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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Yong Pal Episodes 17 and 18 - The Conclusion

I only appreciated Yong Pal in the latter part of the story. Actually it was the love story between Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin that really decided me to stay even if the acting is seriously amazing. Hands down for Joo Won in portraying Yong Pal aka Tae Hyun. I admit I am not really his fan but come to think of it, I have seen 3 dramas of him already. But now, I do appreciate him more as an actor. His intense performance particularly with Kim Tae Hee during their love lines are all heart wrenching yet heart warming at the same time.

So even if I did not make any reviews on this drama I can't let it go without sharing some thoughts or sharing gif of the last two episodes that are really my favorite part of the story. I appreciate how the writer made Yeo Jin suffer a bit perhaps a way to pay for her sins resulted from her revenge. I do understand her eagerness, her drive to make those people pay bad for what they did to her but of course, the idea of making herself be a part of a murder, is not acceptable.

I'm talking about her oppa [brother] whom she let go and be chased by the father of her fiancee who got killed in the accident because of him. She knew what will happen, still he let him go and die in the hands of those people sent by the old man.

Yeo Jin started in the story as a weak person being in a coma for 3 years and confined alone in the 12th floor of the hospital they own. But gradually, she became stronger because Tae Hyun protected her and rescued her. As for Tae Hyun, being Yong Pal [ as the title of the drama] I thought it would center on him until the last part of the story. But of course, after being exposed, his identity as Yong Pal was put aside and the story turned another leaf, centering on revenge. The next part of the drama is all about Yeo Jin and how she was feared by the board of directors and even enemies of the company.

[gif flashback]

Anyway, even if in my point of view the story shifted, which maybe is what really the story is all about, I was drawn to the love story. The sincerity is there between the characters of Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin. There was not a doubt in me as a viewer that what transpired between them is not all business but really, they developed a deeper feelings for each other. It's so easy to think that Tae Hyun being an ordinary resident doctor and in need of money was just taking advantage of Yeo Jin but the writer has a way of convincing viewers in believing the romance happening between them.

some scenes that are worth watching...
gif epsiode 17

I also like Tae Hyun's character is keeping himself away from the business of Yeo Jin. He is only there to give support as a husband. He remained logical. Well of course, he is the hero of the drama so naturally, he will be the good character until the end. 

I also like how he enable people around him to change, to feel contented and to pursue positive outlook in life. Like Chief Lee, he saved him and made him a better person. It''s nice to see him Jung Woong In finally in a good drama where he can play the good guy at last even for the last part because he is truly an amazing actor.

gif episode 17

Anyway, for the last two episodes, while Yeo Jin is busy managing the business and at the same time could not help herself from avenging herself, she was not aware that enemies still lurk around her. Without Tae Hyun to protect her, she was slowly being poisoned,

...resulting to hallucinations.

The surprising twist is that her sister-in-law Chae Young is in cahoots with the board of directors in planning to kill her and change the will to get a new successor. 

The sad part, Chae Young is using Tae Hyun as a cover, like a good friend or noona to him so no one will suspect her intention least of all Tae Hyun.

But of course, all were brought up in the light. Although Yeo Jin is hallucinating and has cancer, Tae Hyun came to know all these and was able to rescue her again and put all those despicable and ambitious people to face justice.

gif scenes from episode 18

Was it too late for their love to end happily?

gif episode 18

Never did I doubt that the writer will give me a sad ending where Yeo Jin will die in the end. I know there will be a miracle for her, yet again because Tae Hyun is Yong Pal. then there is Chief Lee who should be redeeming himself to perform another miracle. Surprisingly, another Yong Pal appeared with Shin Sa A. Yes she arrived from the states with a kid [coz he looks like a kid] also as Yong Pal, ready to take action and be apart of the  most difficult operation that no one wants to be a part of.

That windy hill scene puts a lump in my throat and in my chest

A very epic scene of two love birds trying to be positive in the midst of uncertainty. I think it was one of the most beautifully shot love scenes in k-drama to date. The feelings were so real. I found myself crying, chincha!

gif episode 18

Who had watched If I Stay? 

Yeah, the epic ending! But I am quite satisfied because the scene does not need anymore, it is just as it is. And it ends in a good feeling. 

I were treated already to a beautiful melancholic romance which I miss considering there are lots of rom/com lately in my list. So Yong Pal's love story can be lined up together with some favorite romantic dramas I enjoyed.

this is mslee1107 finally able to write my thoughts

and some more scenes...

GIF episode 17


GIF Episode 18



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