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Friday, September 15, 2017

[mslee’s thoughts] Falsify – Burying the Truth

This is just overall thoughts on the drama…

Who needs romance when Falsify aka Distorted is a drama that brings more excitement putting viewers on suspense every week. A drama that managed to gather veteran actors and actresses in one great plot of conspiracy and corruption. A drama that seeks the truth albeit the dangers that might befall the seeker. A drama that could be happening for real. But then people like us are too much occupied with our own daily lives and struggles that such happenings escape our notice. Yes, for we have faith in media to bring in honest information. We have trust in the institution or bureaucracy that promised to protect people and not suspect otherwise.

Falsify is a great drama that shows media can also be a tool for secrecy that buries truth in a subtle way that is so easy to overlook at. Journalist who started idealistic could be a target of manipulations and maneuvering without realizing that he \ she already succumbed to the temptations offered at the sidelines. The drama shows the politics inside a media company where the Director is the one who has the final say even if it disregards the efforts of his subordinates. To be stubborn and opposing the higher officers can be someone else’s downfall as a journalist leaving the opportunist and ambitious an open invitation to take the place of that someone who has stood his ground but lost it.

Then there are institutions that has been there ever since. Some are hospitals some are disguised as civic foundations that look after the welfare of citizens that somehow escape the notice of the government. And there is the government which provides security for the community to be safe.

But what if these organizations suddenly get together in a cover up and plan something unbelievable? Something that each will benefit from. One common ground for them is to hide, to bury, to falsify something in exchange for their greed. Isn’t it scary to be a part of these conspiracy? Life is at stake and once you enter in an agreement and covering up there is no way you can get out of your own free will.

This is the story of Falsify…
Media, prosecutors and police conspired to hide a disturbing project disguised as helping children in a foundation that leads to the death of these same children through fire. But the redeeming point of the story, the good prosecutor, police and media are also the ones that hold hands in revealing the truth, defeating the corrupt. But of course, what they expose was only the tip of the iceberg. Corruption is scattered in the higher ups and these elders have no faces. It will take years to clean the bureaucracy and people who help in manipulation and corruption.

But for our heroes like Moo Young, Seo Min and Kwon So Ra this only the start of their battle.
Thumbs up for the plot development and that open ending finale of the drama. Satisfaction can not be grasped but there is closure in the end seeking the truth and justice that has been denied.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

(Mslee's thoughts) The King Loves WonSan GIF part 4 - Protecting Each Other

I am posting gif from episode 33...

For many these scenes showed San is not into our CP but if you look at it with neutral perception you would be able to see the scene as how it really was. What was being implied all along.

San was about to ran away again! This was after meeting Rin at the bridge where the epic [fail] kiss happened just after San met Dan and was told to stay away from the CP.
Wow..those siblings are really too much!
As if they are ganging up on San's and Won's happiness.

There is reason why she went back to palace...to see Won as he requested. She was not forced to return. She did it on her own after reading his request which she had given him by right when she gave him the promise ring.

But because of what transpired before meeting Won she had a changed of mind. This day is Won,s wedding day.

Her facial expressions and her eyes are both betraying  her inner thoughts and feelings. She is nervous and blabbering in front of Won. Why?
It seems that she is breathless just by telling her reasons why she decided not to see him after all.
After all the effort it took her to come back to the palace.

Throwing out Rin's name in her monologue is a sure way of saying her thoughts are scattered and she is not really aware of what to say.
She should have not said Rin's name though. She did not know Won witnessed the kiss.

But again Won is being calm about it which is the opposite reaction that other ship wants him to. To go mad and immediately put maybe both Rin in danger.

But Won just wanted to protect San who is his only first as he already said. But still others see it as caging her. This is for the meantime when there are still cases to solve. Remember her father's death? San could be the next target.

San was speechless after that. 

Then had the courage to ask about his wedding...

again her eyes are betraying her and how she speaks...

She became silent after hearing that Won already married.
But maybe she was also thinking why he was here with her already?
Where is the bride?
So is it true that he care less for Dan?

These could be her thoughts...

The camera was focused on her as she stayed silent and not moving. Why? Why San? The news upsets you that he already married?

I love this scene.
Won can see pass her and what must she have been up to like crying.
I remember a wonsan chingu saying that San perhaps cried in her sleep again at the cave scene with the blanket over her face.

I think so too.
Why does her face looks like she cried the night before when it looks like she had a nice time with Rin fishing.

Scenes can be deceiving..yes?

And like a girl in front of a boy who has a secret crush on him...
she lifted her hand and touched her face consciously.

omo...this scene is soooo revealing of wonsan feels!!!

