the courthouse for his arraignment involving YJ's father's death.

I want to punch him for his duplicity, for his intelligence in using a situation again to his advantage, and for his sarcastic smiles that tells me as a viewer that perhaps, I am looking at another well thought scheme. I pity SY, seriously! She has no pride anymore. She declared her love for MH but got rejected. Well, that scene was amazing, with her finally having the guts to voice out her true feelings. But then as a woman, I know it was hard facing the man you love and saw that her declaration did not make any difference at all to his facial expressions. It only made him sorry for her. That was a tough situation for SY, still she should have surrendered and accepted her defeat.

In this episode YJ was being hound not only by SY and DH but even the step mom of MH. She was being asked to go away and leave MH. What I am pleased was the fact that she was firm in her decision to stay as promised until MH himself tells her to go. I hope YJ's confidence towards her love for MH will stay strong and her trust will not waver. But of course, it will only be as good as the next trials like the one she was hearing on the phone, conversations between DH and MH about the possible collapse of the company. 

I know this is a tough decision for her and knowing her, predictably, she will not go to the courthouse. But then, I want the writer to surprise me in the last two episodes. Please, let me have my triumphant twist! It can't be all about evil versus naive YJ. There has got to be something that will shut up DH and put that utmost fear in his eyes and his whole being. For once, I need conviction for his wrong choices and thought out plans. He has been living his life blaming everyone but himself.

The episode is another brilliant story well written. But of course, I find some cute moments of MH and YJ somewhat cliche'. Maybe I am expecting much mature expressions of love considering how they got there from burning rage to controlled passion. Perhaps I want to see them naturally accepting their new found feelings.

But then again, this is K-drama and all romantic situations are much the same as the next drama. Well, i can forgive that. They have been giving me wonderful episodes, even if they were gripping. Or maybe I miss the chase, which is always the most exciting part of the romance. MH rather has a very convincing way of chasing and all his efforts are so fun to watch. 

For now, this is mslee writing my thoughts for this episode.

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