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Thursday, May 8, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Big Man Episode 4 Screen caps - Kang Ji Hyuk Winning Over Obstacles One At A Time

Kang Ji Hyuk maybe ignorant of many things but he has a heart that is filled with good intention. So far, his street smart ways continue to surprise and at the same time annoy Kang Sung Wook. Without having knowledge of the real problems brewing between the union workers on strike and the company, Ji Hyuk personally visited the site to follow his favorite assistant So Mi Ra who was suddenly transferred there to be a representative of the company dealing with the workers.

In the midst of chaos, of fighting between the people sent to hurt the workers, he used his knowledge of fighting physically while telling everyone he is the President. He fought while the stunned workers stop and stare. The misunderstanding was cleared.

He even gave compensation to the boy who was orphaned by his father and promised that it won't be the last cash donation. He dealt the problem the only way he knew. To talk with them personally and because he knows how to compromise, he won their trust.

He went back to the city beaming and excited. Even though his plan was only to give Mi Ra her new designated position, somehow the company was back to normal business. Sung Wook was hoping for an immediate fall, for bankruptcy, and for Ji Hyuk to take the blame. But the prosecutors knew who to run after.

Kang Dong Suk is the guy they want. Ji Hyuk, thinking he is truly a Kang, he wants to fix everything smoothly until the missing brother returned.Trusting his father, not knowing that one failed scheme won't stop them from concocting a new one. There was a proposed project during Dong Suk's time, to build a mall near the market which is his neighborhood. The people who denied the petition were the people he knew. And these same people were the ones he tried to convince to push for the project, promising them that he will support them.

Ji Hyuk wants this project done. He did his share of physical labor to show his sincerity and it was rewarded with support form the people in the market. Victory was once again conquered. Sung Wook was very mad. They are hoping that Hyun Sung will go down as soon as possible but it seems that Ji Hyuk is lucky.

Manager Gu was arrested by the prosecutors. But then, they told him that it is not really him they are after but Dong Suk. When Ji Hyuk learned about it, he went personally to his family and assured them that he will be okay. 

A new plan to destroy Ji Hyuk. He was given a box of gold to bribe the prosecutor. He was to meet with them in a restaurant. The place was already installed with camera. He has to be caught in the act of bribing and all will be finished.

In the midst of these, Mi Ra found herself being comfortable with Ji Hyuk. Maybe it is the guilt but she has seen his good heart and how he deals with less fortunate. She noticed the same bag Kang Dong Suk had bring also to bribe someone. He told her that he would not get caught but only those who are a new to doing this kind of things. Remembering those words, she knew she had to alarm Ji Hyuk about it but Sang Ho was there to prevent her from doing it. He explained to her why it has to be Ji Hyuk. 

Mi Ra went home. But suddenly she turned and was about to go back maybe find Ji Hyuk but Dong Suk appeared. While in the restaurant, Ji Hyuk pushed the box towards the man sitting across. 

Is it really wine or bribe money?

Ji Hyuk is ignorant and simple minded but I think he is not truly stupid. He is street smart. Uneducated. He has been in and out of jail. I think he knows how criminals are being arrested. The last scene would be his fall or his win. Did he bribe the prosecutor or not?

I like how the story is not boring. There are scenes that are fun, too. There is humanity. In this journey of deception, the one who lies will be the one who will learn that the value of a worthy person is not how much he has but how big his heart is. I think Big Man will show that every battle can be won in a fair game and not through schemes.


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