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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] The Legendary Witch Episode 5 and 6 Review


1. Woo Seok was invited by the Ma family for dinner. He seemed to be getting the attention at the table. The old wife of the Chairman came asking for Soo In. She would not eat but wanted to see Soo In. Joo Ran told her Soo In had done something bad and she was not at home.

2.There was a flashback on Mi O and Do Jin's love story. He did love her and proposed to her sincerely. Now he is missing her.

3. Soo In is still having a hard time accepting the reality of what happened to her.

4. Aeng Ran and Joo Ran kept on hating each other. One time, while Aeng Ran was making kimchi with other wives, she was being praised but when Joo Ran appeared she spoiled the event and relayed Aeng Ran's past as a clerk in their company.

5. Woo Seok is getting letters and he went to an orphanage to ask if they knew him when he was a child. He is trying to find out about his past. The interesting part, he has a scar on his back.

6.The ahjumma gangster bullied Soo In. Bok Nyeo and Poong Geum saw and they too joined the fighting. They were all apprehended despite their bruises and wounds. Their fine is to learn how to bake.

7.Woo Seok is not really looking forward to this task of teaching inside the prison. But he arrive on time. Well, just in time when Soo In and the ahjumma gangster were in a tug of war while holding a basin of flour. Woo Seok openned the door to be greeted with flour pouring all over him and the culprit...Soo In!


They keep on meeting this way, very unfortunate way. Their fate is intertwined. The story is interesting because there is much to reveal. Their world is so small that I think Woo Seok has a connection with Bok Nyeo. While the other 2 inmates have a connection to Shinhwa or Ma family wo are Soo In's former in laws. I find Joo Ran annoying but then she entertains me well with her irritating actions as well as banters with Aeng Ran. She is the loud one in the family but I think she is not the most intelligent character. She can be mean but that is as far as she can do. Well, will wait if she can scheme big time in the future episode. All her meanness is about her greed to make her husband be the next CEO.

Joo Hee seems to be good at her job and a favorite so far by the Chairman. She is pursuing Woo Seok but her efforts are not being read as such.



1. Another unfortunate meeting between Woo Seok and Soo In when flour covered his face and immaculate clothes.

2. Woo Seok had a had time starting the baking classes when the ahjummas kept on teasing him and urging him to sing or dance. They were really interrupting the class turning it into chaotic atmosphere.

3. Joo Hee's suggestions in the meeting at the company seemed to gather favor from his father, making her brother-in-law calling her the next CEO in a snide way.

4.The mistress Aeng Ran sets a blind date for her son with a daughter from a rich family. But Joo Ran who won't let her win spread rumors through a salon about Do Jin's past making the other party not interested.

5. The cute daughter of Woo Seok Nam Byul is not pleased to see Joo Hee visiting them. She even told her father she does not want her to be her next mother which he then answered that Joo Hee is not his type at all.

6. But Joo Hee's father is asking about Woo Seok and wants to invite again for a game of chess.
7. The driver Tak Wol Han visited Soo In at the prison. He was apologetic he came only then to visit but Soo In appreciated it very much.

8. Baking lessons continue. The cute yet awkward part was when Soo In was beating the eggs in a bowl and Woo Seok showed her how to do it while he stood on her back holding her hand as they beat the eggs. 

While the gangster ahjumma kept on eating raw eggs to Woo Seok's dismay.

9. When Joo Hee learned from Woo Seok that he is teaching baking inside the prison, she got an idea on how to make the company look good to regain more growth. She told her father about this project of transporting few prisoners to the factory to see how the bread is being done. Anyone who applied in this project will have a chance to lower their jail time and be granted with parole.

10. Face off. Soo In went with other prisoners at the factory. There while inspecting the bread, the Ma family walked in. They were surprised to see her as much as she to see them. Words exchanged. Hurtful words. Soo In threw bread at the Chairman.


Woo Seok is still having prejudiced thoughts about Bok Nyeo. He learned that she was the one sending love letters to his father-in-law, who nicely defended her to Woo Seok. Woo Seok read Soo In's bio and the reason why she was imprisoned. Embezzlement and stock manipulation were written. I think he is curious but not judging yet.

The story is progressing in a good pace. I love the ending. Soo In's anger is brewing and I am liking that she is not the timid wife of their son. She knows how to fight back. At least for now, that's the only way she can fight back. She has no power yet because she is still serving time at the prison. I hope she pay them back big time. I wonder if the Chairman has a connection to Bok Nyeo's family.  It is a revelation that Bok Nyeo's parents were well off and that she was the daughter of the governor then.

I am looking to the part who will take care of Mi O's son.  Or will Bok Nyeo finally accept parole when the time comes.


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