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Thursday, March 5, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] BLOOD Week 3 [Episodes 5 and 6] Screen caps and GIF Review

Highlights in episode 5


Lee Jae Wook's plan to make Ji Sang stay away from the hospital and perform the [urgent] surgery failed. Lee Jae Wook is not pleased to see Ji Sang showing humanity. It is not who they are, or it is what he thinks and believes in. He wants Ji Sang to know his priorities and to live not as a human being because he is not.

At the operating room, the surgery has been delayed because the official surgeon who should handle the operation is not present. That same time, Jae Wook walked in at the hospital's lobby feeling he won and that he had accomplished his task without a hitch. He readied himself for the operation.

But guess who walked first into the operating room? Ji Sang in his medical uniform came just in time. Jae Wook also walked in. Ri Ta and the rest of the staff who were already anxious eyed them both. Ji Sang stood his ground and not backed out of the room to give in to his superior, Jae Wook. Jae Wook had to give in to Ji Sang, he is the attending surgeon.

The transplant was another success. All the while, Ri Ta was controlling her annoyance at Ji Sang. She had a right to be mad. It is unethical to leave and attend to something else, whether it be personal or not when he is already committed to do an operation which was urgent. She let him know that she is displeased with his actions. But Ji Sang argued calmly that noting happened and that he was on time to make the operation.

Ri Ta is becoming suspicious of Ji Sang. The news showed a man whose back seems familiar and looks like Ji Sang. It also coincide with the time he was away. She told her friend Choi So Eun who does not believe her. She followed Ji Sang and tried to compare the photo in her mobile that came form the news and to his back while he was talking with the medical students. Min Ga Yeon who saw her looked at her even though she waved her hand to tell her to look at Ji Sang. But Ji Sang already felt her at his back and looked at her. She pretended she was capturing them as a souvenir and walked passed them, hitting Ga Yeon's head irritatingly.

Ji Sang is concerned with the sudden cravings he is experiencing. At the operating table, he almost lose his control when suddenly he felt weak at the sight of blood. He took his medication which already has high dosage, still he is starting to crave.

In this episode, Lee Jea Wook's past was shown. He had been experimenting, finding new drug with a doctor but his goal was different to the other doctor. This doctor got mad at his greediness and told him not to come again. Lee Jae Wook killed the man and took the written findings of the experiment. 

The new team Jae Wook brought to the hospital started their work. Soo Hye Ri, the woman who leads the project comes in the ward at night and injected something to the patients. This project of free medicine is just a disguise for their own experiments making these homeless and poor people be their guinea pig. The doctors have no idea particularly Ri Ta and Ji Sang. Ji Sang found bruises in the arms of one of the patient. He consulted with Jung Ji Tae about it.

Jung Ji Tae seems to be the wild card in this drama. He has his own secret. He is studying the same files about the skeletons found in the grave. It seemed that he is related to the doctor who was killed by Jae Wook.

Ri Ta found Hye Ri getting samples of blood from patients. She questioned her about it and was told that it was already authorized by both the Director and the Chairman. Hye Ri acted as if her actions should not be questioned. Choi Kyung In, the doctor secretary [whom Ri Ta calls Aunt] coldly told Hye Ri to apologize to Ri Ta for her behaviour.

The side effects of the drug being injected to patients soon materialized to the man who is alcoholic. he became delusional. He caused havoc in the ward. Securities and doctors assigned were all anxious of his unpredictable actions. Ri Ta is not handling the situation properly. Ji Sang told the man to calm down and that he would give him alcohol. The man was almost fooled but by Ri Ta's silent command to the nurse who was inching her hand towards the syringe, the man suddenly attacked. Ji Sang was in time to protect Ri Ta from being wounded by a scalpel. It hit Ji Sang's face.

The episode showed how the drug ATISAN is not working longer for Ji Sang. His hand is shaking. His nervous system is probably affected. Blood makes him weak and dizzy which should not be the case. He suddenly punched the bathroom mirror. Psychologically, something is happening inside him.

The drug that was injected to him killed his parents but he did not die from it. While Jae Wook is injecting something in his arm. Maybe he is trying to be like Ji Sang.

screen caps for episode 5 already posted 


Highlights of episode 6


Ji Sang's face was slashed by the scalpel from the man who attacked him. Ji Sang was already feeling dizzy because of the blood dripping from the man's hand. He walked away after the security was able to hold the man. Ri Ta was surprised that she was spared from the attack because Ji Sang protected her. She followed him and saw his wound on his face, blood flowing onto his white gown. But what shocked her was that the open wound was slowly closing.

She felt suspicious. Suddenly, Ji Sang remembered and he put his hand on his face to hide the wound. he turned his back on her and walked away.

