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Friday, February 26, 2016

[msee's thoughts] Highlights on Cheese in the Trap Episode 14

I have written in my past post on Cheese in the Trap episodes how I view Baek In Ho and said a lot of things about it and going through with the remaining episodes particularly this  one [14th] did not change my views on him. Fans could argue about different opinions but I will stick to my personal views guided by my belief and principles in dealing with situations presented.

Anyhow, will just post the highlights that the episode had shown.

Seol became uncomfortable with In Ho. Who would not? It was a natural behavior when one friend suddenly confesses his feelings to you knowing you are in a relationship. It somehow breach the trust between the two of you. Boundaries must be set, But the thing is, In Ho is crowding her, not letting her escape, being selfish by himself, not considering her feelings at all.

Why must Seol act as if nothing happened or nothing changes? Her boyfriend is still not in good terms with In Ho, she is trying to be loyal to her boyfriend, promising to tell everything and now this from In Ho. But then again, Seol must have been weak in her protest to ward him off to make In Ho thinks he can get away with his confession and that Seol can be persuaded not to feel burdened by it. 

How selfish can he get? He tried to sugar coat it with something like,

"oh yeah...I know my place, you are committed but look, don't feel burdened, I'm still the In Ho you treat as a friend nothing changes.."

the above are my interpretation of the summary of their talk.

Then this scene happened!

It's RUDE, right? Intercepting the call from Yoo Jung, who is her boyfriend. Does he have a right to do it?

Seol let him which made me mad...chincha! She gave him the opportunity to beg her to give him time [a month].for what...? A month to take her time, for his own convenience even if he knew she was being cornered despite having a boyfriend.

And Seol should have been more firmer that night!

Why does he come between her and her boyfriend?
Yes, they are friends but something should have changed the moment you confess! Asking her to give him a month of her time without asking if it is okay with her, he was actually telling her not waiting for her reply...

How can I like In Ho when he is acting like this?
He gambled on his friendship with her, on her weakness when it comes to him because he lives a "pitiful" life..
and it seemed that it worked on Seol.

He sure know how to play dirty tricks. 
It's true that he contemplated on leaving but still, his problems are not Seol's problem. Him having feelings for her should not be Seol's burden. But he choose to involve her.

If that was not a bit of trickery I don't know... it is not as though he is innocent. He made it happen to his own convenient. He does not care for Seol's feelings.


Okay, I am really tired commenting abut In Ho's actions. How the drama shoved his scenes to viewers did not really make In Ho good. He started as an interesting character, too but somewhere down the middle of the story, it just goes downhill for me. His actions became too much to watch and bear. 

Sorry,  not sorry saying this.
It's the character folks not the actor, though.

The only good thing in the episode is that finally, Bora and Eun Taek finally became a couple. 

Sang Chul who always freeload on others, who cheated his way in the exam by stealing sunbae's notes from Seol and denying it, by biting the bait sunbae dangled in front of him using Taerang Group interview...

Sang Chul took the bait. But his mistake was not doing a proper job by studying the company. The bait could have ended either good or bad for him. He missed the chance.

Then he blamed sunbae for the outcome. Actually, it was a good wake up call to him. He who always gets away with bullying others for their work, asking for already done projects, not putting effort to study, did he think he would really make it on his own outside?

He hurt Seol. He was never apologetic about it. True, he told about his family and his background but I think it was only one way to elicit sympathy from Seol. He will not change.

He needed Yoo Jung's hurtful truths. He needed to be put in his place. And Jung sunbae is the only one who can do it. Got to clean up your mess Sang Chul and live a new life.

At the office Sang Chul blurted out about Yoo Jung being the son of the company. Kept blaming him for his failed interview.

Sang Chul messed up the interview, he blamed Yoo Jung for it. 


Yoo Jung sunbae is back!

Even for a short sequence, I saw once again this side of him that can put people in their places. His wake up call for Sang Chul was over the edge but this iswhat Sang Chul needed to learn and to fix his life.

The collar grabbing is intense. Sunbae's bottled feeling for Sang Chul finally spilled. 

Can I just insert how great PARK HAE JIN really is as Yoo Jung? 

I miss this smirk!

ottokeo? lol

Yoo Jung had to point out ruthlessly things that should make Sang Chul realize what he had done. To Seol, to everyone, to the opportunity he lost.

Well...following this scene was Seol waiting for sunbae after she witnessed this. But she understood him. It was posted previously 

Good luck to us viewers on the last two episodes of the drama...:))


[mslee's thoughts] GIF Cheese in the Trap - Yoo Jung and Hong Seol Ep. 13 & 14

Because I was deprived of many scenes of Yoo Jung sunbae and Seol either together or not, I decided to post some gif moments. A replacement from watching the episodes again [13 & 14] since Park Hae Jin's appearance was almost non existent.

This was in episode 13 when Seol was hospitalized. She texted sunbae and he was already on his way out to go to her if not for this office mate who stopped him from going. Understandable, he is now interning. 

But isn't it so lovely that his concern for her is sincere?

At the hospital while Seol was still sleeping...

