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Saturday, October 19, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] HEIRS Episode 3 - Kim Tan Is Drawn To Cha Eun Sang

Another late post of mslee. With current dramas simultaneously airing, they really take a lot of my time. A drama addict, I can't let them pass me by.:))

Well to start off in this episode, Kim Tan is finding himself attracted to Cha Eun Sang. Her simplicity is so opposite to his grand life that it is fascinating  him. He finds himself just staring at her and maybe trying to read her thoughts. After spending the day with her, he just could not restrain himself form asking If he likes her? I think this is his way of telling her that he does.

But of course, Eun Sang knows that he is engaged and met the girl, Rachel. Even though she might also like him, she will not admit it to him, a stranger still because she knows nothing about him, not even his name. After this , they will go their separate ways. She was just waiting for her friend Yoon Chang Young to contact her through Kim Tan's phone.

She is ready to go but Kim Tan seemed reluctant to let her. He find ways to stall her even though Chan Young already sent message to him.  He brought her to a ranch where Sec. Yoon, [Chan Young's dad] called to let him know that his father wants him to go and join his brother with a group of business men. He was hesitant at first, but he gather courage to go there. He went inside, leaving Eun Sang to walk alone outside. But he got cold reception from his brother Won. I guess after all three years, he still thinks of Tan as an outsider, illegal son.

Kim Tan missed his brother but because he continues to hurt him and dismissed him, he could do nothing. 
Eun Sang witnessed the scene and when Kim Tan saw her, he could not hide his feelings at that moment. He walked away.

 The ride back to L.A. was silent. She tried to break it off by chatting to him.  An unfortunate accident happened when the car skidded towards the rocky part off the freeway as they avoided big rocks that blocks the road. And they have to spend the night in a motel they found after walking a few miles.

I like when Kim Tan bought a couple tee and they both wore them. Even though they will spend the night on the same room, Eun Sang did not feel threatened. Well, he seemed harmless. They took a drink, the only thing offered because the restaurant was already closed. They talked. Both felt they connected somehow, but they remained casual. 

He can't take his eyes off her, He likes looking at her. Maybe he is fascinated, drawn to her. And she knows it. But even if they were pulled, they knew how to make the atmosphere light, by joking around. Perhaps to dispel the awkwardness.

Kim Tan remained a gentleman. He told her to let him fall asleep first, but it was her who slept, out of tiredness. Kim Tan, again, stared at her, while she slept like a baby.

But their unexpected rendezvous  came to an end. When they got back to Tan's house, Chan Young came. Even if he wanted to make her stay, she bid him goodbye. I felt he was more affected than disappointed seeing he could not persuade her to stay. He could not do anything more, they were not friends in the real sense of the word, just two strangers happened to meet at an opportune time.

He became bored and missed her. When Eun Sang and Chan Young visit some place, they took a photo and mischievous Chan Young, wanting to anger his GF Lee Bo Na who he knew is jealous of his friendship with Eun Sang, uploaded the photo. Not a minute passed and his phone was ringing, to Eun Sang's shock. His naughty teasing will put her in trouble more. The amusing part, the photo also went to Tan's phone, having Eun Sang's account not yet logged out. He stared at it, pretending not to be affected, but then he felt annoyed after a while.

Rachel and Kim Tan met. He had to at least meet his fiance. Even though it was arranged, he still value her as a friend. He knew that she liked her brother Won before. The complicated part of this engagement, it can't be broken if he wants to without consulting the elders. And besides, Tan I think is not thinking of breaking off the engagement. Not sure if Rachel really likes him or that she is just obeying her parents and the deal. She told Tan about Choi Young Do becoming her step brother. He and Tan used to be closed friend. Something happened between these two guys. 

Rachel suggested they eat pancakes but Tan wanted to go somewhere. He felt Eun Sang would be there, at the place he told her the best pancake are in L.A. Rachel sensed what's making Tan uneasy but she told him she still wants to go. 

Rachel's bratty side is on and she let Eun Sang feel the discomfort. She told her it was their anniversary that day, that Lee Bo Na was Tan's ex-gf. Chan Young was annoyed because she was talking behind Bo Na's back. But she retaliated why was he with Eun Sang then or was she the kind of girl who associates herself with guys who already has girlfriend or fiance.

Tan told Rachel they were leaving. He felt uncomfortable with what's happening for Eun Sang. He knew Rachel was hurting her.

They parted ways. Rachel went back to her hotel but on her way  she met Won. She was comfortable with him and I see he was to her, too. He brought her with him to visit his mother's grave. Rachel thought they shared the same mother. I realized the madame at the house is not the first legal wife and both son are not hers that's why Won treated her coldly. Won's mother is the first wife. Tan's mother is the mistress, the madame the second wife but no child.