The next day, Ji Sang went to te hospital with a bandage. His friend Joo Hyun Woo helped him with it. Ri Ta wants to prove that the wound is no longer there, so she snatched the bandage. To her surprise, there were stitches on his face. Ji Sang turned on her and got angry for her rudeness. She was fooled to believe it was really a wound when it was only make up done by Joo Hyun.

In this episode, Joo Hyun is concerned for Ji Sang after seeing the broken mirror inside the bathroom. Ji Sang told him it was done unconsciously. He wanted to increase the dosage of the ATISAN but it is already high. Joo Hyun also discussed about the drug that has been injected to him. It made him stronger than before. He won't be killed by any substance or anything. Ji Sang felt saddened by this news because it made his dream of becoming human less possible.

He wants to try the project left by her mother. The VTH 16 project. But Joo Hyun reminded him that it only stops the virus and eats them but then it also eat normal cells from head to toe, making him human temporarily for two days but he will also die within 2 days after.

For now, Ji Sang should not rely on ATISAN but also to his control when he is craving blood or
 when he is weakened by the sight of it. Ironically he is having nightmares about devouring human because of blood. Because something is happening inside him, his unconscious makes him irritant. He broke the vending machine at the hospital.

Another look at Jae Wook's side to somehow understand his greed. There was a girl who was a patient at a hospital he worked at that time. Her parents abandoned her because of medical expenses. The girl died falling from the rooftop of the building.

This drama is slowly telling it's own version of vampire story. Jae Wook was inside a chapel, praying or talking to God. Anyhow, I think his greed is to be like HIM, to not put anyones at HIS mercy or to receive only how long to live and when to die. This greed stems from being a doctor who wants to save lives and Jae Wook in this department seems to be committed to make life longer for any patient. His infection that led him to be a vampire, he wants to use it not to rule the world, but to justify his greed of deluding himself as superior being who can give life and stop death in a doctors uniform. Without this greed, I can say that his ambition and goal is noble but because it would lead to defying what's already certain in everyones lives, this will only lead to false thinking and be an evil act in the end.

The writer is treading on humanity, good and evil in another level. The story is breaking away from the typical good versus evil. 

Finally in this episode, Ji Sang learned that Ri Ta is the same girl he rescued form the wild dogs when he was younger. They went to Jeju for a seminar. At the forest, they met as both were strolling to pass the time. Ri Ta thought he was following her. She talked about the boy who appeared and fought with wild dogs.

Ji Sang saw her in new light. I think Chae Yeon was the first girl he became interested in when he first saw her. But they parted ways after that day. Back at the hotel, the doctors who attended the seminar met that nigh for a drink. The group played a game. Ji Sang refused to drink, citing allergy. Ri Ta kept on drinking. They sat on a bench. Ri Ta mentioned the boy again and convinced him that he exist somewhere. He smiled. She was talking about her. She suddenly laid her head on his shoulders. he gave her a piggy back ride to her room, He stared at her, wanting to touch her face but controlled his hand.

One of the doctors who was so drunk played another prank and pressed the fire alarm button. Everyone got outside their rooms and realized it was false alarm. Ri Ta who was standing outside her room opposite Ji Sang's saw him without a bandage with a completely clean face, no trace whatsoever of stitch or healing wound. Her suspicious came back. Inside the room, Ji Sang realized he walked out without the bandage.

Next day, Ri Ta was silent as they met ready to depart.

Another cliffhanging ending for this episode. Ji Sang got a call to meet at a place. Jae Wook planned this meeting. Two vampires scattered bags of blood all over the place. Ji Sang immediately felt weak upon entering the room. He smelled the blood. Just as he thought it did not make him stronger which should be normal to vampires, but rather it made him weak.

Two vampires appeared. They start to hurt him but he fought even though he could barely stood up. Another one came and killed the two vampires. He also fought with this strong vampire in a hoodie. 

Shockingly, it was Jae Wook, his director at the hospital, looking exactly like him, a vampire.

This is a calculating move of Jae Wook. He wants Ji Sang badly to be on his side  to speed up the experiments. 

Things are getting more intriguing. Ri Ta should be doing her own research now on Ji Sang. Jung Ji Tae will come up with his own research and findings. I wonder which side will he choose? The good or the evil? Greed is scary once it latches on to someone. 

Then there's the Chairman who also have an illness. Maybe his cooperation to the drug research has something to do with his illness.

There are so many questions now. And I am looking forward to the next episode. As for the chemistry between Park Ji Sang and Yoo Ri Ta, it's getting beautiful each episode. I never thought Ahn Jae Hyun is so tall that makes Goo Hye Sun more cute in her petite frame by his side.


Episode 6
screen caps

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