Sunbae's hands on hers... the feeling is just so sweet. He did not disturb her from resting but wait patiently until she woke up.

These are the scenes I want more in the remaining episodes..
but skeptical here if I will have my wish granted. Oh, well, Yoo Jung sunbae truly cares for her. This side of him makes him adorable just as his other side [the darker side which by the way, every one of us human has, in different levels, in different interpretation] because it is what makes Yoo Jung interesting as a character and intriguing to want to know him better.

Seol telling sunbae why In Ho brought her to the hospital.

Maybe she omitted some things... hope she had been honest on why In Ho was there, that she was dragged to hide when the gangster did not even know about her. 

You can see that sunbae really has an open mind when it comes to In Ho even if he dislikes the guy. For him it was fortunate still that when he was not around when this thing happened to Seol, someone like In Ho was there. But of course, that's all.

Cuddle time.

Guess the episode somehow fed on fans hungry moments of Jung/Seol to show this scene and thankfully did not delete.

oh yes, that was my thought... sarcastic after all the news spread about the messy bts of CITT.

forgive me...:))

Jung and Seol fit together.

He understand her. 

She likes that he understand her version of the story... [lol..can't help but feeling moody while sharing this.]

anyway... I wish this scene was extended, though for some more cuddle talks, more intimate talks...

Seol and Bora seeing sunbae with Sang Chul...

Even if the reason was seeing Sang Chul, it's good that he has this time to see Seol, too.

It's Bora's birthday.
She was asked to join them for double date but cute Bora declined. This girl is very nice and sensitive to the situation. Know how not to but in...

at the car...

there was a sense of feeling that Seol knew what sunbae is up to but she chose to ignore it or just let it happen...

I think this shows that she already trusted sunbae. Not that she is scared to ask or to confirm her instinct but I think at the deepest part of her mind, she really wants to stop already what's happening between Sang Chul and her.

After confronting Sang Chul

Can I just say that ..
that scene was amazing!
Yoo Jung sunbae is really back even for a few minutes and his presence was WOW!
That was the Yoo Jung who made me watched the drama in the first place. That was his charisma that has been missing for sometime now.

Sunbae's mixed emotions..

caught by Seol
frustrated with the situation
scared she might leave him
she might not understand him
but what can he do...

he needed to do this 

for her.

the only way he can stop Sang Chul from bothering and hurting Seol.

The time for some home truths for Sang Chul.

But Seol knew.
She understood him
She knew why he did it..
He did it for her.
and she loves him for who he is.

Seol pacified his fears...

And this what matters most.

Seol won't go anywhere. She will stay.

...as if a ton of weight has been lifted from Sunbae's heart. He hugged her tightly just as she hugged him tightly.

Sunbae, don't fear..she will stay. She likes you.

Just the way you are.

Just like me...one of the many viewers of Cheese in the Trap does.


GIF Six Flying Dragons Episode 42 - Moo Hyul Fought for His Life

Like a scene from Gladiator [hahaha my fave movie of Russell Crowe] Moo Hyul was given the chance to fight for his life. His wrongdoing was putting a sword on the neck of the Emperor at the Liaodong castle, 4th son of the Emperor of Ming.

The only thing Bang Won can do for him was to asked that he be given a chance to fight and die as a warrior.

I love Bang Won for his loyalty to his bodyguard just as how Moo Hyul have been faithful follower of him. The bromance was spot on and I can see that Bang Won clearly shows respect and affection to Moo Hyul. Bang Won told Moo Hyul to survive so he can survive.

This is a statement that leaves anyone hearing it the feeling of trust he has for Moo Hyul and how he showed Moo Hyul's importance in his life and his future battle for his cause. Truly, Bang Won is a great leader.

As the fight begins Moo Hyul looked at Bang Won as if seeking his full support and knowing Bang Won is behind him all the way.

Bloody fight begins!

Even Ha Ryun is on the edge of his seat watching the fight begins.

Master Dae Hong was giving instructions at the sides amidst the noise cheering crowd.

Dropping his broken sword, Moo Hyul charged at the warrior with all his strength to keep the momentum on his side, not letting go.

The crowd was hushed as they saw the strength and power of Moo Hyul as a fighter. He could be killing their own warrior any second now.

Moo Hyul's life depends on the outcome of this fight, he will not give up until he wins.
The emperor had to stand up and called stop or his warrior will die.

Bang Won who was immersed in the fight took a second to realized it has to be him to command Moo Hyul to stop. Bang Won called Moo Hyul and told him to stop. Moo Hyul like the follower and loyal guard of Bang Won eased his arms on his opponents neck.

Moo Hyul won. He got the victory he truly deserve. His life is now spared. The good thing was, he aslo asked the emperor not to kill the warriors who were not able to their job when Moo Hyul first aimed his sword at the emperor's neck. 

Moo Hyul's wish was granted.

The episode was so amazing. Another great fight had been shown. Moo Hyul's importance in the drama has turned another notch.

The sixth dragon has yet to be formally introduced but I say that in this episode Moo Hyul really justified his place as one of the great characters in this epic drama.