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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kim Rae Won @Doctors Press Con


Video - Cast of DOCTORS Press Conference

[SSTV] ‘닥터스’ 김래원 “10년 만에 밝은 캐릭터… 오글거리는 연기, 귀엽다더라”

[Full Trailer] 2016.06.15 #‎ParkShinHye‬ ‪#‎박신혜‬ ‪#‎朴信惠‬ ‪#‎Doctors‬ ‪#‎닥터스‬

[mslee's thoughts] GIF - Oh Hae Young and Park Do Kyung Best Scenes in episode 13 Another Oh Hae Young

I'm like a fool, crazy in love with this drama that I keep on watching every episode over and over again each time it is released, raw or with sub. I love seeing the emotions and just can't get enough of the story and how the characters evolved. Everything is all worth watching, every scene, even the breather which brings out the comedic relief is good.

After going through episodes 11 and 12 where the conflict hit the characters hard through the heart, I am seriously waiting for this week's episodes, hoping that the story will bring another amazing twist that will continue to make viewers fall in love with the drama and the characters of Oh Hae Young and Park Do Kyung.

Anticipating the renewed optimism of Do Kyung coming to terms with his predestination of dying in the future [who does not die anyway?] episode 13 is much anticipated. How he will be able to convince Hae Young that his fickle mind will not go back and forth anymore but will be very firm this time. After all he turned down her request of dating again during her lowest point, almost begging him to love her just for her sanity. It was a very emotional scene in episode 12 and Do Kyung needs to win her heart to trust him once again.

Yes, he will die but this time he does not want any regret while dying. I now understand that in the midst of dying, he was full of regret for letting Oh Hae Young go and making her sad and broken. Now he will try to love her as far as his heart can go, no holding back. Then there will be no regret. Because he has given his all, tried his best and loved her with all of his heart.

But it is easy to say this hard to accomplish.

Oh Hae Young somehow had reached her limit of patience. He could no longer simply say he missed her and she would be running towards him with open arms and be accommodating. Her fragile heart had been beaten so hard that she had to protect whatever pride she has left within herself. She no longer wanted to be a fool in love.

Moments that made an impact in the episode, leaving me with lingering feelings on how the scene was perfectly executed and how Eric and Seo Hyun Jin were able to convey the perfect emotions. I love the writer for the amazing lines. She/He clearly knows what the heart wants to say in times like this.

Yes, he is now determine to win her heart but...

convincing her is another thing. He really needs to put his heart on the line for her to see his genuine love for her.

I like how this scene played because in reality, this is how it is suppose to be played out. At some point, the one who used to hold on will let go and be tired of chasing. The heart can only accommodate much of the painful rejection over and over again. It is certainly tiring.

Becoming sick is normal when the heart is hurting. All the energy will be drained and soon it will hurt the physical body when the mind can no longer hold on to painful thoughts. 

Shocked to see them both in one place and sick at the same time.

Angry that she saw him there, seeing her in her lowest point, but then she did not realized he too was in his lowest point.

Closing the curtains was like a blow to his painful heart.

This scene at the hospital where both Do Kyung and Oh hae Young received IV treatment was epic.

my thoughts after watching this scene

"I got sick because I couldn't hug you." - Park Do Kyung
This scene is just so... real. Eric has been slaying his parts in the drama, has been doing so well being Park Do Kyung and the emotions he has been sharing with us viewers, are truly amazing. This part of the scene where he felt so emotionally drained and tired, revealing his heart, so vulnerable, wanting her to believe his sincerity was just so beautiful and sad and heart tugging.

Park Do Kyung has opened his heart for her to hear the sincerity of his love. He saw his vision and how it was exactly played but he followed his heart, saying the things he wanted to say. If he is the old Park Do Kyung he would still protect his pride, his heart and continue to sacrifice his love because he thinks it is the right thing to do. But this time, he chose to be vulnerable! And it was on of the best scene and lines he uttered in the episode. I got goosebumps watching this scene, tears forming in my throat. My gosh! How can Oh Hae Young not feel his heart? How can she not know his sufferings and continue to be stubborn?

Thank you writernim and PDnim, you continue to amaze me.

Of course, it was just exactly what Oh Hae Young needed to hear to make her run after Park Do Kyung who left after that confession.

"I got sick because I couldn't hug you." 

The sweetest reunion!
How can I not love this drama? It speaks right through the heart of everyone experiencing love, painful or not. The drama knows how the human heart really feels. In every worst situation, truly, LOVE is the answer. Just plain love.

Somehow, it calms the heart, it heals the wound.

I know this is again a reward for us viewers who are waiting for Do Kyung and Hae Young to finally come together. Perhaps another twist will come in the storyline, something to make the ending most memorable and a great ride for this roller coaster drama.

But I am anticipating. I think that Park Do Kyung's resolve to live without regret, choosing his own fate over his predestination will have an impact on the coming episodes. Because that is life. Destiny is the result of ones choices. But hoping that there will be a wonderful end to this romance.

I am positive.

Writernim and PDnim will not disappoint.