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Thursday, May 8, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] You're All Surrounded Episode 1 - Four Rookies and Chief Seo Pan Seok

First scene

Car chase was so hilarious! Gangnam police chasing a runaway car with 2 men inside along the traffic congested highways. Chasing car scenes had never been this funny for me. Oh well, I've seen some but maybe it's because I am expecting this to be a fun ride with Seo Pan Seok [Cha Seung Won] driving. The new policemen inside were all banging in each other's heads. They swayed to the fast moving car swerving and turning. The Chief police is like a crazy ahjussi.

Four rookies in an unexpected first assignment

When both cars collided, running on foot came next. I think after a rough ride all involved in the chasing were all dizzy but kept running.  First assignment by the rookies who just joined the team and they were all running like mad man despite the unsteady/wobbly feeling and the heat. When they caught u[ with one of the culprit who was already holding a knife in Lee Eung Do's neck, it was as if time stop.They had to, it was a crucial moment. One mistake and a human will die. As he was surrounded, Chief Pan Seok was being very careful and trying to find ways to stable the crazy man with the knife. But here comes the arrogant and without a doubt brave rookie, Eun Dae Koo [Lee Seung Gi] walking confidently aiming a gun at the culprit. Without hesitation...or so I assumed, a gunshot was heard! 

A bit of a flashback

Eo Soo Sun and Ji Yong met during middle school. Both fought each other because of a certain Hye Joo he liked. And students teased her for her unusual name, which made her lashed back to Ji Yong as a son of a mistress she heard her mother said. He was embarrassed by the incident. He asked his mother if it was true and later on she cleared it by telling him his father died even before he was born. Soo Sun regretted what she said to Ji Yong and tried to apologized.

Prior to that, Ji Yong's mother was a witness to a crime committed. Seo Pan Seok was already a police investigator and he was trying to persuade his mother to testify, even if there were threats on her and her son. He promised to protect them and file a TRO.

Ji Yong's mother testified. But soon someone tried to kill her. Ji Yong arrived at their house, saw the mess, a necklace and her lying mother still breathing. There was still time to save her but the man wearing a hat came back and he was forced to hide under the bed, a few feet from his mother. The man was searching for something, the necklace left behind. When he was about to peek under the bed, his mother's hand grab the man's leg. He turned on her seeing she was still alive and finished her. He mother looked at him silently ordering him to stay put, to save his life. In his young age, he witness the murder of his mother.


Did he trusted the wrong investigator? Was Seo Pan Seok a mole in the police force?

He put the necklace inside the pocket of his school jacket uniform. He remembered Pan Seok gave the jacket to one of the police in the crime scene. When he called Pan Seok about the necklace, maybe to give further clues to catch the killer, he called him on the phone. Pan Seok told him he would go where he was, at the school that time.

Waiting for him to arrive, Soo Sun was still at the broadcasting room. She was trying to apologized to him. She never realized he was in danger. She kept on telling him she saw where he was on a microphone, alerting the man who was chasing him then.

He realized no one knew where he was but Pan Seok. But why was this killer hunting him? Was Pan Seok and the killer on the same team?

He needed to find out the truth. If Pan Seok had anything to do with his mother's death. So I assumed he changed his name to Eun Dae Koo. 

Small World!

Fate would have them meet again. Eo Soo Sun also joined the Gangnam Police Force together with other two rookies. But since the name was not familiar, she does not know him or realized it was Ji Yong.

He looked kind of reserve and silent. Just waiting to dig deeper inside the police force.

But for now, they have to be on their toes and always on alert because their team leader is non other than Seo Pan Seok! His bark is really scary for a newbie. 

But Soo Sun was not intimidated. Not ar all! Go girl! 

First Impression

The episode started in a hilarious car chase. As expected, Cha Seung Won delivered his role brilliantly, both funny and cool at the same time.

It's not all about the rookie policemen/policewoman in his team. There is something mysterious surrounding Lee Seung Gi's character.  Revenge and finding the truth about the death of his mother is the reason why he joined the police force.

This is surely going to be an interesting series. A bit of comedy, mystery, action and perhaps romance.

I am expecting the unexpected with this great ensemble.


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