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Friday, May 23, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] A New Leaf Episode 8 Screen caps - Review

Episode 8
Recap and some thoughts

A Swift Win

The case of Jung Hye Ryeong can be called a swift win. Seok Joo handled it like no other defense lawyer can. A thorough evidence that left the prosecutors hanging with their mouths open. All the loopholes in the evidence were tackled and the judge has no reason to continue the case when it is clear that there is no hard evidence pointing to the suspect.

Seok Joo just earned respect from Jung's previous lawyer. A surprising twist of events.
After winning the case, Lee Ji Yoon invited Kim Seok Joo to have chicken and beer with her later at the apartment. She was so excited for the win of her first case.

The office received so many calls, asking if they are handling Pro Bono cases. Lawyer Park said they did, it was just those were not famous. I think this is really the first time the firm had a Pro Bono case considering how established and big they are. But since Seok Joo handled Jung's case as one and won, interested clients are trying to get noticed.

The Fiancee

Learning he has a fiancee he does not recall, he excused himself and went to the restroom. He was confused. He did not know what the right thing to do. Cha Young Woo followed him and asked what would be his decision. He needed to be honest with the woman at least. He felt he should tell her about his amnesia and talked about marriage later.

Inside a cafe, Seok Joo and Yoo Jung Sun  talked. He was honest about his amnesia Jung Sun was surprised but although confused she remained cool. A little bit concerned but I don't think she cares about him deeply like a woman in love should. She confirmed this through Cha Young Woo.They agreed to have lunch with her family. The family are trying to convince him to join the business and be their legal consultant. But he is denying. It seems that this is an arranged marriage. There is no love involved. The family wants him and so Jung Sun agreed to please her grandfather. But there is something that is still intriguing. It could be something to do with the photo Jung Sun looked at that she is hiding in her wallet. Her father perhaps?

Handsome young judge

Outside the courthouse, Lee Ji Yoon and the handsome young judge Jeon Ji Won met and chat for a while. Ji Yeon was smiling through out. They talked about the case and Seok Joo. He knows more abut Seok Joo and his reputation. 

Date Gone Sour

Ji Yeon prepared the promised chicken and beer celebration. She was excited because it was her first case. The delivery chicken was early, still no sign of Seok Joo. She waited. She waited at the terrace then when raindrops fall she gathered the plastic bags and run out front only to see Seok Joo coming back with a woman. She tried to sneak away but the beer can rolled on to the pavement and stopped catching the couple's attention. She had no other excuse but to turn around and meet them, smiling awkwardly. Seok Joo introduced Jung Sun as his fiancee. She was flustered. She greeted them briefly and walked away, almost running.

She hurriedly punched the pass code to her apartment but still Seok Joo appeared right after her asking if she ate all the chicken already. She said yes. I think he must have noticed her reaction  about him having a fiancee so he explained that he also never knew he had one until now.

The scene was cute. Both were affected although Ji Yeon was more rattled. But I think Seok Joo knew what's going on with Ji Yeon but decided to just let it pass. Ji Yoon felt annoyed at him. She crushed the empty beer can. Well, she is like a jealous woman. She kept rambling to herself. 

A New Possible Case

She is working on a new case. A son killed his father. She was finding clues and evidence about the case. She told Seok Joo about it but he told her he won't accept it. It is a sensitive one and even if she pleaded, even if he read the case, his decision is final. He won't accept.

Cha Young Woo Scouting For A New Lawyer

Cha Young Woo has been eyeing Jeon Ji Won for some time now. He tries to scout him personally for his firm. He is planning on adding this handsome and talented lawyer to his firm. With Seok Joo, who will soon be leaving after his contract expires, Cha Young Woo wants Ji Won to replaced his most valuable lawyer. He knew Ji Won does not want to be a judge longer than necessary but he is planning on teaching. He is not interested in  money but in educating next generation of lawyers. One thing that made Ji Won give the offer some thought is that Cha Young Woo offered him to be the next Seok Joo or even surpass Seok Joo's contribution in the firm. I think this is an ambitious bait by Cha Young Woo to Ji Won. And if money does not make him consider, I think the latter excuse will be much appealing for any lawyer in town.

Cha Young Woo might have just offered the best interesting deal and got Ji Won's weakness. I think he did. Cha Young Woo is not someone to be easily dismissed. He has the ability to read people cunningly. He is silent but could be dangerous. So far, he has not yet done anything to make me dislike him. But I can read ambition and power through his eyes. He can be a good boss but I think he can also be a bad enemy. Or he can be someone who does not want to be defeated so he is readying the firm for the possible turn around of Seok Joo's principles. I am interested with Cha Young Woo's inner thoughts. So far the writer has been good in dangling bits and pieces only of the man behind the firm.

And one of the motive behind the offer is that there will be new appointment of Chief Justice. One will be Park Yang Tae who Ji Won served and wrote the sentences. A win win situation for Cha Young Woo if they will support Park. A hidden agenda. How will Ji Won play in this kind of scenario? And what will happen to Seok Joo?

Episode 8 has no court drama, no current case but still it delivered a good story. 



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