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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF She Was Pretty Episode 5 Highlights

It seems that starting from this episode, I am really liking Shin Hyuk! Oh, his charm is very lethal and frankly, his screen presence is amazing. I love all his scenes, all his quirkiness. And he is unaware that he is becoming involve with the other three characters in the story that will soon have complicated love lines!

Some highlights in the episode...

After the glass where the puzzle picture is broke to pieces, Hye Jin was out of the apartment without so much scolding from Sung Joon. I thought it would be another humiliating scene although it was really embarrassing for her to be in another misfortune, still Sung Joon did not got so angry.

Then she found out about the secret that the company might close in three months time.

Hopefully, she won't get blamed if it spilled out, but then, Sung Joon might blame her, who else?

Ha Ri continue to keep the secret about Sung Joon from Hye Jin. 

The anticipated scenario is beginning to unfold, with Ha Ri developing a deeper kind of feelings towards Sung Joon. She even bought a pair of shoe that does not fit her feet, but because she likes them, she got to have them. Just like her feelings for Sung Joon, she knows it is not right but she is in between going for it or not.

When she confined to Shin Hyuk, he who does not know the real story and who is involved, advised her to take a chance, which she followed. She is taking her gym time with Sung Joon.

One of the funny moments in the episode was when the puzzle piece in Hye Jin's possession was lost in the office and when she finally found it Sung Joon's shoes stepped on it. 

Funny how the puzzle attached itself under the shoe. She tried many ways to get it from him but her efforts were futile.

The bromance between Shin Hyuk and Sung Joon made me laugh! 

It started with Shin Hyuk trying to get the puzzle without Sung Joon noticing it, that they ended up in each other's arms. From the start, Shin Hyuk already discover that Hye Jin is trying to get the puzzle... 

and at the same time he already knew that Sung Joon was her first love.

Hye Jin could not help herself from caring towards Sung Joon. She bought him a snack and put them on his table. He saw her coming from his office and realized she placed the snacks on his table.

And this made him more human towards her. Guilty because she hurt her finger when the glass broke inside his apartment and she still works hard in the office doing all sorts of favors from her office mates.

He is starting to care even if he does not want to.

Towards the end of the episode, Ha Ri decided that she must tell a lie to Sung Joon to end their connection by using Shin Hyuk as a fake boyfriend. They decided to meet but Sung Joon did not show up.

The reason...

He was on his way when a car accident happened and he saw it, bringing him back to when his mother was in an accident. He had trauma and now it is coming back to him. He shivered and could not breathe. He got out of the car in the middle of the highway, under a pouring rain and just collapsed in the streets. Hye Jin saw him and went to him.

It reminded him when he was crying in the past calling his mother and Hye Jin took care of him, promising to stay by his side.

Some things will keep reminding Sung Joon of Hye Jin through Hye Jin, the trainee. Will he realized it soon?

Finally, I am starting to appreciate the funny antics of Hye Jin. I think it kinda grow on me. Or maybe, the timing and the over reaction is just on point. So far, Hwang Jung Eum keeps on showing her versatility as an actress. And of course, yeah, Choi Siwon is great. I think I've fallen for his character here.


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