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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Cheese in the Trap Episode 13 - Confronting One's Choices

I am trying my best not to be annoyed by what's happening in the story but seriously, I think the story of In Ho has been dragging for a long time now and that's where the focus of the story has turned to. I know he is a part of the story, but I am hoping that I am right in saying he is not the central figure of the story. I understand that his worries are not yet solved but I think there are still parts of Yoo Jung's story that needs to be shown, too. The story has to show more progress on Yoo Jung, being written  as a character that is a bit shady from the perspective of the viewers. I want to know how the writer see him through her/his own perspective, too.

-Confronting One's Choices-

I have written previously that In Ho had been the one who made his choices, no one forced him to choose his actions or his decisions, ergo, whatever it is that's coming to him are results of those choices he made. I don't want to think that viewers like me is supposed to pity him for his bad choices. I mean, walking away after that incident where he thought Jung was responsible was his own doing. I still want to BELIEVE Yoo Jung when he said to In Ho that time to believe whatever he wanted to believe. I think this will be an ongoing argument until Jung clearly denied his involvement. But since he made that statement, I think there's room for doubt that he actually messed it up for In Ho's hands.

Going back to In Ho's problems that is actually catching up with him now...

When he walked away, he was so proud, not even wanting to take the therapy Jung's father offered. Good thing his hand was not damaged to the point where he can never play piano again. So whatever happened in the past should have been a lesson to him and he should have moved on, not stuck on blaming Jung. Walking away, he must have felt that he can take care of himself. He does not want to be in debt anymore, and it should have been a fresh start for him. After all he was not the innocent and good character that was portrayed in the flashbacks. He had his moments of arrogance and sure got a mouth that can speak of hurtful words to others. He picked fights easily. Leaving should made him realize his own faults as well, for him to choose a new life to be a better person. His pride should have made him choose good company. But no, while he was acting like a gangster before besides Jung, he chose to work and be a gangster for real.

That was his first wrong choice. Then he stole money from his boss. Second mistake. It seems that after all these years, he did not learn. Maybe in his heart he still blames Jung for what was happening to him. The truth was, Jung was no longer there besides him. Jung tried to overcome his own miseries. He worked hard to organize his priorities. It was not as if In Ho was the only one who was carrying a lingering pain from the past. Everyone, including Jung's father and In Ha were also a part of that past and they also lived the aftermath of that incident.

Now that In Ho's boss has found out where he works, every moment seems scary for him and for those people around him. With his carelessness and bad choices, he now brings with him a threat that can inflict danger to his sister In Ha or  worst, to Seol. I understand why Jung told him that he would give him the money he needed, in return he disappear from Seol. It was not a selfish act but a protective one towards his girlfriend and family. In Ho knew the truth behind those words of Jung so I doubt if he would think that Jung was once again being manipulative of the situation. I do hope not.

This part of the story showed why these two differs and how viewers see it through their own point of view is where the endless debate comes between who is a better person. I can't explain farther. It is clear where Jung is coming from in every situation, while In Ho and those others who made bad choices, decisions or mistakes started to believe they were manipulated which resulted to an even bad fate.

When In Ho went to see Jung's father to ask for money, he felt indignant after hearing words of criticism and judgement. He felt that he was being scolded for things he thought was not his faults anyway. He even walked away as if saying "thanks for the help, I won't need it by the way...I can take care of myself".

But if only he listened to Jung's father, it was  [yes] a reprimand and also a reminder that he was there when he and In Ha needed him and he was all out to support the two of them while neglecting his own son's feelings. Years passed and still In Ha is living off his financial assistance but he is indulging her, wishing that soon she will fix her life. Just as how he still care for In Ho even if he left without a backward glance in the past. 

In Ho gave up on his help because of pride. Now he says that everything will be alright if Jung apologizes to him. In Ho drags the issue to his comfort while living life carelessly. And when things got bad, there is always Jung whom he could blame to for his bad life. Now I really wonder if this is his train of thoughts that's why he keeps on messing up with his life. 

He has found the right time to fix his life when he met Seol and her family. But since he left behind things that are not resolved yet, like being a gangster and stealing money, he won't have a peace of mind until he confronts his own mistakes and owned up to them. But the thing is, the story is suggesting that In Ho is pitiful for having a hard life and that now he is alone. Add the fact that the girl he likes is already taken. The focus of the story seems to be on In Ho's struggles and we viewers were supposed to understand him and hate Jung.

But I have my own perspective and this is how I see the characters.

With Seol and Jung's relationship, I should be satisfied that they are picking up the pieces and trying to start again in a clean slate by being honest with their thoughts to one another. I love the brief scenes where they met for a short date. The cute and light moments were nice to watch. Jung is really into her just as she is into Jung. That I don't doubt. I like that Jung accepts her explanations about In Ho. Guess because he knew where her heart stands and it somehow calm him.

Seol on In Ho...

I can't actually believe that Seol and In Ho had reached the kind of friendship where their thoughts are shared without reservations. In fact, Seol may be comfortable around In Ho, but her thoughts and worries she keeps to herself. In the past there were instances that she need not say anything and Jung knew and sometimes she would say a little about it, show her worries, too. Of course, Jung is her boyfriend and lately that's what she 's trying to do, open up to him. 

So I am kind of stressed out when the story suggests Seol's concern towards In Ho is more than what a casual friend should be like. I can't help it if Seol feels obligated to be concern because she treats In Ho as a friend. Or that she looks at him as a member of her family now that he works for their noodle shop. It should not annoyed me, but everything that has been shown somehow wants viewers to believe that the line between friendship is getting vague between In Ho and Seol. 

Ahhh... In Ho was like, "okay, I won't get involve with her anymore..." but he acts the opposite. Yes he is trying to evade her, and the frustrating part, she was so naive, and being meddlesome that she concerns herself too much on In Ho's problems. Again, this could start another fight between her and Jung.

Am I the only one feeling getting exasperated on the turn out of the story? I was addicted because of Jung's character and his romance with Seol which the writer promised in the first half of the drama. Now it seemed I was lured to watch it for that promise only to realize that I was fooled and now have to  accept all scenes with Baek In Ho. I want to complain writernim that if it was not for the cute and push and pull romance of Seol and Jung, I would not be interested in the first place.

Of course, there was Bora and Eun Taek to fill up the missing romance. Bora has finally realized that Eun Teak will not be forever her lackey. He has his own life, his future, and his charms are being appreciated by other girls. Although it was I think a plot to notice him more by Bora and not take for granted, definitely it is working. But I am hoping that the end game of the drama's romance will not only be Bora and Taek.

So what will it be? Hoping the story will not linger on the past and  keeps on putting blame on Jung. But I see that the preview would have another misunderstanding between Jung and Seol. If by now Seol could not appreciate and understand where Jung's actions are coming from, I say..

"Girl you don't deserve Yoo Jung sunbae!"

Maybe In ha is right. Run if you must but do not linger and make Jung suffer alone.

this is mslee1107 feeling the disappointment...big time!

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