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Friday, November 15, 2013

mslee's playlist - Secret OST MV

MV's not mine. Credit to all the uploaders. 

Beautiful soundtracks that made the drama even more emotional. Will be missing the drama and these amazing songs.

[mslee's thoughts] Ep. 15 & 16 - Secret Final Review

Honestly, I was not so eager to watch the final 2 episodes. Why? Perhaps I know the story is nearing it's end and there'll be no more Secrets to look forward to next week, Why do great dramas end so fast? Hmmm...sighing here.

this is somewhat long...

Episode 15

Anyway, last week's ending was another cliffhanger for viewers. The question hanging in my mind was, will Do Hoon win in this game he planned? Yes, it is like a game of hide and seek, hiding secrets and seeking the truth. Yoo Jung finally had the courage to go on and file a complaint against DH for abandoning her father leading to his death. Even as she warned him that she will go through with it, DH was initially shaken but he did not let her undermine him. He was afraid for himself, the reason he gathered all the documents that will make the two companies shake. By this time, DH knew what he had to do to survive. Se Yeon was clouded by her obsession, not even considering what those documents will do to his father.

As the episode opened, the burden of whether to proceed or not lies on YJ's shoulder. DH knew her weakness and at the moment, it is Min Hyuk. But what I liked about Min Hyuk was when he called her knowing she was shaken and wavering, still he asked her or made her remember that she can trust him. I think this words are enough to console and pacify YJ's conflicting emotions. The word trust made the difference. And it did. She continued her walk towards the police station.

Min Hyuk is deeply in love and his resolve to fight for YJ is as intense as ever, to the point of abandoning his father at his weakened state. He stated firmly how he want this woman to be by his side and that he will protect her amid the persuasions of family and loyal employees. I felt his sincerity when he met up with YJ at the park. Both were filled with so much troubles and however he calmly told her it was alright, YJ knew it wasn't. But she is staying by his side. 

The media had a field day when the news about the leaked documents were out. But the broken engagement was blocked by MH's dad. He pleaded but his dad insisted. I think that MH will push through with his plans if YJ did not changed her mind. It was when the mistress talked to her and made her realize what will happen if MH abandon his father. Of course, YJ knew what that feels like. So she met MH at her father's grave. It was really unfair for MH, to know that even YJ reached the end and is willing to let him go. She reminded him how it was with her when her father died without her by his side. He felt frustrated and annoyed and angry but he knew the truth behind those words. After all, he loves his father and he is his only son.

Next day was a day of building memories for both of them. Every minute is fragile but they have to enjoy the moment. Because after this, separation comes. They went away, walked, talked, smiled, cooked and ate. And before the night was over, they made love. A beautiful memory but also painful for tomorrow each will go their separate ways without looking back. A mutual decision yet a very tough one. MH cried after she left. It was time to fulfill his duty as a son. I think this is the hardest for him, letting go of the woman he loves and living continuously as a good son. Likewise YJ, she cried asking her unnie if she had done the right thing.

Anyway, the marriage will come, but both were in misery. Se Yeon with her pride finds no joy but refuses to let go. Even DH's persuasion could not let her see beyond her obsession. The only thing she cared for was to have Min Hyuk even once. Not really caring if he doesn't love her.  

Meanwhile YJ went to see DH's parents and talked back at them. At this moment, as a viewer all I wanted to do was slap the old woman to bring her to her senses. She was so righteous I want her to curl down in pain when she realized how bad her son turned out to be. They were fighting loudly, YJ ready to shout DH's faults to the waiting media but then at the last moment, the scheming mother dropped a bomb of information that shocked me, as well as YJ into speechless. How dare the old woman tell her at that moment that San is living and not dead. 

My initial reaction, I want to rant and push her away from YJ! Talk about being so affected by the drama! That scene was so powerful for me it was done and revealed at the right moment. The moment when YJ would have to choose between seeing her son or maligning DH publicly. What a way to end the episode. I thought it was so harsh to make YJ come back from hell and living her life forward then to just put her again in so much misery.

