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Saturday, September 27, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Iron Man / Blade Man Episode 6 Screen caps Review

Okay, so this is a fantasy drama and anything goes. Having blades sprouting on ones body is ridiculous and far fetch in reality but because this is a drama and a fantasy this is normal for Hong Bin. But... hmmm..yes, I am a bit unexcited or not amazed by the reasons behind him suddenly having this ability to have blades. Maybe I am still remembering how Wolverine got his from X-Men or how Vincent Keller from Beauty and The Beast turned into a beast.

Hong Bin saved Secretary Ko's dongsaeng's life when he donated his bone marrow. After that, here comes the rain and suddenly, blades appeared on him. This is the explanation I got from Secretary Ko about why Hong Bin turned out to be half human and half steel. Hong Bin is not 100% human anymore. My question is, "Will he not be cured?" Maybe not if this is the only explanation I can have for the existence of the blades.

Well, anyways, from previous episode, Se Dong was looking for Hong Bin but he disappeared. He was at the highways, under the pouring rain and Secretary Ko was in luck to have found him alone on the streets. He almost hit him with the car, but stopped in time, even if the road was so wet.

He collapsed. Again. While Se Dong cleaned the room where he stayed. That night, both Se Dong and Chang left the place, with only a thankful letter for the old couple who decided to stay away until they are gone. The father can not face Hong Bin anymore. He just wanted for them to live and move on quietly, forget the past and for Hong Bin to not be angry towards his father.

So when Hong Bin woke up in his own room at his house, Secretary Ko was there, waiting and acting normal. He bounced up from the bed, a series of questions for Secretary Ko. how long had it been since he became like that. At first Secretary Ko denied, saying it was all a dream. But Hong Bin knew it was not. He looked and stared at the mirror for a long time, trying to see but there is not one blade present  at the moment. He took a shower while remembering everything he learned about Tae Hee and what his father did. 

Se Dong and Chang came in the next morning, Butler Yoon welcoming them. She has her own agenda. And she asked Se Dong not to tell Hong Bin. She will bring the child to Joo Jang Won [Hong BIn's father]. Hong Bin is still bothered by the blades he saw coming out from his body. He questioned his secretary but he remained evasive. While walking outside, they met his father. He asked him outright if he really harmed and killed Tae Hee but Jang Won denied claiming he did not understand what he was saying. This just adds up to Hong Bin's growing anger, which led for him to punch the brick wall with his bare fist that exudes power. He was surprised. The pound reverberated. Another newfound strength Hong Bin realized. But when he tried again on a post, he felt the pain. LOL! Guess he needed to be so angry, so mad to release so much power and to release his blades.

At the office, Secretary Ko could not hide the truth anymore. So it started when he saved Secretary Ko's dongsaeng's life by donating his bone marrow. After that, it was raining that day, blades started coming out. It just came out. No operation needed. No DNA swapping. As far as this episode goes, this is the explanation of the blades.

All along, the office is buzzing with rumors of Hong Bin and Se Dong's romance. The employees are gossiping about it and somehow reached Se Dong. But she was not fazed because it is not true. She confronted the two game programmers who were envious of her team and were trying to sabotage their works. They even got the music they made for their game.

There was division in the group. They are betting for a tablet and the speakers while playing table tennis. Se Dong's group is full of confidence just as the other group. That's when Hong Bin appeared and summoned Se Dong to go with him. The rest in the room just stared at Se Dong, thinking the rumors must be true after all. As she walks at the lobby after Hong Bin, she could feel the gazes being thrown at her.

They ended up eating at a restaurant. Se Dong wanted to know why he treated her to a meal. He asked her what she heard and found out about Tae Hee. She told him they said Tae Hee is beautiful.While she talked, everything about Se Dong he knew from their previous encounter flash backed on him. Along with how Tae Hee died. The weather is bad, it is raining. And Hong Bin's anger is growing rapidly. In time Secretary Ko appeared and told her to go immediately. Hong Bin landed on th gym. Perhaps carried and thrown by Secretary Ko. Blades came out. His anger is consuming him all over.. He went outside. Secretary Ko was there, just staring at him. He walked with renewed spirit, experiencing this new power he has. He promised himself he won't faint this time. He will go see this through. Everything on his path were ruined, slashed and broken. He experienced a different kind of thrill. He kept on moving forward. Se Dong was just nearby, with his coat and cell phone he left at the restaurant. As Hong Bin leaped high on the ground to a building, Se Dong was already behind Secretary Ko, looking on. Did she saw him? Did she realized what she saw?

Hong Bin is like spiderman, crawling upwards on the glass windowed building, breaking the the glass as he stuck his blades to climb some more. He reached the top. Still conscious. Whatever is running through his mind that moment, only he can tell. 

Will Hong Bin be the next neighborhood hero or monster? Where will the story go? Will this affect the society? Or will his secrets be contained just within their circle? How will Se Dong help him and pacify him?

Finally, the story is focusing now on the fantasy side of the drama. I hope there will be more enlightenment in the next episodes. I also like how the relationship between Hong Bin and Se Dong is not rushed. If there will be love line between them, I think the pacing is just right. There has been no altering emotions on the part of Se Dong for her boss. She sees him as her superior as of yet. While Hong Bin's fascination on her scent can be interpreted as his beginnings of feeling something for her although not yet clear.

A lot has yet to reveal. The motives, the role of the father of Hong Bin and Butler Yoon's plans. I hope the funny concept of the drama will stay. Hong Bin acting ridiculous is welcome because it adds character to his already strange personality.


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