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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Iron Man / Blade Man Final Episode Screen caps

Just some screen caps for tonight's finale. I was not able to capture the other half of the episode and the last few seconds where Hong Bin was hugging Se Dong while going away, I think in an elevated way. My internet connection failed at just that moment! Ugh!!!

Well, I will add some more tomorrow. For now, I know it has a happy ending although I think there was a time lapse. Looking at the screen, Se Dong has a hard time after Tae Hee passed away. Whatever it is that nags her inside, maybe a little guilt, I'll be able to understand by tomorrow.

Seung Hwan and Secretary Ko have their own love story, too. Nice writernim. I will surely miss the bromance between Hong Bin and Sec. Ko.

some screen caps...

there was a tight embrace part before this but I was too late to capture...:))


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