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Saturday, August 2, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] You're All Surrounded Final Thoughts - A Very late Reaction and Review

I promised myself that I will post my final thoughts about this drama, You're All Surrounded even if it is already too late.

Finally. the secret is out. The root of all evil deeds has been found out. A man with lots of ambition, a man who was once a part of the police force, a man who once has the integrity of a Chief of Police has now turned into someone who would do anything to achieve his goal. Assemblyman Yoo Moon Bae has done an evil plot to the extent of lying to his daughter just to get her trust and financial assistance which he badly needed. In order to achieve these things, he made her believe that her husband had a child with another woman, the nurse who was murdered years ago.

With her hot temper and possessiveness turned jealousy, Yoo Ae Yoon went to Dae Gu's home 11 years ago and acted on her jealousy and temper, struck the nurse at the back of her head. A crime always is not perfect even if there was no witness. She unfortunately dropped her one of a kind, customized necklace with a pendant. Hyeong Chul, who then became the Assemblyman's man cleaning the mess his daughter had not been able to finish, killed Dae Gu's mom.

By that time, Chief Kang Seok Soon, a police officer who worked with Bae Moon and has became a trusted sunbae, was one of the accessory to the crime when she hid the necklace which was found in the crime scene and gave back to Hyeong Chul, which again, unfortunately [or luckily] he dropped while he was chasing Dae Gu at the gymnasium of the school where he studies. the said necklace was found by Soo Sun and kept it through these years.

The injustice of the murder of Dae Gu's mother a plot that started just to secure financial assistance from a daughter. A crime that became one of the most haunting past for both Dae Gu and Pan Seok, who was then the detective handling the case. Both Pan Seok and Dae Gu lost precious loved ones 11 years ago. A son for Pan Seok and mother for Dae Gu.

The good thing about the unveiling of the crime and the culprit behind it is that finally, Dae Gu realized that Pan Seok is innocent all this time of  being one of the suspect. He carried a deep hatred for Pan Seok for so many years, he became obsessed at making Pan Seok pay for it.

The painful part of this journey to discovery of what really happened in the past and why it happened is that Chief Kang who became a trusted person in Dae Gu's life was a part of the conspiracy. A unbelievable situation for Dae Gu since he love and trusted her all tis time. The good thing about it, before she was murdered by a truck's intentional collision on her car, she somehow redeemed herself by telling Dae Gu something that she hid that is essential to the investigation.

One of the irritating characters in the drama is the Prosecutor. The reason why Chief Kang wants badly to have the investigative rights back to the Police. The force can't do their own investigation without proper authorization from the Prosecutor. The bad thing about it is that most of the times, Prosecutors are in good terms with people who are powerful enough to hide their dirty works. In this case, Yoo Moon Bae is being protected by the Prosecutors. Whatever the police has collected for the investigation, they have no choice but to turn them all in to the Prosecutors. This way, major evidence can definitely be lost and misplaced intently.

Dae Gu and the rest of the team protected the evidence they have up to a point. In the end, they have no power against the Prosecutors.

Yoo Ae Yeon was being charged of murder for both Hyeong Chul and Chief Kang. She denied them but her own lawyer admitted to the crime in her behalf. Seriously, her father is going to make her his scapegoat just to elude being persecuted. 

Dae Gu and Soo Sun were both kidnapped. Dae Gu put his life on the line by pointing a gun to himself just to hear a confession from Moon Bae. He was not denied for long. Moon Bae confessed to all the crimes, Hyeong Chul and Chief Kang. Just before the Assemblyman shot Dae Gu, they were all surrounded by Pan Seok's team. 

Crime solved. 

Pan Seok was demoted to be a traffic police in a province. The team stayed in the Gangnam police station. But even if Pan Seok is far away, Soo Sun who came to be respect and like him as a sunbae always write him for updates. 

Well, the friendship flourish even more for partners Tae Il and Ji Kook. The romance developed for Dae Gu and Soo Sun. The young impressionable and hard working team who will do anything and everything for their team, for their work, to solve crimes has evolved and matured and became one of the successful team to stay in the field of investigation. Pan Seok once told them they will not make it. They will quit. They won't be a good detective.

But these team proved him wrong time and again. For all the mischiefs they found themselves in, for all the pains they suffered, for all the hurtful words they get to hear form Pan Seok and the people they encounter, their efforts are all worth it. They made it.

