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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] Six Flying Dragons Episode 41 - And They Call it Greed...Bang Won's Dream



Last night as I was watching live streaming [though with bad connection, spent the hour with lots of lagging] I thought the episode was a bit boring and nothing much happened until the end which was another challenge for Bang Won. But now with subs, it was just too awesome [again] to read the translations as the scenes passed by.

It is ironic that both the King and Sambong call Bang Won's dream as greed and wanting to squash it as early as possible while at trouble times, they can recognize Bang Won's capability and what he can do to prevent Ming's invasion That's why I can't help but feel this lump in my throat watching Bang Won realize that he was like being betrayed again and again by his own father. To arrest him without proof that he allied himself with Moo Myung, he knew that it was Sambong who planned everything and seeing his father going along with it was too much for Bang Won. After all he is just a son, and may I remind Seung Gye, another son that kept him alive and protected when he could not even lift his body and ran away from people who were after him.

The plan of Sambong was executed when Cho Young was seen with Bang Won and I was surprised that even Jo Joon who knew that it was a trap was going along with everything. Cho Young and Lee Sin Jeok were both investigated and tortured. But it was a surprise twist that all along Sin Jeok was a sacrificed aide to trap Bang Won and to capture Moo Myung.

His fights with Nam Eun, his siding with Bang Won were all staged by Sambong. I know Sambong needs to strengthen the government and his priority is to eradicate Moo Myung but his plans can also be considered devious. He thinks he is trying to make a difference in this new regime from Goryeo but he is also doing nasty things in order to achieve his goals. Just how is he different from Bang Won then? 

Cho Young fell into Sin Jeok's trap and treachery until she realized she was played. The letter she asked him to deliver through one of the guards was used to know the hideout of Moo Myung. She confront Sin Jeok to let him know she had somehow got the pieces together and that he was on Sambong's side. 

Bang Won would not eat. He was detained ion one of the rooms inside the palace. During the times he was there no family member was shown to have visited him or talk to him except his father and Sambong. His first talk with his father was both emotional and intense filled with frustrations and disappointments on Bang Won's part. I think I can understand Bang Won's feelings when his dreams were called greed and his father ordered him to stop dreaming.

Bang Won was right when he said that his father never dreamed of being a King neither his brother Bang Seok, but now his father is the King and his brother would succeed him. While he, Bang Won dreamed of it, but was being told to stop dreaming because it is his greed. I want to cry for Bang Won for the frustrations he must have felt then, for feeling alone as if he was an abandoned child. Well it seemed that his father already abandoned him when all he could follow and trust is Sambong. Now, Seung Gye could not even believe that Bang Won is not an ally of Moo Myung. Bang Won insists on being interrogated in front of Cho Young to reveal the truth. Li Ji Ran and Bang Won's brothers appealed to the King to let Bang Won be interrogated by the police with Cho Young to know the truth.

But on his way to where Cho Young was detained together with Sin Jeok, one of the guards stalled them to wait. Inside, when Sin Jeok realized Cho Young had uncovered his plot with Sambong, he killed her. Sambong arrived and found out what happened, while outside Bang Won still waits. Sambong ordered for Cho young's body top be brought to her cell and make it look like she committed her own death.

Again, this trickery from Sambong makes me hate him. He would do everything to stop Bang Won from his future plans. Can I say that this oppression on Bang Won and his dreams that Sambong is doing, the reason why Bang Won chose the path where he lived like beast [his own words describing himself] and became greedy for power.

Bang Won is intelligent enough to know that Cho Young's death was not as it seemed to be. He knew she was murdered so no one would witness for him that he is not in alliance with Moo Myung which sadly King Taejo/Seung Gye believed.

Ming has arrested Japanese who confessed they are spies sent and now they are angry at Joseon and if not pacified would result to a war. That's why I call it ironic that Sambong and Lee Seung Gye want to stop Bang Won but they can only resort to asking him for help to negotiate and appease the Mings. No one can do it but only Bang Won. Of course, being an envoy is not an easy task when there is a dispute or misunderstanding. Bang Won could be exiled there in a long time or be killed. Sambong made him choose, to be away in a country for 5 years until the government strengthens and Bang Seok becomes of age as the Crown Prince or go and talk to the Mings.

