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Saturday, October 10, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF D-Day Episode 5 Highlights

Highlights and random thoughts

When there are optimist, someone can certainly let go of being a pessimist. In this kind of frustrating events, enlightenment is what they need. To be more humane, to be more caring.

An Dae Gil, a student doctor who thought he is too good to stay and be bullied to doing what he thinks is beneath him as a doctor or being scolded from not having the stomach inside the operating room walked out from the hospital only to realize the extreme situation outside. 

Then a man who was hurt from falling debris, the same one who saved a mute child is being forced to die outside the hospital, thanks to Woo Jin's cowardliness as a doctor. If not for Hae Sung, he would not be able to get a surgery to at least stop the bleeding inside. No blood for transfusion but he proceeded the surgery with the consent of the man himself. He wants to take a chance, to live if lucky. The President almost stopped the operation but Hae Sung guaranteed and surprisingly, Dae Gil guaranteed as well, He owed that man so much. He was the one who took the blame for his youth misconducts. The man was imprisoned for his crime of stealing.

I want to think that Woo Jin decided to take robotic surgery because of the mistake he did to Hae Sung's mother. As a human, he is prone to mistakes. Maybe through robot surgery, mistakes can be lessen because it is done through machine and computers. Still, he should come out on the open and apologized to Hae Sung if only to resume lost friendship. I see that he is so guilty that he cares towards Hae Sung.

I think his worth as a doctor is really appreciated, only their principles are coming form different directions.

Hae Sung's dedication as a doctor who wants to save lives is remarkable. Of course, there is limitation particularly when tolls and medical supplies have run out, but to at least perform damage control to save a patient for the time being will help a lot and buy some time until proper surgery can be done again. Hae Sung is not only passionate but intelligent.

As for Ddol Mi, she is seeing Woo Jin in new eyes. Not the old Woo Jin who saved her, recklessly as a doctor. One of the most intense scene was when she talks of the patient hearing Woo Jin saying it is not possible to give him treatment and just wait for his death. [something like that]. It's really frustrating and pityful at the same time to hear such words.

D-day is as real as it can get to showing the reality of what can happen during natural disaster. Hope is the only thing every one can cling onto. Because without hope, darkness will prevail.


[mslee's thoughts] GIF D-Day Episode 4 Highlights

All about frustrations!

In this chaotic situation, mind would sometimes give up from positive thoughts that usually hang in there in the back of our minds when faced with continuous tough moments. It is not surprising that human can only do so much in a certain situation because not every thing can be under control. Hae Sung lost it for a moment when two of the patients where endangered because of the collapsed building, knowing that he saw and heard one of them asking for help. 

But there are more who need him, like his mother and the patients he took with him to look for a better and bigger hospital to save them. Ddol Mi talked sense into him and the rest urged him to lead them.

The situation in Seoul is not changing. 

Roads are still blocked, no electric power and water. Firemen and rescue team are stuck and can only run with pails of water.on their hands to and fro to where they needed to go.

Chief Kang of ER arrived at the hospital looking distressed and just survive the ordeal, too but keeping silent about her lost child. 

As a doctor, she continue with her work, only being positive that somewhere out there her son is also in another hospital and being taken cared of. It's heart wrenching to see her working like any other and in a normal way but deep inside carrying a burden.

Of course, there's no change with the President.

He is still not opening the hospital to the patients in need of more medical attention. I can understand that the hospital cater for certain sickness and not equipped to handle emergency cases from different aspect that require a specific doctor. But still, this is no ordinary situation and people are asking help.

That's the difference with Hae Sung. He could not let a patient die without doing anything at least. Even if he is no OB Gynae, he delivered the twins. He wants to at least do something. 

I was right when I thought that Woo Jin could be someone who had something to do with Hae Sung's mother being in a coma state. He was the one who operated on her. Clearly there was a mistake during surgery but he looked Hae Sung in the eye and denied. Hae Sung trusted him as a friend and believed him despite feeling otherwise. Something that the President knew and decided to keep mum about it.

To give proper treatment to his patients, Hae Sung kneeled in front of the President and even signed a document that he will be responsible and not Mirae. 

Truly a doctor who is passionate about his work. Dedicated specially in times like this.