And they thought she was rejecting him flat out.
No..she is not!
Her thoughts are him married..
her thoughts are she is harmful to him...
Dan said so...
Queen said so according to Dan...

She must stay away from him to protect him.

Isn't it in parallel to Won saying he is protecting her?
Both want to protect each other!

And of course this flower which Won put behind her ears...
Just like that old memory where Won put the bird pin on her hair...
without flinching...
just letting him...

And if anyone recall how she touched the bird pin on her hair..
this too she wanted to touch the flower by inching her hand towards it but Won grabbed her hand.

Scenes that are replicated like an answer to another scene.
PDnim and writernim are not just throwing these scenes randomly. They are connected with other scenes.
Only in WONSAN.

He continue to assure her of her safety because he can.

and of course another "rejection"...
she does not want to be a burden to him. He is the CP of the land.
He could not focus on her alone with all the task around him.

She is distancing herself from him.
Maybe because she has forfeited that right when she said not to choose him.
When she was told to stay away so she won't cause him harm.

Inside his room...

Whose bed does San sleeps?

what? 2 times already?
and this will be the 3rd time!


Will make that gif bed scene next post. Yes, she SAN slept on Won's BED on his wedding nght.
another chingu had pointed it out [zarrajae] which somehow escaped my notice thanks to her.:)


This is another surprise move from San whenever Won is not expecting any. She helped him with the ink..
this could be normal but no.
It suggest a couple vibe, like she is a partner and doing task like this is very normal between them.

Then the talk about her being his first now being his last...
she was stuttering about kind of remembering something like that in a nonchalant way but in fact she was affected again by that confession just like at the bridge scene.

And just when everything seems ok..
this scene flashed again on her mind.
Why does this scene with Dan keeps on bothering her? 
many say she looks at Won in a friendly way.
So yeah..friends so this is nothing to be bothered about.

But why?

Then lying to his face..
she started talking about Rin.
Could he help Rin?
A bad choice of subject matter in a conversation just when things are doing okay.

And I feel bad for Won. He does not know what runs inside San's head only hat she tells him and what he heard.

Rin. Rin again..butting in on their talk alone.

He thought she was as bad as everybody else around him. Staying just to ask for favors.

Yes..very true. But he is wrong. He was led to believe that San is like that and her priority is Rin.
No her priority is Won.

and just like that this episode of WonSan ends.

Till next post


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

2PM Ok Taec Yeon First Photos in Military Uniform ...

Glad that photos were shared of Taec in his military uniform.

(mslee's thoughts) The King Loves - Putting Rin's Blood on Won's Hand

A little rant on last night's episode of #thekingloves.

My POV...

That ending where Rin was slashed by Won!  Many cried ( of course not seeing the preview first) for Rin.
And I was ...? Is that the "sacrifice" that Rin has come up to? What for? To put his blood on the crowned prince and make him the villain between the two of them? To make Won suffer of being guilty the rest of his life? For "supposedly" taking his friend's life in a stupid fight, with Rin not even lifting a hand to block Won's sword? Was that how Rin planned and execute his game to make it believable to Song In?
What exactly that sacrifice resulted to? Song In the mastermind is still there. In the end it will still be Won who will end things with Song In. I hoped for this.

That this would be a Won Battle alone in the end. I just felt that Rin could have thought of a better plan than making the CP a murderer of his own friend.


Imagine the backlash of Rin supporters towards Won! I mean hey dont make Won that evil because up to last night's episode he has not done anything Real bad towards Rin. But viewers look at it as if Won is the psychotic character without basis. Won just lost his mother. Someone murdered his mother. Anyone would be in an abnormal state of mind while dealing with pain and grief.

Then here comes the one you trusted the most! Apparently in your eyes this friend is stealing your woman and being vocal about it. He is also apparently looking at the throne and working with your enemies. Won does not know anything at all. He remained trustful of Rin. He is in denial of everything he sees. Then now Rin let him cut his life? And viewers look at it as sacrifice!

I just felt mad. If RIN HAS TO SACRIFICE HIS LIFE IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A DUEL WITH SONG IN. He could have fight with all his might as he stands in front of Won protecting him. Rin could have died while fighting with all his might in a hero's way. That would have been the most suitable "sacrifice" to show his loyalty and love towards Won. Am i not right?

If this is the case it is clear who the enemy is in Won's eyes. In this way Rin's death ( if he would really die) would be MORE meaningful.
i would call it a stupid part in the story. No sense at all.

And I as a wonsan never truly wanted Rin to die. NOT without San first clarifying her true and real feelings between Rin and Won. With Rin dying... I am not welcoming a wonsan ending.



Yup ranting done👊