A story of camaraderie, friendship, trust, love and romance. A story of triumph. A story where a past found it's closure. I think this drama gave a very good entertainment as well as gripping moments for every viewer who really took time to follow the story.

This is a long overdue final thoughts and review about this drama. Once again, Cha Seung Won has delivered a great performance, both as a funny and dramatic actor. Lee Seung Gi has given his best portrayal as Dae Gu and his chemistry with Go Ara is amazing. As Soo Sun, Go Ara made the drama interesting and comedic. I love her timing. The rest are also wonderful.

A crime of passion and greed. It all started because of a man full of ambition. Yoo Moon Bae finally paid the prize of the crimes he committed. Ironically, a man like him who started to be a police in uniform who must have taken an oath to protect the citizens, is the one who made an evil deed. A story that there's no secret that won't be found. Something just got to give. 

this is mslee1107 writing this very late reaction for YAS.

last screen caps from ep 19 and ep 20

[mslee's thoughts] Endless Love - 2nd Review

Endless Love characters are evolving. From being a delinquent to a famous upcoming actress, young man  from a smart and righteous to becoming an ambitious one, sticking to a General's side, from a hard up beaten gangster in Japan to a trusted right hand of a wealthy and powerful man, In Ae, Kwang Hoon and Kwang Chul have all gone separate ways and reunited as new individuals but with hearts beating the same for the one they truly care and love.

The scariest character so far beside the calculating Park Young Tae is the Iron Butterfly, wife of the timid Prime Minister. Looking at these three, Park  Young Tae does not seem to be an ambitious one. He strikes me as someone who is manipulative yet content to stay in the shadows, just looking on, smirking but deadly in his actions when needed. He is the trusted man of the Iron Butterfly. I want to guess about the relationship, but not confident enough to say with conviction that one of the child of the PM is his. Maybe the son. Maybe I am wrong. But he continually monitor the activities of Kim Tae Kyung. While the Iron Butterfly is the most ambitious using her husband's position to gain power. She is working so hard for the Prime Minister to be the next President of the country. I believe this is what she has been aiming for despite the PM's decision to be someone who wants to stay silent and low profile. PM is timid, can't even contradict his wife's actions and decisions. He knows she is ruthless but he lets her. He acts as though he is simply the PM but he can also warn the General if he would become his arch rival in the future.

I wonder why the General insist on keeping Kwang Hoon to his side, even knowing Kwang Hoon loves In Ae. Well, he knows that KH is ambitious and even if he sometimes act on his own without the General's consent regarding In Ae, in the end, KH will still come back to his side. For now, the General sees KH as someone who will fulfill his dream. He may not be the future of Korea, but definitely, KH is, if he will take care of it. he dangled a irresistible future by studying abroad. A temptation KH could not easily put aside. 

I happen to like the General's daughter,Hye Jin. Maybe it's her open personality that is easy to love. I don't see her as manipulative on her own. She would whine but she can't really win against KH alone. Maybe I understand how she accepts the fact that KH is not in love with her, that he is just there because of her father. But she is confident that she would marry KH in the end.

In Ae is just as tough as she was before. After the incident where her face was almost ruined to Iron Butterfly's order, she was scared for a while but not for long. When she met her by chance, she was once again the courageous young woman who talked face to face with Iron Butterfly. She acknowledged IB's capability of using power to harm her but she also told her that she knows how IB can make that happen. In short, she made IB realize she is not naive of her powers. 

In recent episodes, there was a time jump. In Ae after becoming successful as an actress in her one and only movie, continued her studies. Unfortunately, she is again one of those that continue to fight for justice against government oppression. While Kwang Chul is now a successful hotelier, a manager. Kwang Hoon remained the underling of the General, doing the dirty works for him. Like Kwang Chul has said, gangster or not like KH, they do the same dirty works. 

The drama is still a long way from over. A new chapter is about to begin. Kwang Hoon will soon leave for abroad with Hye Jin. When conscience kicks in, he finds himself running towards In Ae. He does love her but leaving his dream for her is not enough for him. While Kwang Chul continues to be there for In Ae. I don't particularly like the PM's daughter for Kwang Chul. I don;t like her running after him. I want to think that KC likes her as a sister and nothing more. I believe his heart still belongs to In Ae. 

