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Friday, October 18, 2013

[mslee's thoughts] Episode 8 Secret - Shedding Off The Mask

Episode 8 for me is again one of the best episodes of Secret. The drama is getting better and better as the story progressed. Last time I named the episode unveiling, because some hints and secrets from the past is slowly being opened. Like the relationship of Do Hoon and Yoo Jung has been a known fact from Min Hyuk since the investigation of the car accident. And MH decided to lay open his 1 card to DH's knowledge. A surprise twist of the episode that will make DH rattle and anxious for the next days. 

The cellmate who was used to take away the child had told Yoo Jung what happened before and that she only did it as asked. 

Yoo Jung finally understand what Min Hyuk has been doing to her and what he seemed to have done to the child.

All she could do was cry. She just accepted that fact. If MH really has done that to her and her child, she saw it as paying her debt of taking away his loved one. I am not sure why YJ is so forgiving about it when she hasn't done anything wrong in the first place. Well , she did wrong by taking all the blame, so I guess, this leaves her getting all the consequences of that action.

After learning that bit, she is doing all her best to pay off the remaining debt. Small amount of money every single time she earned, she delivered, which makes MH irate and annoyed.

I guess fear sudden;y made DH investigate again the closed case. He wants to find the black box, or any leads that might incriminate him. He knows MH is intelligent and after evading the law all this time, he can't be trapped in his own doings. 

Sometimes DH frustrates me. Why can't he just accept himself for what he is? Most times he is in denial and he looked like he is in conflict with his emotions and choices, but his actions were all of what he is. A huge coward, hypocrite and spineless person. I am fascinated by his character because of all things he is. And by knowing his fears, I think I will be looking forward to him shedding off his mask for good.

Min Hyuk continue his stalking with Yoo Jung. He is restless when she is no where to be found. And surprise, surprise, he saw her helping Ji Hee's mom's store, selling fish. Although she was not really welcomed by the mother, but I think she might be still hating the girl but at the same time, feeling sorry for her. YJ is doing her best to make amends and her sincerity is slowly affecting those who hates her. 

For a man like MH, he is having a hard time dealing with his feelings for YJ. He hates her. That's what his mind keeps telling him. He hates her guts and her self pitying. But ottoke, Min Hyuk-shi? You just can't help being affected.

Like Se Yeon had said to him, his obsession will backfire. She even recommended reading the book Wuthering Heights, a revenge story, where obsession turned into love. But then as I recall the book has a sad ending. [if i am right] I don't wish for a sad ending between my OTP.

They still have time to correct mistakes and impressions.

Min Hyuk is already hooked, feeling hurt by hurting YJ. She just told him about her child and how it was taken away and died crying for her. I wonder if he really did it? I wonder if he knew the child died?
I wonder if by realizing what YJ has been going through, he will ask for forgiveness.

He is definitely crowding her and her place. Invading her privacy and what is left of it.

DH continue to investigate, deleting important evidence that would link back to him. His friendship with SY is developing but MH sees through him. He even warned him not to use SY because she is his friend and fiancee. In which DH replied not to take her for granted, or something like this. I understand both man with regards to their feelings over SY. MH loves her as a friend. Maybe he can't love her as a woman, but he will protect her from bad people like DH. While DH sympathize with SY. Their relationship can go either way. By looking at SY, I see a woman ready to shift her feelings to this sweet guy, DH, [well, he is sweet to her] but something is hindering her from doing so.

MH is sensing the atmosphere every time they are all together. All he can do is caution SY about DH.

The highlight of the episode was the party. MH dragged YJ to come with him, against her wishes. While choosing the right clothes for her, she felt small and perhaps cheap as onlookers passed by her. The sales ladies who took charge of her changing her dress screamed in surprised, which made MH open the blinds in the changing room. He saw her scar.

I can't read his expressions clearly. Shocked at finding her with that scar? Pity? Feeling asshole for he knew he is making it hard for her, and adding pain to humiliation she must have been feeling right there and then?

He got another one, a black dress that for a second took the breath out of him. but he immediately recovered.

Maybe he was thinking, what the hell am I feeling?

The party was starting already and there was DH and SY. When they came, DH was annoyed, angry or even jealous that MH can bring YJ in a party but he can't! SY walked out but MH talked to her. She was mad. I understand. She is the fiancee, she has a right to be angry and jealous even if it was a contract that is binding them as a couple. I think she wants a little respect from MH. But then again, it comes two way. She is also playing with fire by dragging DH between MH and her.

At least DH is clear that he is only a dummy. Or was he? If only he stayed and saw SY face after he asked her of her reasons in bringing him.

The awesome scenes came when a friend of MH tried to give money to YJ thinking he can have her but she fought him and as she run away, he tore her upper dress revealing her scar to the spectators. She tripped and slumped on the floor.

DH watched as she stayed there. he can't believe what happened, His mind knew he has to help her stand up, be there for her, but he did not do anything. And what astonished him was MH was the one who draped his coat to cover her. DH loose control of his emotions there. His hypocrisy is eating him alive, while he grit his teeth, a smile forming, maybe mocking himself turning into a snarl as he stared at YJ and then to MH who was then beating the hell out of his friend.

SY witnessed all this as MH poured his anger to his friend. That moment, she knew. She just lost MH to another woman again.

And then a call from Kwang Soo came, rvealing DH was with YJ on the night of the accident. He already had suspicions about the foot prints that walked near JH body and he also remember the first testimony of YJ at the police station that she didn't see anyone.

MH lost his control by shaking YJ and asking, "What are you?" or "What have you done?"

[sorry, I am too lazy to watch again..but seems like the same questions, :)) ]

And as SY walks away heading to the company for an immediate board meeting, she just had to get even with MH. A scorned woman that she is, knew how to fight. She just voted out MH from the company as the next chairman.

what i think of SY?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. and SY is furious/humiliated of what she witnessed, MH getting angry over YJ!

I really hoped she would not be this way..but she's human, a girl obsessed! Her mind is clouded by her emotions. Her common sense left her to entertain jealousy. She  hasn't even claimed his love, yet he was once again taken away from her. I think that's why friendships should have boundaries. I want to blame MH a little for letting SY enter this nonsense marriage thing. He knew how she felt even if she keeps telling him it's okay, she understand. emotions can not be turned off just like that. He should have said something to his father and call it quits at the very beginning. I can say same goes to SY, but she is in love. there's always hope for her poor heart. 

I think MH knew in his heart what he is doing to SY. He is just not ready to say, okay, let's stop. but now, I think the time has come for both to break the contract. But how can he, when SY took the shares from his father. this is a dilemma for MH. 

Even MH father can't do anything, he had given and trusted SY with his shares.

And the story keeps the intrigues.

I call this episode shedding off the mask because all three characters had shed them off. DH let me have a glimpse of his emotions, and he seemed to me like this is the start of his agenda. Both MH and him knew the real score. DH will now try to outwit and defeat MH with all his power to keep himself safe.

MH shed off his mask when he fight openly for YJ. He may not understand what came over him, why he acted that way, but he is already involved with her in a different level. 

And SY, she took off her mask when she turned against her friend and fiance. 

The fight will begin. YJ is in the center of it all. And I am waiting for MH next move.

A quick praise for Bae Soo Bin for his excellent acting in this episode. Well  all 4 characters are amazing. 

mslee1107 writing.

caps in previews page/blog.

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