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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 9 MHIYD Review

As expected, the hanging kiss from last episode did not happen. Having watched a lot of k-dramas and predictably, this kind of scene is not yet the proper time for our otp to share that magical kiss that would change everything, romantically. When there is still doubt, it would surely creep in just at the right moment!

Chincha! This is already episode 9 and Mi Rae knew who she likes. Shin is affected with almost everything about Mi Rae concerning her work and her relationship with Se Joo, he took his chance leaning towards her and this means a lot. Only to be ignored, or rejected. 

I like how the ahjumma told her version of her story to her oppa, PD Na, of course, only to him and not to us viewers. He may not believe her first but having heard the truth that she came from the future will surely affect his decisions regarding his only sister. Whether he believed or not, he talked to Kim Shin about him distancing himself to Mi Rae and telling him he is her brother. 

Not only the ahjumma is making Mi Rae and Kim Shin apart but PD Na is now making it his business to make Shin understand that he could ruin her in the future. I feel sad for Kim Shin because even though he has a strong personality, but when it comes to Mi Rae, he somehow gave in and think not what he wants but what could be best for her. I don't think that he was being coward when he made Mi Rae felt alone and not help in making her decisions about staying with the team. I think he wanted badly to tell her to stay and that he will support her but the words of her brother is something he can not just put aside. Maybe he knew that some of his words  may be harsh to him but he also knew there could be some truth in those, knowing his personality and the prediction of the ahjumma.

If only Mi Rae knew what's going on. But of course she did not and all she could do is cry. A moment where Se Joo would find her and just like old habit or good opportunity for him, he lend his support and encouraging words to Mi Rae. It's like Se Joo is always there at the right place at the right time. In this episode, Se Joo has decided to fight for Mi Rae and I think for his place at the company. Though he has not revealed his true identity, he is making sure that whoever under estimate him will know that he is not afraid and that only a matter of time until they know who he really is. 

But when it comes to Mi Rae, Se Joo is also making plans and getting the ahjumma's help. The final scene was scripted very , very nice to his advantage and to Kim Shin's shock and disappointment. The unexpected dinner with Miranda [to Mi Rae's view and surprise only] which was planned ahead by Se Joo looked cozy and warm from where Kim Shin was standing and happened to see. But of course it was all set up to get such a reaction from him.

I think, this is kind of sneaky on Se Joo part. But what can I say, the boy is really infatuated and wants to have Mi Rae for himself. I hope that Kim Shin will not misunderstood Mi Rae's presence there. He knew Mi Rae and how naive she is most of the times and I hope he thinks of it when temper kicks in before he say something that he will regret or hurt Mi Rae. He was the one who decided to take a step back from Mi Rae even though he saw how she was affected by his lack of concern towards her. 

Another revelation here in this episode was when Yoo Kyung found out about the diary of Mi Rae in the locker of the ahjumma and she read that she was the bride of Se Joo. A total opposite of what the ahjumma had told her before that Kim Shin is her future husband. I wonder what she would think of the diary and what she will do? I pity her because I believe she is very sincere in her feelings towards Se Joo. She is not working hard to be noticed but was content of what or how much time Se Joo has for her. If she knew he was with Mi Rae she is not butting in, but rather letting them be.

This episode showed how the character's decisions will create change in their future. Mi Rae could have gone away, left the station but she still stayed even if she knew she should take the opportunity to stay away from Kim Shin. Kim Shin's knowledge that Mi Rae is PD Na's sister and that he was warned of how his future can also destroy Mi Rae made him took a back seat and think not what he wants but what could be best for Mi Rae. Se Joo decided to take his chance and fight for Mi Rae. Yoo Kyung having knowledge of what could be their destiny will make her decide her next move, whatever it is.

I think I will be looking forward to episode 10. 

this is mslee1107 writing

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