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Monday, October 5, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF She Was Pretty Episode 4 Highlights

Random thoughts...

So Shin Hyuk is really the mysterious character in the drama. 

He is disguising himself as an ordinary employee when he actually came from a rich family and the nephew of the fashionable ahjumma. He stays in the hotel. I am intrigue with his family background and what happened to him why he seems to be isolating himself and trying to live a low profile life. 

Behind those smiles and naughtiness he always direct to Hye Jin, he is a lonely person...maybe.

I guess my fear about relationship getting a bit complicated between Sung Joon and Ha Ri is finally starting. 

I wonder if Ha Ri will develop deep feelings for Sung Joon or she will only be comfortable with him. I hope whatever development won't affect Hye Jin in a bad way or compromise her friendship with Ha Ri. What they have is real friendship and it will hurt badly if Sung Joon will come between them. But of course, Ha Ri is appreciating Sung Joon's care towards her. 

I understand her problems with her father and she does need someone who will ease her mind or make her laugh and for the mean time Sung Joon is the one doing it for her. Hye Jin is so busy trying to hide herself from Sung Joon that she has no time for Ha Ri or even noticing that she has problems.

As for Sung Joon and Hye Jin, he almost found out about her when he met her sister. 

Fortunately, Hye Jin see him before he sees her that she was able to hide from her sister and him. 

There's a scene in this episode where Sung Joon almost did not make it to the airport where he was supposed to meet an important person. Hye Jin asked him if they were going to Incheon but he was not listening and not even replying making Hye Jin thought that she was driving towards the right direction.

 When he realized the situation, he yelled at her and got mad. Hye Jin was able to get him onto a motorcycle to beat the traffic and be in time at the airport. But then, the incident only added tension between them.

There was a team dinner party and Sung Joon was forced to attend even if he wanted out. 

He got drunk. Shin Hyuk carried him on his back to his place with Hye Jin coming with them. 

On her way home she realized she left her phone at Sung Joon's place. Inside she tip toed so as not to wake him up. She saw the familiar puzzled picture where one piece is in her possession. 

Not realizing Sung Joon woke up and now standing behind her, she jumped in surprise when he spoke causing the puzzled picture inside the glass to topple over and broke to pieces on the floor. With pounding heart, I am sure, she took a back step instinctively and stepped foot on the broken glass... but Sung Joon was quick to hold her back towards him.

Another disaster happened. When will  misfortune stop for Hye Jin? Jebal...she needs to gather her head and not be anxious whenever Sung Joon is around.  

Or can I request writernim that Shin Hyuk be her one true pair? lol!

I find them really cute together... just as he find her interesting.

...and how he keeps on stalking her. Or was it all coincidence?

Whatever, they are a cute pair and the chemistry is good. Maybe because he treats her nice.

Unlike Sung Joon who can't find a single reason to find her okay as a person.
My heart keeps on dropping whenever he looks at her. Yeah, dismayed here.

So she keeps on doing foolish things on herself. She really needs help when it comes to making herself presentable. 

How their romance will start I can't even guess. Hope it will convince me though that what he feels for her is real. 


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