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Monday, May 5, 2014

[mslee's thought] Angel Eyes Episode 7 Screen caps - Yoon Soo Wan Realized What's in Her Heart

Short Recap

The episode started on a sad feeling. Finally knowing Dylan is Dong Joo, even if Soo Wan begged him not to go, still he walked away. , Dong Joo still left for Boston leaving Soo Wan in misery. The suggested engagement between Soo Wan and Ji Woon was put on hold. Soo Wan tried to break off with Ji Woon but he hold onto her. He talked to his mother Dr Oh Young Ji and asked her not to pressure Soo Wan.

The awaited part happen when Dong Joo came back. Promised to stay. He even kneeled down in front of Dr. Yoon Jae Beom, but they failed to reach a desired compromise. The doctor is still too stubborn and wants him to leave.

Ji Woon surprised Soo Wan with a house gift. But she turned him down and finally told him to let her go. She left him there standing.

Dong Joo becomes the additional new member in the rescue team. Soo Wan was surprised. Dong Joo reverted back to his natural personality, the playful, easy going Dong Joo he used to be and always teasing Soo Wan.

In the end of the episode, he back hugged her and show her how he feels. He asked if she still likes him and she nodded.


I like how the story balanced the emotions of the characters. There is sadness, longing and then understanding her [Soo Wan] feelings after all this time.She realized what Ji Woon means to her. He never really occupied the space left by Dong Joo in her heart. She realized what's in her heart all this time. Nothing erased the memories of Dong Joo. Even though Ji Woon is a good friend, still, he is not the one. I like how Soo Wan does not want to prolong the agony of continuing a relationship that will not progress anymore. Even though Dong Joo left, she decided on her own to fix her life, to let go of Ji Woon and be honest with him.

Although Ji Woon know and understand where Soo Wan is coming from, still he does not want to give up. Knowing when he asked if the man who gave her the necklace came back and she denied, it gave him hope. But Soo Wan is firm in her decision. Even if he showed her the beautiful house, she did not let pity or any kind of attachment to him deter her from her decision. She walked away. She really meant about breaking up with him.

It is sad that Ji Woon has to suffer the break up, but I hope his character will stay honest as he has been written, and stay warm as a person. But it has to wait until he realized who is Park Dong Joo in Soo Wan's life. Until then, his emotions can go either way.

The story has unveiled a new mystery. It is clear that Ji Woon's mother has no idea why Dr. Choi who was then fired from the hospital was meeting with Soo Wan's father. And Dr. Yoon is being evasive about it which made Dr. Oh Young Ji [JW's mom] suspicious enough to call someone and dig about it. A little bit intriguing there, but I will still not predict or suppose anything. This drama has been unfolding little hints every episode and sometimes what I think should be is not what it seems.

One of the moments where I can't help myself but scream softly [coz it's already late at night] and grinn n on stop was when Dong Joo appeared on Soo Wan's side, wiped her tears and smiled at her. That moment was very unexpected and the writer was so good at not making me wait another episode for his comeback. Applaud writernim for this gracious gesture to us viewers.

I think you can see from a couple of my screencaps below the scene where I inserted in the photo 
my thoughts.

Meanwhile, I have fun watching Teddy's part in the drama together with the cute kid and his father. They look like a beautiful "family". The scenes with Teddy is like a breather in this drama when tears kept on falling.

Well, I was happy in the development of the story when Dong Joo joined the rescue team. I think it is his true advocacy and being a doctor, his knowledge will be handy. The cute interaction between him and Soo Wan are all worth watching. His smiles are all beautiful and speaks of how happy he is. When he asked if she will keep on liking him and Soo Wan nods, I think my heart gave a sigh. Finally, their feelings towards one another is open again. I love the simple honesty between them. It is as if years has not gone by. As if it was only yesterday when they first met.

Of course, the back hug is always something beautiful to look at. And they both suited and fitted each other. His tall frame against her petite one. 

A bit of a worry in the end. Both are in each other's arms' happy and contented to start anew, while at the parking lot, Ji Woon arrived looking at the building.

Again, another good episode.

a lot of screen caps for us:))


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