Episode 16
Final thoughts

If I were YJ, I could never forgive, I could never  even see this woman in front of me and maybe harm her the way I can, just to get even, just to lash out my pains. But of course, that kind of shock the revelation had served, would make anyone crumple and weak just like YJ. Her cries made tears fall down on my face. Her agony was so pure it just struck right through the heart. And all explanations came down to one thing, protecting DH. All were crap. No explanation can justify what this old woman did. She is the grandmother, she could have taken cared of her grand son. What if YJ is an ex-convict? The reality was, it was the only thing that tied YJ and DH together and the mother wanted her son to be free of YJ. 

I was glad YJ found the strength to file for a case against the mother. It is high time she feels what it was like to be in YJ's shoes. I also like the fact that YJ slapped DH who as the story relates had no idea of the adaption and the fake death certificate. But YJ was right. Where was he and what was he doing not knowing these things. He is the father of San. I think DH was not really interested in their son. I am not saying he doesn't feel fatherly love but because of what happened to them, he was just not inclined to look upon the welfare of the child. He let his mother took care of everything. This is what made YJ angry.

She looked for her son and found him bigger and in a good family. The heartbreaking part, he has a new mom and this mom had given all her care and love for San as well. Two mothers, one son. How will the story end? I like how the writer tackled the issue between who has the right to San. This is one of the most painful choices on both sides. YJ has all the rights as the mother, but the pains of the one who cared for San is also equal to what YJ is feeling if left behind. I love YJ's explanation about giving up. More than herself, she doesn't want her child to be put to so much crying and feeling of abandonment again just like what he was and used to when he first separated from YJ. More than YJ's feelings she knew what was best for her San. Or maybe, now is not the right time. I love how YJ has a big heart. It was a tough decision but one she made. My gosh, no one can say they didn't cry a river watching these scenes. So helpless and agonizing.

Through all these hardships, MH just watched from a distance. He no longer has the right to approach her. They had broken up. Even if DH was there, he just looked on like a stranger. After all, this is a case where he has no right to interfere. A family matter. And YJ and DH was once was.

The moment when DH asked for forgiveness while witnessing his son playing in front of him, the realization of what he let go was a dawning moment for him. I think this was the turning point for DH. Glad that the writer found the human side of DH again. I think San was necessary in DH's life to make him see all his mistakes and greed. Though I like to appreciate his remorse, that moment was not enough to catch my emotion. I think he had done so much damage I can't forgive him so easily as a viewer. But of course, the moment he acknowledged his sins at the court and turned himself for punishment I was sad for him, though. The flashbacks about the incident of the hit and run was shown and clearly he was right. In that moment all that happened was crucial to him when all people that night looking for Ji Hee had something to do to make her run and by doing that, all their lives intertwined and his split decision made all the difference.

Wrong place at a wrong time, but it was solely his fault when he decided to turn a blind eye from the accident.

The wonderful part was when MH talked to Se Yeon and let her remember how they were as friends through thick and thin. I guess Se Yeon reached the end and realized it was futile to hold on. She finally let go of MH.

MH then asked his dad to let him go to the remotest place where employees don't want to go, to amend and start again. 

At the airport, YJ was frantically searching for him, he might go without her seeing him. The moment their eyes met, I thought it was the end and that he won't go. But of course I was wrong. They are not a couple anymore and I think they do need time to heal before they start again. Their hearts understood as they walked passed each other. It's not the end for someday they will meet again.

The bakery was once again back in her hands and she opened it.

A time lapse

I had my fairy tale after all. Cliche scenes, I don't mind. They are necessary to put smiles on my face after all the crying and heart wrenching scenes. 

MH is back! Inside her bakery, nonchalant and chewing her bread. A smile broke their faces... teasing... and the kiss. The long kiss. Then eyes locking at each other.

The ending was amazing. No words, no explanations, no talks of future, just simple, yet hearts were talking. And it transcends beyond the screen. 

I think Secret has delivered a good job of transforming the story into a beautiful visual and that the theme was captured and explained. The plot and synopsis were tackled and done. Justice was served. There was character development. And also remorse and forgiveness.

I believe in this kind of stories. Although there are still some flaws, some unexplained or unacceptable decisions by the characters, still as a whole the drama is great. Each role was played perfectly. And my favorite villain, DH had his moments of finally accepting what's coming.  As for Se Yeon, a woman who was in love yet feels something for another man, well I think it was not really love but rather a feeling of fondness for a friend that became possessive in nature. 

this is my last thoughts for Secrets. I enjoyed watching.


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