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Saturday, September 30, 2017

[mslee's thoughts] GIF While You Were Sleeping Episode 2 - Jung Jae Chan Reality & Dreams


and this is

what actually happened

he is bothered by his dreams
the girl in the next house is a suspect and she dies in his dream
what will he do?

the night of February 14, 2016
the accident night
he went to see both Yoo Beom and Hong Joo
he tried to step in
stop the date...

of course what is supposed to happen, happens
the date..
she becoming worried about her mother

the car accident happened
but this time because Jae Chan crashed his own car to their car...

he tried to change the fate of that accident
no one dies

the policeman did not die
who ironically was the one who walked behind her mother and gave back the mobile phone she left at the cafe...

this was the dream
that would have happened if Jae Chan did not interfere with their fate

Jae Chan knew Yoo Beom would lie about the key...
but how can he tell him that? that it all was a dream that he needed to mess up with?

there was no sane answer why he crashed the car to them

he explained but skeptical if he would be believed!

the reality is that..


and now we are back to episode 1 first scene...

the story of the accident has come full circle
he was able to change the fate
the destiny
the impending death of two people

her dream
his dream
saved them

saved her mother...

and she was grateful!

the reason why she dreamed of hugging a man was because of this

i wonder what will be the consequence of tampering with fate?

a foreboding tragedy?

hope not!

First thoughts on ep 1&2

Her dreams and reality on previous page...

until my next post


[mslee's thoughts] Ep. 1 GIF - While You Were Sleeping ...Her Dreams Versus Reality

from the opening of the drama we see that there is a rewind happening...

The scene of the accident...

She was hugging him...

these were her dreams...

back to reality...
she jot down notes so she will not forget.

she dreamed of hugging a total stranger...

what is surprising, that man in her dreams is now here, their new neighbor!

but she snubbed his kindness and his offering of rice cakes.

okay, so they started off in an unfriendly way.

was she delusional, weird or just presumptuous?

they are just so cute
their chemistry is off to a good start.

she dreamed about the man with the lighter...

they tried to change his destiny
but to no avail.

yup..his fate just like her dream came to reality

the new prosecutor
everyone is curious about
he is handsome...


he is Jung Jae Chan...
and the other one is Lee Yoo Beom...

he is the sunbae, used to tutor him

her dream
of her mother dying

she cut her hair
she was scared

the night of the accident

reality or a dream?

she was anxious
she could not contact her mother

she gave the keys to Yoo Beom 

the accident
just like in her dream
someone died!

after 9 months in a coma...

her  mother died
she waited for her to wake up but...

and now she is the suspect of the accident that caused the death of a man

the prosecutor: Jung Jae Chan

where does dream and reality starts and ends?


First thoughts on episode1&2