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Friday, September 29, 2017

(Mslee's thoughts) The King Loves WonSan Attachment

Episode 2 reveals more of how Won despite his royalty status stay attached to San whom he knew as So Hwa, the maid from long ago. He seemed amused and found himself interested towards this girl whose carefree lifestyle hid a painful past.

Her company inside the cave was fun and he always knew if she was cold. His attention although divided between his friend and this girl in all appearances but she was never far from his thoughts.

I love how he laid down carefully besides her. As early as this stage after meeting her 7 years later, his attraction was evident. Her status was never an issue for him. As a crowned prince he never thought that finding this girl lovable would be a mockery or something that should be regarded as ridiculous by others.

His concern was touching. She needed warmth in that cold surface inside the cave. Not thinking that his friend would be a "rival" in the unforeseen future or that he would attempt to covet his woman...

He let him lay down beside her on the other side. For him her needs was the priority and she felt cold that moment.

[Can I just pause a moment to stare at his highness' beautiful face?]

How come this two had this kind of attachment? She was so comfortable around him that she could sneeze in front of him and then grab his sleeves to wipe her snot on it. 

(Yeah..some say she thinks of him as a friend..but will you do that to your male friend? I won't!  Certainly on a lover whom i had already spent intimate moments.)

WonSan bond is screaming as early as episode 2. Only real OTP does this. Only fated lovers have this kind of attachment..whether silly, romantic or emotional tragedy, that brings them together.

I find it odd that Rin in the last episode of the drama told San how he fell in love with her when he was 12 years old. 

Did writers forgot this scene? 

Rin was unaffected, if this moment would be the source of debate. 

They were talking about San. Won in particular was telling him about this maid who must have been forced out of the house and grew up in the mountains after her madame died. His connection with her was never cut. He carried those scars with him silently. He never had a moment where he forgot what happened. 

And looking at Rin's face...

[mianhae.. i did not screencap his face but viewer can watch this in episode 2 - the one hour episode]

Was this the man who professed his youthful love to San when he seemed to have lived lying about the truth and not worried like Won had?

Rin's face was readable. There was no reading behind his face or mask if he had worn one in this instance in front of Won.

He was not interested towards the maid. I could agree he felt sympathy though.

But Won felt empathy towards So Hwa (San) all this time. And this is the attachment or bond that is stronger than any other confession there is.


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