Next day was Rachel's departure back to Korea. Tan went with her to the airport. Eun Sang was there also. She saw them together. By this time, something definitely is bothering Eun Sang, enough to walk and turned away from the scene. Rachel and Tan in a farewell hug. But if only she looked more, she would see it was only Rachel hugging Tan.

But it was too late, Kim Tan saw her already.

It was only a short visit to America, to L.A. but the fateful meeting between Tan and Eun Sang left both of them drawn towards one another. 

I wonder how their attraction will survive the complicated lives they live and the persons they are related to.
til next episode...

mslee1107 writing

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[mslee's thoughts] Episode 4 Medical Top Team - A Glimpse of Their Past

From last episode, the surgery proceeded as scheduled. SBJ, a son of another wealthy family who has ties with the Chairman needed to be saved immediately. The team had a hard time operating and new complications kept turning up. 

While PTS is I think the lead surgeon, he trusted SJY's decision to operate her way. This brought courage and confidence to JY as a doctor. She knew if she did this correctly, somehow her efforts and abilities will be recognized by her peers. I like how PTS seemed to show JY that he knows she is an excellent surgeon, too. They started off in a wrong impression but he is correcting them, reading her personality. 

While in the OR, the staff was amazed at how PTS works. He is a warm person, not afraid to show his feelings, emotions. Either happy or ecstatic and he tells what he wants directly. When the surgery was finished, he prayed that the heart beats again, and they looked at him in wonder and in a new way. He is  the kind of doctor who is very attached to his patients and I think the first time they are seeing someone like him. Even JY was amazed or bewildered of what he was doing then.

After that, PTS thanked his colleagues for the team work. He knew, the ordeal was done not by him or JY alone but by all the staff in there. He also conveyed his feelings of appreciation to JY. While she was washing her hands, she thought of what happened in the OR and felt happy and it brought her confidence back because PTS trust her. 

PTS charisma made Choi Ah Jin looked at him in a fascinated way. I guess her infatuation just leveled up which makes Kim Sung Woo even jealous. But their friendship and closeness remained, he just wished she will look differently towards him. I find their scenes refreshing and cute. Adds more life to the drama.

A glimpse of their past...

With the success of the surgery, HSJ invited SJY to a dinner and she was surprised when he brought her to Chairman's house. I am not sure if she knew the relationship. She was first anxious but he said it's nothing. He wants the Chairman know of her hard work, but she told him, that PTS should have joined them.

This is HSJ way of showing her his support. The Chairman was happy because the project between two groups will push through. But an uninvited guest arrived. HSJ mom. Drunk and whining and making a scene in front of the Chairman, about all things like mistreating her and only recognizing her son's potential. In the end, the dinner ruined, HSJ dragged his mom out, to stop her. SJY was left with the chairman, silent. HSJ disappointed with his mother but he can't do anything about it.

PTS visited the clinic and saw improvements already. He was so happy to be back there. I think he is more enthusiastic being a doctor who treats patients and interacting with them more than being a surgeon. His warmth is very heart melting. But his visit turned into something that troubled him and brought back scars from his past. A man who was admitted in the ward was the man who bullied, mistreat, abused him when he was a child. And this made him remember his trauma, his fears. A past that he surely wanted to forget.

Choi Ah Jin came across an old file of article written about Seo Joo Young. The article was from 8 years ago and it stated how she was and her principles back then. A girl who cruelly, lonely will go ahead without minding what people around her say, and achieve her dreams. PTS saw and read the article. He was interested in what he found about her. 

PTS convinced SJY to join the team. He praised her work and said that he likes to work with her. The thing with PTS, he is vocal in convincing her and trusting her worth. He even reminded her of what she used to be 8 years back. A person who will do anything even alone without a care to what others may say about her and achieve her goal. I think this somehow made a change in her decision, She felt PTS believing in her and cheered her to go on.

What's good about PTS, on the day of the launching of the team, he stopped by and waited for SJY. He had a feeling she is considering his words. He was right. He met her and  gave her a paper flower. he left her there knowing she will change her mind. 

Even late SJY made it to the place where the event was. her chief, Dr. Jang was bewildered by her actions, but she didn't care. Both PTS and HSJ are smiling.

But of course, the wonderful atmosphere was easily disrupted when a phone call came and the patient, SBJ was in critical condition. PTS decided to open his body again. The team was anxious and in a panic, when the heart stopped beating.

A nerve wracking ending episode.

mslee1107 writing

Episode 4 Medical Top Team Screen caps

will add more in my review...