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Saturday, May 10, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] A New Leaf Episode 4 Screen caps - Finding Answers

Episode 4

In this episode, nothing much happened. Kim Seok Joo while having amnesia continues to remember but failed. He is trying to get answers to his apparently miscalculating the quotes he gave his clients that lost the bid. Together with Cha Young Woo, they met up with the team of the company affiliated with their law firm to talk about what happened. he could not give them a good reason. In the end he suggested a compensation which made the clients indignant. He asked Cha Young Woo if it is possible to pay them. Cha Young Woo looked resigned to his answer to the problem but as expected he told him that if it is the only way then he will support his action.

Kim Seok Joo is asking for a lawsuit which is not a good thing for the company. Yet Cha Young Woo is staying silent as of now and letting him decide. Team leader Kang is the one getting antsy of the situation. He asked Cha Young Woo to reprimand Kim Seok Joo even if he is the best lawyer in the firm. His action can definitely put the company in a bad situation. Seok Joo is  not the only lawyer handling a case for them but there are a lot of work tied up with that particular client which the firm is working on. He also said that perhaps that client is thinking that Seok Joo was bribed by the other company 
who won the bidding.

Cha Young Woo assured team leader Kang that it is not the case and he knew the reason is not that. But team leader Kang would not sit still, he went to Seok Joo's office and talked to him about it. 

Seok Joo visited a doctor, more like a psychiatrist and talked about himself. Talked about the call Ji Yoon had from his father but he is not ready to call his father on his own. he continue to study the documents. Lee Ji Yoon acted as his secretary in the meantime helping with paper works and some personal stuffs for him. Even his friend Psrk Sang Tae has been wondering about the changes in Seok Joo and the closeness of Ji Yoon to him. Still, he is left to wonder.

By the end of the episode, I think somehow, Seok Joo found what he was trying to figure. It came down to cash and loans. Mianhe chingus, I am not expert in this kind of talks, but after trying to understand the dialogues I guess I made my own conclusion. Anyway it's all benn screen capped and hope you get what I got. [lol]

Seok Joo asked for another meeting with his clients and more confidently laid out his theory of what happened. He promised to find out more. In he end, there was no lawsuit. It came down to "secret funds" which apparently Seok Joo protected. Perhaps the reason why they lost in the bidding.The client was very thankful when he finally understood the situation. [I hoped I did, too!]

All through out the episode, Lee Ji Yoon has come to understand Seok Joo, somehow. While closely working for him, she noticed how he changed. She began to soften towards him and she feels pity.

Kim Seok Joo handed his resignation to Cha Young Woo, although he does not want to accept, he just told Seok Joo that he will wait for his return. He knows Seok Joo needed a vacation and to remember his lost memory.

The last scenes were inside the police station where both Ji Yoon and Seok Joo went. There they met the woman who killed his client, the one who was charged of rape. The woman was so angry facing Seok Joo who was then clueless. She spat on his face.


The episode is not as fast paced as it should have been like the previous episodes but enough to give answers to finish off the case. It is about finding answers from emptiness. But in the end, he did find what he was looking for  to resolve the problem he created.

The episode is like a preview of what will be Seok Joo's next action after resigning. What will be his decisions now that he has no memories of what he has done in the past. I think episode 5 will be the new chapter of Seok Joo's life.

A new leaf. A new start. A fresh beginning.


screen caps below