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Saturday, May 24, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Angel Eyes Episode 13 - Best Moments of Dong Joo and Soo Wan + Video of Kiss Scene and GIF

The episode treats the viewers to a lot of moments between Dong Joo and Soo Wan. Though there are still problems that bothered Dong Joo, there are moments that made the relationship develop. The level of skinship is becoming comfortable. The hugs and the passionate kiss are sweet. Sorry I just captured one frame of that deep kiss. My hands was so eager to capture in a hurry I think they tangled, missing some good angles. [lol]


Still worth it. And then there was the morning after...or the perception that something happened between them. Oh, lovely. Soo Wan was so happy when she gave Dong Joo her version of back hug. 

These moments should be treasured because I fear we will all feel the devastation of what the secret past will reveal and do to our OTP. Dong Joo may be trying to move on but Soo Wan will have a hard time.

So before we go to a heartbreak, [hopefully not] PDnim and writernim have been very extravagant with scenes like these. And we are appreciating. 

my caps...


edit: I found a clip of the kiss scene! hahaha...maybe some of you already watched it but hey, I am still posting it below. 

Video via SBS @yt

check it out!

The Kiss

hmmm... did he just bit her lips? :))


and then there's gif!

wahhhhhh! yes!

credit via AE DC/soompi thread

[mslee is not a pervert...hahaha...just sharing the hot kis!]

Friday, May 23, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] You're All Surrounded - Episodes 5 & 6 Review

Thoughts on this week's episodes

If there is one person who I long to punch so hard it is the prosecutor! The rotten prosecutor who should be put away from office to clean the system. Seo Pan Seok's enemy. 

Just looking at his face makes me mad, chincha!. How can someone appoint this detestable man to be the City Prosecutor when he can be bribed and get away with it? He let the hit and run suspect be released after the hard work of Team 3. If I were also Pan Seok I would punch him repeatedly! Well, he did that earned him assault case against him. Then there is the captain Cha Tae Ho who always get his chance whenever Pan Seok is being punished. 

The case is a sensitive one that touches a personal pain for both Pan Seok and Sa Kyung. They also loose their child from the same accident. The reason why the marriage fell off. He was too busy working on his assignments he forgot to pick up his son that led to him wandering off into fatal accident.

The rookies were so happy to be back working after the restaurant hostage taking that they were able to solve. Somehow they earned respect from their team leader Pan Seok. In the midst of getting together, of drinking together as buddies, Dae Koo still remains a little aloof. In the apartment where they resume drinking, Soo Sun was hinting a possible sharing of the apartment since she has no place to stay. But Dae Koo won't allow her. 

I love this scene where Soo Sun was sharing something personal... her heart pounding for someone. Did she just confess her feelings? Oh, oh...seems Dae Koo was interested or felt something thug inside him? Perhaps his heart jolted at her confession? It may not be particular, still it is a confession that she is romantically feeling something towards someone.


The following morning after the drinking spree at the apartment, the scene that made me wide eyed....[yup! as in it did gave me shock! and a wide grin..hehehehe] was when a  half awake Soo Sun walked straight to Dae Koo half naked body, her lips smacking his chest! OMG! Tastes like strawberries? Lol! She even licked her lips?! Chincha! The most funny [and erotic] scene I have seen in k-drama. Hmm...chewing my lips her and wondering if this is really one of a kind. I could not hold off my laughter I had to repeat the scene to make sure! Hohoho! Naughty me! And I could anticipate Lee Seung Gi breaking into laughter and have NG, but maybe he controlled it and as Dae Koo dragged the naughty girl Soo Sun outside the door.

Anyway, the relationship between Pan Seok and Dae Koo is still awkward and cold. Dae Koo is doing his own investigation. Hearing the voice of the man who murdered his mother call Pan Seok, he is again suspicious of his team leader. 

Sorry for random recap, but I am just trying to remember what happened this week. There was a scene when Pan Seok was released from the cell that Soo Sun was so happy and excited that she did not control her emotions and just embraced Pan Seok in front of her team and Sa Kyung. Got a little overboard there but her actions seems to make Sa Kyung jealous and walked out of the room.  I love Soo Sun's cheerfulness. She shows her gratitude, her happiness and her tears honestly. I think her feelings for Dae Koo will progress more. 

In the last scene of episode 6, she saw Dae Koo wearing an eyeglass and it reminded her of her long agao crush/nemesis Ji Young. She called him Ki Young and he looked at her, startled that she recognized him. She said his name again but Pan Seok was just walking behind and to stop her from talking he kissed her lips! Another skinship...er...romance brewing between these two. It might not be his feelings for now but Soo Sun will surely thought otherwise. The girl will fall for him easily and faster.

I love to see Soo Sun breaking down Dae Koo's wall. I think she will be good to him and will be a source of support and affection that he lacks in his life. 

The bad news of the episode: the killer spotted Dae Koo when he tried to find him outside the orphanage. Unfair but it just made the story more thrilling.