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Friday, February 26, 2016

GIF Six Flying Dragons Episode 42 - Moo Hyul Fought for His Life

Like a scene from Gladiator [hahaha my fave movie of Russell Crowe] Moo Hyul was given the chance to fight for his life. His wrongdoing was putting a sword on the neck of the Emperor at the Liaodong castle, 4th son of the Emperor of Ming.

The only thing Bang Won can do for him was to asked that he be given a chance to fight and die as a warrior.

I love Bang Won for his loyalty to his bodyguard just as how Moo Hyul have been faithful follower of him. The bromance was spot on and I can see that Bang Won clearly shows respect and affection to Moo Hyul. Bang Won told Moo Hyul to survive so he can survive.

This is a statement that leaves anyone hearing it the feeling of trust he has for Moo Hyul and how he showed Moo Hyul's importance in his life and his future battle for his cause. Truly, Bang Won is a great leader.

As the fight begins Moo Hyul looked at Bang Won as if seeking his full support and knowing Bang Won is behind him all the way.

Bloody fight begins!

Even Ha Ryun is on the edge of his seat watching the fight begins.

Master Dae Hong was giving instructions at the sides amidst the noise cheering crowd.

Dropping his broken sword, Moo Hyul charged at the warrior with all his strength to keep the momentum on his side, not letting go.

The crowd was hushed as they saw the strength and power of Moo Hyul as a fighter. He could be killing their own warrior any second now.

Moo Hyul's life depends on the outcome of this fight, he will not give up until he wins.
The emperor had to stand up and called stop or his warrior will die.

Bang Won who was immersed in the fight took a second to realized it has to be him to command Moo Hyul to stop. Bang Won called Moo Hyul and told him to stop. Moo Hyul like the follower and loyal guard of Bang Won eased his arms on his opponents neck.

Moo Hyul won. He got the victory he truly deserve. His life is now spared. The good thing was, he aslo asked the emperor not to kill the warriors who were not able to their job when Moo Hyul first aimed his sword at the emperor's neck. 

Moo Hyul's wish was granted.

The episode was so amazing. Another great fight had been shown. Moo Hyul's importance in the drama has turned another notch.

The sixth dragon has yet to be formally introduced but I say that in this episode Moo Hyul really justified his place as one of the great characters in this epic drama.


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