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Friday, December 27, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 4 Man From The Stars Review

Episode 4 highlights

The wedding event was doused with an intriguing disappearance of both Yoo Ra and Song Yi. After people had seen them fighting [word war] from the bride's presence to the restroom, they assumed that Yoo Ra's death incident was because of Song Yi. Her body was found 60 hours later in the water wearing the same shoes Song Yi had on her. 

What followed were the hounding reporters outside Song Yi's apartment. Good thing she had been able to sneak inside Min Joon's to his annoyance. Not being able to out win her, he was even begged to produce ramen for her hungry stomach. Going outside, reporters tried to interview him but just one sentence, "Remove the camera", the camera man obeyed and he went ahead.

The agency handling Song Yi's career is in chaos, commercials backing out and drama is also having problems. Investigations are in progress but haven't any clue as to what really happened. Is it really a suicide or a homicide but whatever the final verdict, Song Yi name will be dragged. 

The interesting part was that Song Yi happened to eavesdropped the conversation between Yoo Ra and Jae Kyung before the incident happened.

Song Yi stayed in Min Joon's apartment for awhile, whining, eating, getting the place messy. The intriguing part was when the investigators saw Min Joon's presence in the event and knew that he was not on the list and then after a few seconds, both he and Song Yi disappeared from the video, to their puzzlement. It was actually what happened that night. Min Joon could not help but see Song Yi and help if she would be in trouble, which was what happened when the ship shook and because she was drunk she almost toppled over the ship. The moment stood still and he went to her and carried her to a room and laid her down. 

The ending was that she linked her arms on his nape and kissed him in her drunk/drowsy state.

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While they were talking in his apartment, she recalled something of the night that was different to him. She told him she saw him there but of course it was impossible. Little that she knew, it was really true.

my thoughts

If there is such a connection between the girl from 400 years ago to Song Yi now, it is how they are feeling and how they are being treated in their family. The girl when reunited with her real parents thought everything was going to be alright but she did not anticipate abandonment from them. Her mother almost killed her from choking but in the end let go when she continued to beg. It was better for them to see her dead than to return and bring shame to the family. While Min Joon was poisoned but because he was not like humans of the earth they were astonished why he was still alive.

Just as Song Yi has not getting any warmth from her mother now. I think in this times, the mother should have seek her daughter and asked if she was alright but instead tried to talk the agency about renewing her contract. A bit insensitive for a mother. 

I feel on edge when I see Se Mi talking with Song Yi. She seems okay but because she has always been on the background of Song Yi's life she can't help but feel annoyed and irritated. The talk between her and her mother about taking the current situation in a positive way for Se Mi makes her uncomfortable but I wonder if she did not thought about it inside her head. Envy is a scary feeling and I think she has it in her.

There is a mysterious aura about Jae Kyung and I think he had to do with the death of Yoo Ra. Two people killed since he came back. What's the deal behind shutting these people up?

I think I want Hui Kyung to see Se Mi as a woman in the future episodes. His personality suits her. 

Just as Min Joon and Song Yi clashed personalities just pulled them together. Her nosiness about him and his things in the apartment is maddening him but still they look cute together. I think when Min Joon saw the interview on the TV about the man who saved her when she was young, he already knew that she was that girl he was looking for. And without effort, he is somehow not noticing that the attachment is already formed between them. 

The story is getting better and intrigues are thrown in. Song Yi's life may be in danger, too just like the girl from 400 years ago. Min Joon is here to protect her even if he does not want to.  His three months on earth is ticking and will he stay for Song Yi? 

So much to look froward to. Love the humor, the interactions of the lead characters, the plot and the comedic timing of Jun Ji Hyun as Song Yi in reaction to Min Joon's poker face.  MFTS is daebak!

mslee1107 writing

[mslee's thoughts] Can't get Enough Of Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun's Chemistry

The amazing chemistry that made dramaland offer a new series which has all the awesome ingredients from romance, comedy and fantasy with a bit of suspense, Man From The Stars lead couple Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun continue to make the screens sizzle with just their mere presence.  It started from the movie The Thieves where both had short but remarkable on screen chemistry that left the viewers wanting more. 

I am one who waited for this beautiful collaboration on TV and delighted that I was not mistaken when I saw that they have that special connection on screen. 

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Not surprised if the 4th episode of the drama got 20.1% viewership. [cr Mwave ]
It's not the chemistry alone but the plot that is also interesting that keeps the viewers like me glued and waiting for each episode. Guess if the formula is right, it won't be hard to achieve success, like MFTS has now.

Add that the characters of both leads are so opposite from each other, and like the pull of gravity, they connect without so much effort. I just realized that Kim Soo Hyun is once again playing the part of searching for that lost "special" person and not sure if he found the right one all along like when he played the King in TMETS. [laughs]

Well, I think I will have a nice journey with this drama is it moves on.

Found out about this fan made MV via Youtube

Thieves and You Who Came From the Stars Crossover MV

Enjoy watching!