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Saturday, November 15, 2014

[Video] Iron Man / Blade Man - BTS Last Scene Filming Part 2

Kim Kang Woo - Finally A News About Him...But Accidentally Drinking Gasoline on Set?

Kim Kang Woo to Return to Movie Filming After Being Hospitalized for Accidentally Drinking Gasoline

This actor has been added in my list of favorite actors since watching him in Golden Cross. From then on, I searched all his works. drama and films and was able to watch some. His versatility as an actor really got my attention. But since Golden Cross ended earlier this year, no news about him anywhere. So seeing this news posted via [link] soompi I immediately opened the page and read. Well, even if the news is about something that happened mistakenly at the filming of his new movie, it's enough to know that he is active again and fine after discharged from the hospital

Apparently, the accident happened when he drank gasoline while filming, a mistake that sometimes do happen on a set. Good thing he received treatment immediately at the hospital and no major harm or damage to him. He is recovering.

Treacherous Subject is the movie title of his new movie that will premiere next year. It is a historical movie. Looking forward to seeing him in a costume. 

Kim Kang Woo resumes filming on the 15th, November, and that is yesterday. Good luck on your new film and stay healthy.

news via soompi


[mslee's thoughts] Iron Man / Blade Man Final Review - It's All About Forgiveness, Remorse and Understanding

Am I satisfied with the ending? If it is about the romance, well, then the writer of course gave viewers the happy ending we anticipated. And how it ended was really a surprise, not your ordinary kind of ending. Hong Bin and Se Dong flying upwards in the air like Superman and Lois Lane. it's not expected, but it did put a smile on my face.

But am I really satisfied with how the drama wrapped up the loose ends? Well, given that the drama was cut down by two episodes, there was quickness in how everything they settle the conflicts. Tae Hee passed away quietly, in a hospital room, not even waking up for a second to say her last goodbyes to Hong Bin. Unlike other dramas where viewers would watch a crying scene as the patient calmly says I Love You and Thank You to the person being left behind. No, Tae Hee just slept through it. A scene that gave a melancholy feeling yet peacefully. The moment was so serene.

Then there is Se Dong who finally admitted to Hong Bin that she wished Tae Hee would get lost when they were still at Tae Hee's hometown. For the first time after her parent's died, Se Dong voiced out her true feelings. Yes, she like Tae Hee but she is getting in the way with her and Hong Bin. She can take it all, but it does not mean she likes it. There should be enough hate for the circumstances, but not really towards Tae Hee. I can understand Se Dong for the insecurities that overwhelmed her regarding Hong Bing and Tae Hee's past relationship. Tae Hee knew Hong Bin very well, since he was just a child up to the time they got together in a relationship. There were so many memories that binds them and Se Dong facing them both now feels that everything is too much to take in.

Hong Bin could not allow himself to abandon Tae Hee. He has to take care of her even if to show his gratitude for all the care he received from Tae Hee. He had decided to let go of Se Dong even if it pains him. He even told her to find a man and forget him.

I have to be satisfied with the way this episode ends. Even if there are still some questions unanswered. 

Hong Bin's father got divorced, Hong Joo would leave with his mother to USA, Secretary Ko has a love life and Seung Hwan got married in the end. Even the villain of the drama, butler Yoon got to say her goodbye decently to Hong Bin. She somehow relayed her apology to him saying she should have left long before. But of course, Hong Bin never got to know her cruelty against Tae Hee. Even the ahjussi who helped butler Yoon never appeared again. His character I believe could have made a difference to the story but, gwenchana...it is fine that the evilness did not linger. There is rush but thankful that the writer squeezed all of it in this final episode. 

The drama focused more on forgiveness and remorse and understanding. Hong Bin's father got to say sorry to Tae Hee who even if she did not wake up, her consciousness understand the sincerity of the old man. Tears came out of the corner of her eyes. 

Butler Yoon was given a chance to show her vulnerability. It all comes down to her love towards Hong Bin's father. Her unrequited love. As she went away, she phoned him asking that he tells her if he appreciated her even for a little. He did not disappoint. After all, she had his child, too.

Se Dong who wanted to go and see Tae Hee fainted. And of course, it put another burden to her, and guilt succumbed her over Tae Hee's passing away. I like how she uncover her thoughts to Hong Bin about it. She has a right to be angry. She has a right to stay away and not go immediately when Tae Hee asked for her. She has a right to think. Because she too is hurting. But then, because she is the type who easily blames herself for what happens to other people, she is mad that Tae Hee just left like that. In a way, it is just her hurting that's taking over her emotions. She is being truthful yet she is also blaming herself. As she said, she has bad thoughts against Tae Hee. But Hong Bin also admitted that he too has those thoughts.

The bottom line, it is not their fault Tae Hee is gone. It is not Se Dong's fault. She has to realized it to forgive herself. That scene where Hong Bin and Se Dong has this conversation, I was really feeling affected. The truthfulness of their words are so heart wrenching. You can feel the pain and the suffering and the helplessness. But Hong Bin is not blaming anyone. Because he learned from Tae Hee who had suffered more and did not blame anyone.

There is a scene where Hong Bin finally understood his father. He realized it was his father who put those fractions on the other side of the cards he used to play. When he read his earlier writings inside his notebook, he knew now that blades came out even when he was young. I like to think that this interpretation I had with that scene is what the writer really is trying to tell. That Hong Bin realized his father knew all along. It's just that his blades came in and stayed that way when people got to notice him, and that was during the time he found Tae Hee as a friend. Because that time, he found happiness. The thought that his father neglected him during those days, when he was always scolded and not appreciated, those were the times the story in the notebook tells about the growing peach pit or blades coming out. Somehow, the relationship between father and son come to an understanding. It is not too late for them to start over again. 

The ending was simple. Time passed by. Hong Bin and Se Dong both healed from the pains that separated them. When they met at Seung Hwan's wedding, words are not needed to express their feelings. A hug brought them back again in each other's arms while warm smiles broke on their faces.

I just wish the ending is not hurried. It could have been more beautiful. Blade Man is not about a hero who help people in danger. Blade Man is about the angers that consumes him until someone like Se Dong calms him. This is really the focal point of the story. To heal Hong Bin and everyone from the sufferings they are all going through. Se Dong came to all their lives, not perfect but also scarred. Yet she brought brightness and enlightenment to everyone who had the privileged to know her. It was as if her kindness melts away their angst, their madness. 

The romance part in this final episode is so short I think I was deprived of them for the last 3 episodes. But like I said, every conversation between Hong Bin and Se Dong although sad are all worth hearing and watching. That's where the romance part was in. The true emotions they have longed for as they suffer the decision they agreed since last episode. For that, I am satisfied to know that what Hong Bin feels towards Se Dong is as real as what Se Dong feels for him.

For the OTP of this drama, Hong Bin and Se Dong gave me lots of something to smile about and feelings that affected me just by watching them together, either happy, playful or sad.

Got to say, Lee Dong Wook gave his best as Hong Bin and Shin Se Kyung just fitted the character perfectly. Thank you for this refreshing drama, writernim. For cute moments, thank you PDnim.

I will surely miss this drama. 


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