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Thursday, October 8, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF She Was Pretty Episode 6 Highlights

Random thoughts...

Because both Hye Jin and Sung Joon were soaked in the rain, it is inevitable that one of them will catch cold first and fever. Sung Joon got it bad that night, leaving Hye Jin worried. Ha Ri called his phone because he was not arriving at the place they were supposed to talk with Shin Hyuk posting as her boyfriend. She learned that he was on his way home and was not okay. She left in a hurry, telling Shin Hyuk she will explain later.

As usual, he entertains himself as well as the viewers with his cute antics!

Ha Ri made soup for Sung Joon...

even if she is not confident. She provided an alibi to Sung Joon why she was at the apartment. I like how she makes it subtle still, her growing feelings for him.

That same time, Hye Jin called Shin Hyuk to ask a favor. Of course, being Shin Hyuk he made Hye Jin promise to do some favors for him in the future as he accepts her request. For Hye Jin, Shin Hyuk made porridge and brought it to Sung Joon's apartment. 

He met Ha Ri on her way out of the hotel just coming from Sung Joon's place. And I thought the story would already reveal the association of all these characters.

The bromance thing happened again! lol!

Shin Hyuk look over Sung Joon the whole night. Shin Hyuk put cold face towel on his forehead to lower his fever. 

Seriously, Shin Hyuk is a lovable character!

 The next morning, Sung Joon woke up surprised to see him inside his apartment, wearing his undergarments, to his horror!

At the office, Hye Jin got a cold and keeps on sneezing, making all her office mates be scared to be around her. 

They keep on spraying to kill the virus her sneezes bring. Maybe Sung Joon thought it is time for him to return the favor, he bought medicine for her but could not give it to her openly. In the end, Shin Hyuk beat him to it, sliding his chair towards Hye Jin, giving her medicines and even putting cool pads on her forehead and a mask on her. He is really taking care of her as if she is his dongsaeng. 

How can I not love Shin Hyuk?!

But of course the medicine made her drowsy. She tried to stay awake because she was finishing some work but she could not stop her eyes from closing. Sung Joon saw her and even catch her when she almost fell but only for a minute because he let her go when one of the staff who was also at the office that time appeared like a ghost, [chincha!] with a facial mask on her face. Well the office is somewhat dark because most lights are already off.

On her way home, Hye Jin was dozing inside the bus. Sung Joon could not help himslef but get on the bus too and sat beside her with a magazine covering his face. Hye Jin did not noticed him even after she stood up to get out of the bus.

Because Shin Hyuk told Ha Ri to take a chance on love, she retrieve the shoes she already threw away. She decided to gamble for her feelings. 

But even after he has it, there was something bothering him. In the end he decided to accept that some things are bound to change after sometime. The Hye Jin he knows now is a bit different from the one he knew then, but it does not matter.

Some things are a bit off but he decided to shake them off.

She even took the puzzle from Hye Jin's bedroom and gave it to Sung Joon to show him that she has it until now.

Ha Ri is feeling the guilt towards Hye Jin but she could not confess her secret to her. She told Hye Jin that in time she will let her know what bothers her. I don't dislike Ha Ri because basically she is a good person, just caught up in the situation.

A road trip...a sudden out of town meeting and Hye Jin was asked to fulfill the shoes of her superior. How will the trip change their relationship as boss/trainee?

I guess some more funny moments?


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