The story is complicated because of the timeline of the story. The era where Korea is undergoing political and military conflicts and disturbance. In the center of this is In Ae who is going in and out of torture chamber at the intelligence headquarters. Her life is always on the line because of her passion towards humanity.

There has always been one mysterious man behind who is looking for her welfare even when she was in detention center during her youth. I wonder who was that? Park Young Tae? Maybe. Prime Minister? I don't think he realizes yet who is In Ae. But whoever he was, he has been someone who has saved her from further hurt. I hope that in her recent captivity, she would again be spared.

I want to share some more thoughts on previous episodes of the drama. A collective thoughts I have posted in forum via @soompi.com 

I hope you would be able to understand my random thoughts and what it is talking about.:))

Random Thoughts


my heart just felt like they were being torn apart for Gwang Chul when his hyung continues to point out to him how he caused their father's death and how he wants him to walk away for good. i ponder on my reactions how can i feel and understand GC's pain and hate GH for not having even a little ounce of pity to his brother. why he can assume that GC lived a comfortable life while they were suffering. when all this time he did not even grieve for the thought that GC is already dead. not once that the drama showed he cared or even think about what happened to his brother, how GC received his own punishment when he was thrown off the bridge.


anyway, my own pov, GH can easily blame others but look at GC when he can also complain openly about what he had gone through in Japan, but he remained silent about it. GC can keep anything painful inside without bothering others around him about the pains. at this point GC is more interesting and a lovable character for me. I think he has more integrity than GH. 


That's why I like Hye Jin for GH, she can always reminds him that if not for her and her family, he is nothing/he can't achieve his ambition. She will be his anchor to the ground. She knows how to appease him, to comfort him. Unlike In Ae, who in turn has a great/wonderful relationship with GC. She hasn't yet realized why she cared deeply towards GC.


Love all the scenes with these two. The electricity is just so amazing between them. that's why I can't help but be irritated with the half sister. I think the character is overdone, the endless provocation towards GC is kinda annoying even for me as a viewer. Her obvious fascination to GC is too much for my taste. I hope she stops being whinny and just be natural and friendly towards GC.


I like the ending scene, Iron butterfly and In Ae face off. Two tough women against each other. Again, IA is being provocative/challenging, but even though it is a stupid show of confidence, she really has nothing to loose,


I think he is still in denial of what he has become. He is still trying very hard to fight what he should do and stay the same old KH for IA. He knows what is right and that is by sticking it out with his girlfriend who he professed he loves until forever. He is holding tightly to her maybe because he felt that in doing so, he is not turning into a bad guy who leaves his woman in favor of his ambition. For now, he is holding on to his conscience, when it kicks in, everytime after he hurts IA. It is the natural and good thing to do, to be the honorable man he still wants her/them to think about him.


I remember BSB in Secret Love how he kept on feeling guilty but his greed stops him from doing the right thing, and in return, he stayed as long as he could to HJE's character's side until he could not any longer and left her and turned away. The reasons may be different but the actions they have because of guilt made them deny themselves what they truly wanted to do, to just turned and walk away.


As for KC, again, his effort of showing he cared so much for his hyung even though they are not in good terms, which of course is what blood is thicker than water is all about facing a tough situation, was met with another criticism. No thank you from his hyung but he only thought of what could be the consequences of KC act of rescuing him which might put hinder on his ambition. At this point, I am really, chongmal! disappointed with KH. Forget about everything that happened, about his own actions so far, but to speak out about KC hurting him and his future for rescuing him in KC's way, that is total bull and inconsiderate of him. he was not the only one who risked his life that time, even KC and his gang risked their own life by saving him. I want to think that KH was just so frustrated in what's happening in his life, he is still finding himself in a messy situation, and then here comes baby brother whom he hates, come rescue him after all that has happened between them that he just felt so helpless and angered by the situation. I think if the situation was reversed at this point in his life, KC is the one who was captured and beaten to death by gangs, he would the other way so as not to be dragged  and scandalized that he has a gangster of a brother.


It is sad at this point that KH has never realized his brother's worth and continues to blame him for the past which was clearly a sabotage and a conspiracy to kill their father using circumstances created by IA and KC, unfortunately.


