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Saturday, January 11, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Man From The Stars - Two Amazing Episodes Back To Back

I know this is already a late reaction to Man From The Stars episode 7 and 8 that was shown this week. I should have posted my initial thoughts right after I watched epsiode 7 live. Even without subs, the drama has left me with an episode so worthy of praise last Wednesday night. A cliffhanging ending episode that made all the viewers on line screaming in surprise at what just happened there. 

There she was, Song Yi, drugged, abducted from the hospital while Min Joon was at the police station and woke up inside her car miles away from where she was, as the car drove off towards a cliff! The brakes would not work and she was alone and scared and screaming for help. She was calling Min Joon, her manager. At a time like this, a death situation, all she could think of was Min Joon and he was not there. Heart racing with Song Yi, I was expecting more danger to happen knowing Min Joon was miles away and did not have a clue where she was. My gosh! I felt her fears and like her, counting on Min Joon to save her.

[cre: dc ksh]

Out of nowhere, I know Song Yi was not alone in being surprised to see Min Joon falling literally from the sky out of nowhere. Well, I know all viewers that night must have been as shocked as I was just as Song Yi was startled to see a man ion front of the car suddenly and just like superman or even Edward Cullen, he was so fast and strong stopping the car from falling. Ah....am I watching Twilight again? lol

The scene was so epic! The momentum just came and stayed and left me and all viewers open mouthed at what we saw on the screen. The scene was filmed amazingly. It was awesome. I was one of the regulars lurking at soompi thread for this drama and not really posting frequently, but that night, I could not help but join the fun of the crowd there. 

Min Joon's power had located Song Yi and found her at the nick of time. Did she saw him clearly? Or was it an illusion? In episode 8, Min Joon disappeared as fast as he came but stayed enough to put to sleep the two culprit who put Song Yi in that situation and prevented them from further harming her. Of course, the psycho/killer Jae kyung was disappointed or perhaps annoyed that his plans did not came to pass. 

The episode continued to show  both Min Joon and Song Yi sharing his apartment. This time it is very clear that someone wants her dead. And so the chemistry continues for the lead actors Kim Soo hyun and Jun Ji hyun.

The writer has a lot of tricks in store for us. Min Joon buying a new cellphone which he has not done for the last ten years ahjussi/attorney Jang told him to but now he did was something to ponder. All for Song Yi. The funny thing was, Song Yi was stored as his#1 in speed dial while the poor Jang was only #2! Laughed here at how Jang must have felt. Bromance was slightly turned to jealous mode.

While episode 7 brought viewers, especially me that feeling of "can't believe amazing and screaming daebak!" episode 8 continued to wow me with another surprise ending. A sudden kiss Min Joon gave to Song Yi. A real treat! 

[gif cre: dc ksh]

I think the production is very good in keeping their surprises for the viewers and not leaking any spoilers. It added more charisma to this drama that continues to sizzle with just the presence of Min Joon and Song Yi together. The humor keeps me laughing. Very unpredictable dialogues from Min Joon and Song Yi. 

I wonder what will happen next after the kiss? Or will Min Joon use his power to make her forget or think it was all a dream/illusion?

Se Mi has shown her true colors. I should understand her, I do, but if only she did not let her bad side rule her heart. But she was defeated by her own envy. 

As the episode progress, I am liking Hae Kyung and his childish character. He is just lovable and I can't find myself hating the guy who only happens to love our beautiful heroin.

As for Jae Kyung, this guy continue to give me the creepy feeling. What is his problem anyway? A psycho in the loose. Or is he more that the writer is making him and wanting us to believe?

A 20 episode full of Min Joon and Song Yi. And this is just episode 8. 12 more to go, a lot will happen. More surprising awaits us.

For now, this is just my thoughts about what Man From The Stars has shown this week. A back to back episodes that are really worth watching!


Friday, January 10, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Man From The Stars and Inspiring Generation Face Off

Kim Hyun Joong Feels Burdened Competing Against Kim Soo Hyun

photo : soompi

Two dramas which have totally different genre. 

There is no way out for Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Hyun Joong, both from Keyeast, competing against each other in Wednesday/Thursday timeslot next week. Kim Hyun Joong's new drama Inspiring Generation also known as Age of Feelings will start airing on the 15th via KBS and it will clash with Kim Soo Hyun's drama Man From The Stars via SBS. While Man From The Stars, a romance/comedy has been receiving a huge follower and high ratings somehow a new drama like Inspiring Generation  might pose as a rival with it's noir/romantic genre.

I have been a viewer of Man from The Star and I can say that the drama is not predictable and the story is engaging making viewers satisfy at each episode. The drama has a lot to offer still with the story progressing beautifully. But I am also one who is definitely waiting for Inspiring Generation, ottoke? The plot and trailers are all compelling. The background is set in the 1930's which brings a whole new dimension and feel to the story.

A face off between two actors from the same company. 

[an excerpt : http://www.soompi.com ]

Kim Hyun Joong was asked, “You are in the same agency as Kim Soo Hyun. Have you two discussed about your dramas?”
In response, the singer turned actor said, “Although I am in the same agency as Kim Soo Hyun, he is the popular icon. Also,Jun Ji Hyun is the original popular figure. Since my drama is competing against their drama, it is true that I feel burdened. I said to him to not be nervous, but I think both of us will be nervous while filming. However, our nervousness won’t change the dynamics. The viewers are the judge. I hope that both dramas will have a successful conclusion.”
With Kim Hyun Joong's response, I think that even though it may be awkward but it has to happen. And he is letting us the viewers pick our choice. But also wishing success for both drama.
There is no way out for this face off. Whether Inspiring Generation will affect the ratings of Man From The Star or not . ..what's important is that I believe that both drama will bring satisfaction to the viewers. 


Episode 8 Man From The Stars Screen caps +Gif

Another daebak ending! A Kiss!

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