Bang Won would rather go and try his luck with the Mings than stay in a country and not do anything. But then, realizing he was being asked to choose between these two options was again another betrayal from his father. The King knew what would probably happen to him while being captured by the Ming. The thought that his father was ready to send him away, either way, that he might now be able to come back makes Bang Won feel how he is being abandoned, just because he dreamed of becoming a king.

Outside the room after he decided to choose to be an envoy, he saw his father standing there. He gave his respect as a son to a father and to the King. His father told him to come back but I think Bang Won never felt the sincerity. For Bang Won it must have felt as if he was being punished. He walked away not replying any words to his father. The relationship has been ripped.

While all these were happening in Bang Won, Bang Ji / Ddangse found himself face to face with his mother, Yoon Yang, the head of Moo Myung.

 While the soldiers were following the man who got Cho Young's letter to arrest the group, Bang Ji went inside a cave and there his mother stood. As if all the past suffering came back to haunt him, he told his mother how he become this way while searching for her. He wanted to hear and see that his mother is not like the one Boon Yi described to him. that she has not an ounce of guilt for abandoning them. But Yoon Yang never made him feel otherwise. She told him to leave Sambong. She asked him to kill her if he choose Sambong. Bang Ji told her he has no dream, that he is not believing anything like Boon Yi, but for him, his dream is top protect Boon Yi and her dreams. Nothing was resolved between Bang Ji and his mother. They still stayed in opposites sides. She would not abandon Moo Myung for them. 

Bang Won and Boon Yi...

I love the scene where Bang Won saw Boon Yi and sought her warmth through that back hug he gave her. Even for a short while only, because Boon Yi turned around and the embrace was broken, Bang Won became vulnerable with Boon Yi. As if she was the only one who can ease his pains, hardships and worries. He let himself shed tears in front of Boon Yi. He knew she had chosen to leave him and stay neutral. He was not taking it against her. He even wished for her to be happy and stay that way, far from the conflicts that are happening and will happen between him and Sambong. He assured her that only knowing that she is safe, he won't worry about her and that he would be able to pursue his fight. Even if he turns out to be a beast, the knowledge that she is out of the way is enough for him. Bang Won needed her but at the same time he does not want her to get in the way. The thought that he would be leaving, that he would be away for a long time adds up to his sufferings. As long as Boon Yi is happy...
Bang Won let her go even before she has decided, it seemed.

I wish the scene was extended and that the embrace lasted for awhile. Both were teary and honest with their feelings that I felt sad for them.

Boon Yi and Moo Hyul..

Finally, Moo Hyul chose to saty with Bang Won. I think he would also want Boon Yi to choose Bang Won but he respected her decision and also wish her to be happy and not be involved anymore. I have a feeling he knew all along the special connection between Boon Yi and Bang Won, He knew that Bang Won let her go to make it easier for her to be firm in her decision.

Yeon Hee and Cho Young...

The relationship started good between them but Yeon Hee's ideology is different from Cho Young. Yeon Hee believes in Sambong's future plans while Cho Young is skeptical just like Moo Myung who will not be a believer of Sambong's perfect world. In the end, these two did not only parted ways in Hwasadan, Yeon Hee betrayed her again being a part of Moo Myung. I know Yeon Hee was sincere in her apology and she was grateful for the time Cho Young saved her form misery and death. But that's how far as it goes. 

The former King's fate would now be in Sambong's hands...

Because Cho Young confessed that Moo Myung had a hand in the former King's ascend to the throne, there is now a justification on killing him.

Bang Won and Zhu Di [Yongle Emperor]

Together with Ha Ryun and Moo Hyul with some guards and servants, they set off to Liaodong, where the emperor was. At the palace gate they were arrested when they told them they were envoys from Joseon. The emperor appeared, looking fierce and arrogant. But Bang Won was not scared one bit. He let Ha Ryun translate his words for him. He did not show intimidation even if Ha Ryun was looking afraid and hesitant. Bang Won ordered him to say exactly what he said. That he is Bang Won and asked if he wants to die. An arrogant statement from Bang Won that immediately cause tense atmosphere when the emperor grabbed his front collar and told his name as Zhu Di. Ha Ryun knew who this man was and his fears were written on his face.

Bang Won's character was really something. He is fierce, strong, intelligent and even if he is intimidated, he knows how to hide his true feelings. I am anticipating Bang Won's life in the hands of Ming and how will he be able to come back to Joseon.


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