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Monday, October 30, 2017

[mslee's thoughts] Mad Dog - A Scam That Becomes a Conspiracy?

Mad Dog-P1.jpg

Mad Dog is one of the current k drama that is really a must watch. It is about insurance fraud that takes place between an agent and a buyer. A big insurance company pays the beneficiaries. I won't say that I truly understand how it works but I do know that when a person is insured, when he dies, money will be paid off to whoever is written in the contract as the beneficiary. I have always thought that suicide won't be payable but it seems that there are some instances that it is also acceptable.

Well the story is about a team called Mad Dog who investigates insurance fraud. They go after those people who are benefiting from the payouts of the insurance company that seemed anomalous or that death of the insured ones are questionable. Because there really are those scammers that killed purposely and made it looked like an accidental death and then claimed the amount insured. 

Choi Kang Woo used to work in an insurance company but after the death of his wife and son in an airplane crash two years ago, he was devastated and started to work with people he chose to come after this scammers. The airplane crash was found as a suicide ac of one of the pilots who happened to be the older brother of Kim Min Joon. That pilot purchased an insurance worth billions of won and it seemed that Min Joon was the beneficiary.

Mad Dog team and Kim Min Joon met and as the story progressed.  Kang Woo found out his identity. It was not easy for Kang Woo to deal with the brother who killed his wife and son. But Min Joon seems to be investigating on his own and looking for something or someone. With cases on their hands, Kang Woo and his team are always following up on people who had died in what seems to be accident but also fishy at the same time. A death of a man who left a pregnant wife who will benefit from an insurance her husband left is one that Mad Dog is currently investigating. They found out that Min Joon is also friends with this woman and feels something is off. But the woman insists that her husband did not kill himself but he was killed. There was no proof so far to support her claim.


In latest episodes it seems that the President of the insurance company is in a conspiracy with Juhan Airlines. One of the agents in the insurance company was a woman who sold multiple  insurance to one man who have been getting payouts. He and the agent seems to be in cahoots. She is a top selling agent. They both were pronounced dead after. He from an accident and she from suicide. But then now it was uncovered that both were alive. And the man has a connection to the Juhan President. He is being ordered to kill the woman [insurance agent] who is in hiding.

I wonder what the conspiracy is about?

From Min Joon's investigating, his brother did not crashed the plane. It was not suicide after all. The co pilot who testified that his brother crashed that plane that day was an alcoholic and two years later, he now tells a different story. That his brother tried to upright the steering wheel of the airplane. It was true that his brother took medicines that day but they were vitamins as far as he knew. There was a message from the phone that was uncovered that he is planning to meet his young brother, Min Joon soon. Reading those text messages, there is no indication that Min Joon's brother is depressed or suicidal. He was in fact happy to see Min Joon again.

Whatever the story behind the airplane crash, whether it is an accident or what... I think there is more to the story why there is a need to hide some facts. 

Another interesting point in the drama is the chemistry between Min Joon and Jang Ha Ri. I think it would not hurt to insert some loveline between these two characters. They burn the screens with their intense chemistry and I am looking forward for skinships if there will be any or even a kiss. [grins]

Overall the story is good and has a solid plot.

Will try to add some more thoughts as the drama progresses...