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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Greatest Marriage Episode 15 Screen caps Review - Fighting A Losing Battle

This episode is another draining episode in the life of Cha Gi Young. Her battles continue. At the hearing for custody, Tae Yeon was so cold and ruthless, painting her as the bad woman and not deserving of being a mother for Dan. The court hearing is actually a bogus because Park Tae Yeon's father already spoke with the judge and the attorney representing Tae Yeon. The camaraderie is there and therefore the ending is deemed favorable to Park family.

The fight has ended even before it began. Gi Young hang on to fight a losing battle. Her chance is that she will be heard and understood. But then, to no avail.

Jo Eun Cha was called to testify against Gi Young. He spoke about how she seduced him and I almost thought he sided with Park family to have a chance at the coming election. But surprise, surprise, at the end, he told the judge that he was promised by Tae Yeon's father on wining the election. He also told that he loved Gi Young for a long time now but has no confidence to tell her.

I think even if Eun Cha is a jerk, there is truth in his statements about his feelings for Gi Young. It was the way he bullied her as if asking attention every time. But when they were alone, he told Gi Young that not everything is about helping her because he is what he is, an opportunist and he knew that there is a chance that using her might still salvaged his dying career. At least he is honest.

I am not liking Tae Yeon one bit even if he cried or felt that everything that happened was Gi Young's fault. He is not a man for making her life so miserable. He made sure she was evicted from her place. She was fired along with Eun Cha from the station. She has no means of support for her son. 

Court favored Tae Yeon to have the custody over Dan. The child cried but Gi Young hardened her heart and not even said goodbye. I think she has decided to fight in another way. It is not that she lost all to Tae Yeon but she will start planning on how to get back her son. She asked Eun Cha to marry her. The solution so that people would not condemned her for being a single mother anymore that caused Dan to be taken away from her. Seriously, the society is so scary for single mothers out there in Korea which the drama tried to portrayed as patriarchal society. But I hope it is only through drama and the days of this kind of society are over.

I think the love story of Yoon Hee became messy. She reconciled with her unfaithful ex-husband. It became a mockery. While Sun Nyeo became pregnant after sleeping with Pedro. The fun part was when she felt the first symptoms of pregnancy when she was eating with family. 

I am not liking the ending of this episode. I can understand that Tae Yeon needs to realized that he was wrong and that he won't feel triumphant or joyed for Gi Young's sorrows. He cried when he saw the state of the apartment Gi Young left. He saw the drawings of Dan. He barged in inside Jo Eun Cha's apartment and told Gi Young that he is suffering because of what he is doing to her.

I hope the writer is not going to where I think the story will go as it wraps up the final episode. yes, they have to clear the misunderstanding, forgive each other, be a parent to Dan but that's just it. I hope there will be no reconciliation. Too much has happened and Gi Young has moved on.

Or maybe because I am rooting for Jo Eun Cha who stood by her side despite his motives and meanness towards her. I guess Park Tae Yeon never really charmed me with his childish ways.

As for Myung Yi, I have no words left for this woman. I acknowledged her efforts in serving the Park family but her mind was clouded by too much envy and schemes that affected the lives of both Gi Young and Dan. She deserved what she got from Tae Yeon for seducing him and making him marry her. I have yet to see how remorseful she can be for all the mistakes she did.


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