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Thursday, November 13, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Greatest Marriage Episode 9 Screen caps Review

This drama is getting better and better. The twist is unpredictable. A new side of Myung Yi has been shared briefly that makes her pitiful and so different from the character that has been shown from day one [1]. She is also a daughter who suffers alone  being away from her parents and crying for what happened to her family. I have always been interested in her and what has not been revealed yet about her. It is so easy to judge her and her scheming actions but as I wrote before, there is vulnerability in her that peeks every now and then but easily escapes notice because of her fixation to get Tae Yeon and to rub it on Gi Young's face. I think half of what she says are true and the other half are her greediness which in this episode somehow justify her reasons. Her family has so much debt she will do anything to pay for them to help. A daughter who in her triumphant moment of sealing the marriage with a wealthy family suddenly wanting to  talk to her parents through phone [although it was revealed that the number is non existent] as she cries and promise to ease their burdens.

The wedding started smoothly as she enters the wedding hall towards waiting Tae Yeon at the podium. But here comes pregnant Gi Young standing at the place where she just left, making her presence know to Tae Yeon who was surprised to see her. Good thing Eun Cha was there to drag her to the nearest table. Again, Eun Cha became a confidant to Gi Young. Almost an accomplice to her secret although he is not really excited to be one. After what happened to him, he now rely heavily on Gi Young as a partner in the news program and will do anything to make her stay beside him to boost the ratings that flanked when he abandoned her.

Tae Yeon and Myung Yi made and wrote their own vow. If it is true and they will uphold each line, it indicates that they are only marrying for convenience and they will still live their own lives without any intrusion from one another. Even the financial side of the marriage has been tackled somehow I think Myung Yi is very wise to make it appear she is not interested in money but of course it will only be a matter of time until Tae Yeon and her be on the good side of his parents.

The irony of the situation after the wedding vows were read, Tae Yeon called Gi Young to give a congratulatory speech. This is another unpredictable turn of events. But he has a good reason of wanting her to give a speech. She is after all used to be a colleague of Myung Yi and his co writer in a book recently published. No one would seem to suspect anything. Gi Young rose to the challenge, bringing along the waiver. But Tae Yeon does not want to sign. Yet. Gi Young had to say something for the couple and I feel that she may not mean her words, she is also not sour graping. She did not care for this wedding. All she wants is her child.

Tae Yeon's parebts arrived at the venue while Gi Young was there making her speech. Well, of course, this is an absurd scene for anyone who knew the real story between Gi Young and Tae Yeon. His father was so aghast at the irony of what's happening i front that he made a loud remark. he called it a mockery which is true. They can be a hypocrite [well, they are] but this old couple can only take much. After all, they are those conservative types.

Well the wedding suddenly stops, people walking after the Chairman, Tae Yeon walking out, Myung Yi on her knees begging the parents and Gi young walking alone outside. That's when Tae Yeon saw her and invited her to ride with him. He told her that he would also sign the waiver. Yes, he did sign finally after saying goodbye to his unborn child while caressing Gi Young's stomach with her permission. It should have been a beautiful and sad goodbye but because I am not really liking Tae Yeon, I could not share his feelings that should have been there, even in hiding for loosing his parental rights. I think that moment was a relief not only for Gi Young but for me because I too had been waiting for this closure for sometime now. It should be the end here.

A new beginning. Gi Young is free. The child is hers alone. The twist that was a surprise in the end was while Gi Young was giving birth, Myung Yi who had been tired from helping the memorial rights in her in laws residence suddenly felt a pain in her stomach. So painful she had to be taken to emergency. While Gi Young is in bliss of seeing her son, Myung Yi cried hearing she had a miscarriage.

Perfect twist. The only child that could give happiness to Tae Yeon and his parents is Gi Young's son who he abandoned even before he was born. While Myung Yi's hidden card to secure her future and to help her family is now gone. Her baby is gone and she cried for all the reasons she herself only knew.

For a gold digger as she has been labelled, she has served Tae Yeon's family without any complaints. Her only goal is get their blessings and acceptance. Even if she could evade the errands, she did not. Even if she failed to do her tasks she accepted criticism. Even if it means she was bidding her time, she played her role well. For this, I think she was sincere in her efforts.

As for Gi Young, I feel sad that she has to suffer alone while giving birth even if she misses her mother. It's sad that her principles stands in the way and can not be understood. I am now really excited to see Eun Cha being there for Gi Young. I love and laughed at him when he brought pears and left it at her door running scared of being in a rumor with a single pregnant woman. He has been burned and he is scared. Yes, it was like a nightmare for him what happened with him and Tae Yeon's obsessed and crazy sister. Eun Cha is avoiding that kind of scenario again, hence, his reluctance to have anything to do with Gi Young's child. But then he was there when she gave birth, threatening the hospital when they would not accept Gi Young because she has no guardian. He was there outside waiting for the news that it was over. He was asked to cut the umbilical cord and looking at his expression, he is truly scared and in a panic mode to be misunderstood. I laughed when he looked at the baby with wonder and really happy for both mother and child. He stayed as Gi Young held the baby with tears in her eyes.

Regarding Gi Young's friend Yeon Hee, she and her husband already divorced but ironically, still living together in the same house. The unbelievable living condition is that his ex husband brought his woman with him in the house. This is seriously not a good surrounding for their daughter. Yeon Hee is taking it all silently. So pathetic but I think she has nowhere to go if she wanted to be by her daughter. The restaurant owner who is Tae Yeon's friend came with her at the house and even though he found out the situation, although he was uncomfortable he stayed to support her emotionally. I just hope he and Yeon Hee will have a good relationship between them.

Now for Tae Yeon's sister, Sun Nyeo, this woman is playing the role perfectly as a woman who have been dismayed and angered by Eun Cha. Her obsession is making the hire husband Pedro feeling tired of her schemes. She uses her money to call him anytime. She uses money to lure him to sleep with her. But good Pedro is not the kind who takes advantage. I hope she wakes up from her delusions. 

The story has nice and good pacing. It does not drag.  A new chapter will now start next episode. A new twist will surely surprise me again. 

This is my random review on this episode.


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