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Thursday, November 7, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Secret Episode 13 Screen caps and Review

This episode showed that MH is ready to take his chance with YJ. He already showed her how he feels for her. And although YJ is still in denial, I also thought that maybe she is not ready to be in a new relationship because deep inside, it is so hard to forget what she had with DH. That whatever it is between her and MH is all but paying off her debt and using him for her revenge.

The highlight of this episode was when YJ faced the family of MH. The father came from his successful surgery but then he immediately called for YJ. Like any Chairman, he instructed her to keep her distance from MH already. Another attempt to separate his son from a woman like her. Just as what he had done on Ji Hee. But MH stood up for her. He defied his father in front of everyone in the table, not caring if SY was there. YJ kept saying sorry to the Chairman while MH was mad and shouting at her to stop. Kwang Soo was holding MH tightly. When she went outside, the Chairman told DH to fix it, meaning her. 

This scene was intense. I want to pity SY but she deserved it. She already knew beforehand this will happen, she knew MH is in love with YJ so there's no way she can have him. She should have back down or backed out from the marriage talks. Now she had to hear it from an angry MH he won't marry her. An insult to her but she saw it coming. She cried at DH's arms. 

I really thought YJ has no feelings for MH when she told him to go away because he reminds her of what happened and of JH. And I thought MH gave up on her when he walked away, respecting her wishes. But I was wrong and happy to be wrong. YJ is already in love with her Boss! She even say sorry when she visit the place where JH ashes were placed and told her about how she liked to accept MH feelings even for a day.

She was ready to board the bus when suddenly MH appeared and snatched her back into his arms from the bus steps.

I think the time for them to make it real has come. Whatever troubles there is ahead, they will face it together. Three episodes left,  MH and YJ found each other. I wonder what will become of SY and DH? If only there were no lies between SY and DH, I think they can also find happiness. But DH has made so many wrong choices since then,  all that's left is for him to pay for them first before he can make a fresh start.

For now, I will await the last three episodes and hoping that I will have my happy ending.

some screen caps only.

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