IA- I don't want to question her maturity in the process because it will come when the time called for it. I stick with my conviction that I like her for what she is, not a coward. I just hpe she would not have trauma in what she had gone through. I don't want to blame her for what happened because looking at the characters, Iron butterfly is simply not a person who would wait to do something bad. Yes, she has been provoked, but even if not, I think she would still do the same thing, be ruthless towards anyone whom she doesn't like.


Friday, August 1, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Fated To Love You Episode 10 Screen caps and Review

Episode 10 showed the long kiss exchanged between our OTP. The kiss that was an instinctive move done by Gun, himself. The moment called for him to act naturally, putting into action his feelings. If the kiss was just a spur of the moment thing, something that he could feel sorry afterwards, then I believe the second kiss that he gave Mi Young was not calculated. It was a continuation of how he really felt inside. I love the way they parted so slowly from the first kiss, like waking up from a deep sleep, as if they just needed to breathe.

At this point I believe he likes her more than he thinks. Well, another sleepless and hard night for our funny hero. Hilarious to the point of taking a cold shower in the middle of the night to ease his discomfort while his wife slept in ignorance of his frustrations. LOL! If this situation continues, Gun will be living with dark eyes everyday!

The couple's relationship grows deeper. They shopped for the baby's needs. They went to see a doctor together. During nights, they talk. They have the same birthday. Gun asked for his own Gun cup as a gift. While the couple are living contentedly and happily waiting for the baby, Se Ra was in misery. She is still hurting, alone. Daniel Pitt was also looking at a photo from his mobile phone. His long lost sister.

The trouble maker, the mistress found out the Divorce agreement. The media were all busy hounding them. The family of Gun especially the man who wants him ousted as the CEO was making hurtful remarks to them. The news was also found out by Mi Young's mom. She stormed inside the house and dragged Mi Young. Mi Young did not want to go, she told her mom she loves Gun. Gun seemed surprised, but not disliking the confession. In the end, Mi Young left with her mom, while the grandmother of Gun fainted.

Gun was affected so much by what happened. Not because the company might be taken away from him but because of Mi Young leaving home. I think when he said he felt empty, it was because of Mi Young leaving him. I guess he has not yet really put a name or label to what he feels for his wife. He is not in denial but he just hasn't realized why he feels that way.

Even apart, he wanted to meet Mi Young to celebrate their birthdays. Disguising themselves as students amid the media camping outside the house and the restaurants, ridiculously funny escape, Mi Young was ahead at the meeting place. Gun was on his way when a call came that there would be a meeting at the office. The secretary begged him to attend the meeting but he did not want to make Mi Young wait alone for him. He left the car, walked a few steps but he suddenly felt dizzy and fell on the ground. He was rushed t the hospital while Mi Young had no idea what happened to him. Daniel was there, just looking at her from afar.

Se Ra also found out about the scandal and with renewed hope, she went back to Seoul to see Gun. Daniel could not stay away any longer he walked towards Mi Young and told her he would take courage from now on. He just confessed his feelings to her. At the hospital, Gun woke up and there holding his hand was Se Ra.

Not sure what will happen next. I hope there would be no "amnesia" theme which k-drama is so famous for. But I hope that Gun would still be looking for Mi Young. This is going to be a tough time for both Gun and Mi Young. Where the writer will take this story in the coming episodes, wishing there will still be funny  moments between our OTP.

Se Ra has come back. If Gun would not be able to distinguish his feelings, sort them out, does not want to further hurt Se Ra, perhaps be apologetic to her, then it can be scary. Se ra might once again come back into his life. Mi Young with a heart full of kindness even in misery might give up on Gun.

Oh no...writernim, I am being ahead already. Mianhae. I just love to have my OTP in each other's arms. I want Mi Young to take care of Gun when he is sick. 

I don't hate Se Ra just as I like Daniel Pitt. I understand Se Ra's emotions and how she feels betrayed by Gun. But then, she made her decision to go after her dream and not telling Gun about it. She is in pain still she has a right to know the truth, the agreement between Gun and Mi Young. But I also think that she is intelligent and decent and has a painful past regarding her childhood. There's more than just Gun she has to sort out in her life. I believe she will give in when the time asks her to.

Anyway, before I let myself be stressed out thinking the unthinkable that will happen to my OTP I will stop now. Will share many screen caps.

for now, this is