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Thursday, December 25, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Healer First Review

Director : Lee Jung Sub
Writer: Song Ji Na

Network : KBS

Main Cast:

Ji Chang Wook as Healer / Park Bong Soo/ Seo Jung Hoo
Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin
Yoo JI Tae as Kim Moon Ho

Kim Mi Kyung [the ahjumma hacker] Jo Min Ja
Oh Gwang Rok as Ki Young Jae
Park Sang Won as Kim Moon Sik

Finally, I have written this long over due thoughts on this drama.

First Impression

Looking at the cast, I have great expectations already. But seeing Ji Chang Wook as Healer and the ahjumma hacking the computers are a sight! It immediately entertained me. I love the soundtracks being used. The first scenes were awesome.

The synopsis of the story is intriguing. The identity of Healer is mysterious. He is a courier, an errand boy, will do anything except kill. He is currently the best in the job, even though he works alone in the field. His missions are sometimes dangerous like protecting a person from being harmed. The ahjumma hacker helps him in everything related to technology. Kang Dae Yong is a young woman who also do simple errands like delivering the goods anonymously, or someone who can stall others who might be following Healer. The other group Double S gang are also after Healer and his assignments.

The story began when a man from US arrived in Korea and Healer was tasked to secure the person. At the train station, the Double S gang were also waiting but because they don't know who Healer is, they are everywhere, trying not to miss him and the person they were asked to get. But Healer is good. Although there was a fight that broke after they jumped off the train when the ahjumma messed with the computers and the DS gang also run after them but he won the fight.

Kim Moon Ho is a popular reporter, someone who has a good reputation for delivering the news. He has charm and nice personality. His conviction never changes. He never backed down from reporting what he promised especially to those who are powerless even if the station decided not to air his interviews. He does impromptu news which leaves his co anchor speechless and director surprised at his audacity. Kang Min Jae is a former girlfriend and his current boss at the news station. 

Kim Moon Sik is Kim Moon Ho's hyung or older brother. But they seemed to have drifted apart. The only connection they have is Moon Sik's wife, Choi Myung Hee who Moon Ho loves as a noona. Moon Sik is a wealthy man who owns a big news company. He has been urging Moon Ho to join him at the company. He and Myung Hee have no children and Moon Ho is like their only child. But Moon Ho has no plans of joining his brother.

A young female on line reporter named Chae Young Shin is someone who dreams of becoming like Kim Moon Ho. She is feisty. She has a carefree personality. She was adopted. Her father is a lawyer who helps criminals when they needed someone to take their cases. And after they were released from prison, they became his friends, too. Father and daughter stayed at the second floor of the building where a cafe business is being run downstairs.

The person Healer secured from DS gang was so nervous and afraid to stay in Korea. He told Healer that someone from Sejin News would help him travel back to US. Healer contacted the person through the number at the card given to him. But the twist of the story is that the person did not make it and died. Healer was the last person seen via footage or CCTV with the man and named the suspect  for murder.

But before it happened Healer got another assignment. An anonymous person is looking for someone who would have the same DNA with samples already stored secretly. Apparently, the girl is Young Shin. Healer had a hard time getting her hair sample  or clipped her nails for she is very sensitive to her surroundings being a reporter. But he succeeded during one of their encounter and it matched with the DNA. He thought the job is already done but the anonymous caller wants him to investigate more about the background of Young Shin. So Healer invaded her house and her things secretly. But the more he looks at her and her safety, the more he is drawn towards her. He thinks she is a bait for him to anyone who wants him. Maybe the ones who framed him for murder.

The story is a bit complicated. It started way back when a group of friends who were passionate to deliver news and music when the government banned such activities were all chased by patrols at night. Kim Moon Ho was just a little boy back then riding at the truck with his hyung driving it while the rest of the gang were inside. Myung Hee had a boyfriend then and it was not Moon Sik.

The story had unfolded that Myung Hee had given birth to a baby girl and Moon Ho was the first to kiss the baby. He knew about the love story going on and he also watched as his brother watched Myung Hee and her boyfriend, feeling hurt. Years after, Myung Hee became Moon Ho's sister-in-law. The daughter gone and considered dead. But there is mystery about it and Moon Ho knew it all along that's why he is trying to find out about Young Shin. He realized she was the daughter of Myung Hee. But he can not divulge the information because of something that concerns his brother. I think Moon Sik is the villain in the story and someone who made Young Shin disappear and her father dead. The guilt in Moon Ho's heart is knocking his conscience.

But the interesting part is that Healer or Seo Jung Ho learned that his father was probably friends with the people who lives in the house he is investigating, Moon Sik's house. He still has no idea who were those at the picture except his father.  But when his mother looked into the photos, it reminded her of the times when they were young and newly married and having get together. The young Jung Ho and young Young Shin [aka Jinae] were sleeping side by side with her little arms holding his little arm.

The world is small for these people. They were all connected from the past and they have yet to learn about it. From previous episodes, Healer disguised himself again as Park Bong Soo, the new assistant of Young Shin at the online news company.. He acted weak and always nervous or anxious. Young Shin is good to him, taking care of him even in dangerous moments, always trying to be strong. But she had trauma when she was a child and she hyperventilated when faced with violence. During these moments Bong Soo had to get away to transform himself as Healer and fight the bad guys, particularly DS who are always tailing Young Shin because of the recent post she did regarding a running congressman and an actress about sexual favors. The actress had almost committed suicide but Young Shin talked to her and helped her to change her mind. The actress had told Young Shin the truth about the sexual relation she had with the congressman and that it was like prostitution which her manager insisted on her and other women do. If not, they were being beaten.

In episode 6, Young Shin asked help from Moon Ho. They were being sued by the people involved and what she wrote was being called trash and not the truth. Moon Ho decided to buy the company where Young Shin works while he resigned from his job as the news anchor.

Moon Ho's agenda is to teach Young Shin to be a good reporter. Park Bong Soo aka Healer aka Seo Jung Hoo already knew that she likes Moon Ho and that she has a new crush, who is Healer, him. I think this will where the love triangle might come to play although I think Moon Ho's intention is pure and he only wants to protect Young Shin like an older brother should do. But Healer will definitely feel otherwise. Will there be jealousy? But I like already the chemistry between Healer and Young Shin.

The story is a mix of drama, action and light moments.  It helps that the OST are nice. I like Park Min Young's character which she gives justice to. 

Looking for more development of the story and the fun moments of Healer and Young Shin. 


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