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Monday, February 22, 2016

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Six Flying Dragons Episode 40 Highlights

A young boy became a casualty in this feud between Sambong and Bang Won. He was the one who was tasked to tail Sambong and company as the group headed towards one part of the border where they were seen to be meeting Jurchens. The boy was literate and he was writing down reports about the event. After wrapping up the meeting with the Jurchens, Sambong and Bang Ji met Yook San who had recognized Sambong right away. But Sambong did not know about Yook San. But before they met he and Bang Ji already realized that the office where they were waiting for him to arrive was possibly a part of Moo Myung. 

Sambong had a red envelop from the Jurchens, a document that seemed to be important. It was the red envelop that the young boy snatched from the hands of one of the pick pocket who stole it from the Hwasadan girl. Unfortunately, after the boy handed the envelop to the other man [Chilbung] who was with him, to secure the envelop as he was being chased, he met his death in the hands of the assassin, Yook San's bodyguard.

That red envelop went to Boon Yi's hands. She cried for the lost life of the young boy who was full of dreams. She was torn between her decisions that Bang Won was waiting. She also wanted to give up and just live a peaceful life but she could not do it because her conscience could not abandon the people who were looking up to her as their leader. She decided to negotiate with the red envelop and a white envelop in front of Sambong and Bang Won.

She asked for land even wastelands because they can not wait for the fair land distribution project any longer. Sambong decided to give her and her people a village called Banchon, a place next to Sungkyungkwan. They can live there not as a slave but as an ordinary people. I think through this agreement, her group will not be a part of Sambong's intelligence. A decision that also show that Boon Yi is choosing to be on Bang Won\s side.

The meeting was like a betrayal of trust for Bang Won. It seemed that Boon Yi was trying to reconcile him and Sambong. But then, he could not stop her from doing it because of what just happened to the dead boy.

That meeting also clearly defines the wall separating Bang Won and Sambong. It has somehow marked the official separation of Bang Won and Sambong now that they had talked faced to faced about the plans of Sambong. Bang Won also let him know that he already knew even before about the 5 rules. 

That night, Lee Sin Jeok visited Bang Won and tried to convince him that he wanted to support him. Bang Won was of course skeptical, knowing he was a long time aide of Sambong. But Sin Jeok was telling him it was not the world he dreamed of where check and balance are not being exercised as Sambong holds all the reigns in the government.

Cho Young arrived with a note she was told came from Bang Won. She was supposed to go meet the Mings tomorrow but because of the letter, she thought Bang Won knew and summoned her to come. It was a handwriting so similar to Bang Won. Now that they see it, Bang Won knew it was a trap set for them. He led Cho Young and Lee Sin Jeok to escape before it was too late. But...it seemed that they were too late, indeed.

Nam Eun and his army of soldiers with Sambong and Yeon Hee arrived at bang Won's house. They sure set him up to squash Bang Won's future plans. Every one at the household were surprised at what's happening.

King Taejo / Lee Seung Gye arrived and told his guards to arrest Bang Won.

I can't understand how Seung Gyem could be this manipulative with Sambong against his own son? He must fear Bang Won to execute this kind of betrayal. It was a fight that already started between father and son. Who was to blame...then?

I am disliking Yeon Hee and Sambong right now. Their conspiracy was too much. I know Bang Won was waiting for his time to attack Sambong but I think this kind of trap was too hideous. I do hope Boon Yi would see that Bang Won desperately needed her and her group. Without her, it would be difficult for Bang Won. Would this event changed Moo Hyul's way of thinking? He has been having a hard time reconciling to the fact that his master Bang Won had changed. Maybe Moo Hyul would see the unfairness towards Bang Won and be a loyal subject to him again.

The story is getting more complicated. I can't help but root for Bang Won.



Yook San learned about the red envelop...

Sambong ordered for the people at the place where he met Yak San be arrested.

Bang Won got mad when he learned that Min Da Gyung ordered something without consulting him. For Bnag Won every decision and actions in that household, he should know.

The King asked for Bang Won's presence, finally but he suspected Bang Won of holding his hands to Moo Myung. Bang Won denied it.
Bang Won must have felt disappointed that his father keeps checking on him and distrusts him.

Monk Jungryeong told Bang Won that Sambong disguised himself as a merchant.

Cho Young realized that Sambong must have already learned about them.

The boy and Chil Bung as they tailed Sambong.

The death of the young boy...

Lee Sin Jeok was not appreciating what's happening at the government. He was mad at Sambong for not consulting matters with the officials and only with Yeon Hee.

Boon Yi seeing the boy's dead body...

The Negotiations...

Sambong and Bang Won

Boon Yi got what she asked for in exchange with the red envelop.

Boon Yi and Bang Won

He knew her just as she knew him...

This is the kind of connection they have.

Cho Young arrived.

A Trap...

Too late...Sambong and his group arrived.

Bang won can't believe he was trapped using this kind of trick.

The King ordered Bang Won's arrest.


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