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Saturday, March 7, 2015

[Raw] MBC CUT for JjongAh Final Episode

[mslee's thoughts] Kill Me Heal Me Episode 16 Screen caps Review

Another outstanding episode.

A thankful gift from Do Hyun to Ri Jin.

They spent the day together. Riding the train, sharing meals, walking while holding hands, enjoying each moment and going to the beach. A day that Do Hyun made Ri Jin happy. But then it all ends there. He had to say goodbye. He had to part ways with her to spare her more pains that could possibly surface from her past because of his existence by her side. He told her to live a happy life. Don't dwell on the past. She realized he was a part of her lost memories. 

She had no choice but to let him go. It hurts him. It hurts her to see him hurting. Do Hyun is trying to protect her. She knows it. Still, it is never okay to let go of someone she loves. She cried. But she could never complain about the unfairness of her fate. She wants to remember what's scaring her. 

Ri On waited for her. He could only stand by and wait until she is ready to leave. It also hurts him to see her that way. He tried to be strong for her as her brother. He knew she needs time to over come her misery.

The child in the basement is her memory and now she knew Ri On was not the boy 
she remembers. It's hard dealing with the pain but she is enduring them, alone. Her parent's don't know yet what's happening to her. 

Do Hyun is also trying hard to deal with the pains of parting with her.

The biggest revelation is yet to come

The photo of Do Hyun's father triggered those remaining memories from Ri Jin's mind. Suddenly, scenarios of the past came rushing in. It's frightening. It's suffocating. It's traumatic.

How this child endured abuse those times were left to the imaginations of the viewers. And it is seriously frightening, even thinking about can make anyone sick. There was no justification for all these. Anger should never be dealt this way particularly to a defenseless  child.

As the memories rushed in, Ri Jin felt weak and dizzy at the same time. Dealing with them took a lot of toll in her body. She fell unconscious. Do Hyun could only stare at her helplessly. He could not even stand up and help her. His own guilt is eating him away.

But what's shocking is yet to be revealed. Chincha! The writer's imagination and twist on this story is head spinning! Unexpected. Unimaginable! Staggering!

Finding the remaining truth for both Ri Jin and Do Hyun simultaneously through their vague memories that are suddenly coming very clearly are the most unpredictable of all secrets.

Cha Do Hyun is the girl from the basement. Cha Do Hyun is Oh Ri Jin's real name. 

Then who is Cha Do Hyun? What was his real name then? Why did he suddenly became Cha Do Hyun?

How this story unfolds are truly unforeseen. I have been back from analyzing and understanding the complexities of the story to be thrown aback by this twist.

The things that happened in the past are all entangled that divulging the whole truth will take a lot to process them one by one. The adults who were in on this conspiracy are the ones who made Do Hyun and Ri Jin suffer the weight of their lies and deceits.

Innocent lives were turned upside down. 

Another outstanding performance from the main characters, Ji Sung, Hwang jung Eum and Park Se Joon.


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