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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Witch's Romance Episode 5 - Heightened Romance Is Like A Roller Coaster Ride

Witch's Romance is one of my rom/com series that just makes me enjoy the flow of the story however ordinary the plot and most scenes are predictable considering it has been shown in other dramas as well. But what makes it pure fun and romantic at the same time is how it heightens the romance in a level that makes anticipation so high but at the last second it drops like a hot potato!

It is like riding a roller coaster. The interaction between Ban Ji Yeon noona and Yoon Dong Ha is always followed by this awesome invisible sexual tension that they execute very remarkably. The electricity never leaves and it continues to tease the viewers, especially me, to pray for it to never end. To give us what we have been waiting each episode. 

Although I am not recapping this drama every episode, I hope that some of you know what I am talking about. [laughs]

I was expecting a reunion of past love from episode's 4 [airport] ending but it seems that the writer decided to extend the surprise for both our lead characters and continue to develop the awareness between Ji Yeon and her hoobae Dong Ha. There is got to be denial in each minds of what is really happening to them when they are together. Even his friend and roommate Yong Soo Cheol noticed Dong Has's reaction whenever Ji Yeon is around. How he runs off whenever he is needed or if it has something to do with Ji Yeon. But he denied his assumptions. 

A good romance is more exciting when there is a third wheel. Jung Eun Chae presumably has wakened Dong Ha's "knight in shining armor" tendencies to those who needs it. Actually he is a kind and protective man and it is his nature to give his attention to those who he thinks needs it. During the get away exercise of the team with their director, Eun Chae has coughs and she looks weak. Dong Ha was very concern of his colleague and continue to help her or assist her in anyway which got the attention of Ji Yeon.

A little bit of jealousy is sometimes needed to provoke someone's senses. And maybe, Ji Yeon is a bit feeling left out by this hoobae and being disloyal to her. But when she finds herself in a difficult situation, spraining her ankle, the cute hoobae appeared and gave assistance to her. 

The moment was filled with bits of fun and tension at the same time. When Ji Yeon ruffled his hair, making a mess with it, the moment was filled with electricity both felt. A sign that each is always aware of what is happening between them. A sign that only a matter of time and all will break loose. As of the moment, they are controlling, Dong Ha specifically. 

The episode also show how Dong Ha unknowingly moved on and forget about his girlfriend who passed away. It was memorial day and Soo Cheol reminded it to him. He was confused and sorry for forgetting it. But when he visited her, he told her that his heart is again beating but towards another person.

The ending is I think one of the best ending so far in the episodes. Ji Yeon knew where Dong Ha went, what happened to his girlfriend and what the hyacinth plant means to him. Being a nosy sunbae/colleague or just wanting to help him solve the mystery of the plant and make him happy, she searched how the plant will bloom again. She planted it in a new pot, cut the dead stalk to have room for a new flower to bloom.

That is what Dong Ha happen to see when he came back in the house. He was angry enough to asked her if she thinks he is in love with her! OUCH! The suppressed emotion plus guilty of forgetting his girlfriend equals to an angry/furious mode. He threw the plant and it smashed on the floor, breaking the pot.

There goes Ji Yeon's effort of reviving a dying plant.

The feel of this drama is truly a roller coaster ride. Up and down. Expect the unexpected. 

Really looking forward to episode 6. What will happen after the outburst? And seriously loving the perfect look exchanged between Ji Yeon and Dong Ha. Ohhhh....noona/dongsaeng is chongmal, chongmal exciting!



  1. Thanks for your mini recap. I'm enjoying this drama tremendously as well. You're right, the sexual tension is incredible and the acting from both the leads are fantastic! I feel for them! ~ NN

  2. me too! I really like this drama but for couple of minutes I was like, im missing an episode! were is it!? lol. but I really like how they feel around each other, like how his starting to fall for her and how she letting the wall around her heart fall, you can feel it as they continue to be around each other. Cant wait for episode 6 and more of this drama. thanks for the mini recap!
    :) IAAS

  3. yey! thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. the drama is really good and i only want to enjoy every minute.:))