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Sunday, February 15, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] The King's Face Episode 23 Final Screen caps and Review

Finally I am writing my thoughts on episode 23.

Even in this last episode, the King never took time to understand the heart of Prince Gwang Hae. It was so easy for him to think that Prince Gwang Hae will take his seat away from him. Yes, Gwang Hae admitted thinking of being a King but it does not mean he has a mind that could be accused of treason. Prince Gwang Hae advised his father that it should be the people he must worry about and not his face because what happens to the lives of the people makes a King's face.

The King has not had the face of a king until now because he lacked the understanding and the heart of what his duty entails. His people are not happy and still suffers that's why those transcend to him as the King who over looks on them, giving him the face of not suited to be King.

The advise was so honestly brutal that the King's anger to Gwang Hae made him ill and the fact that  the poison Ga Hee mixed with his tea already scattered inside his body.

He did not make it that night. Just so in time before Gwang Hae left for the palace. His removal as the Crowned Prince was left hanging. He remained the Crowned Prince. It's a good thing that the Queen was already advised that she should choose what option she has to remain in the palace. Her association with Do Chi was not a secret anymore. Gwang Hae promised to take care of his young Grand Prince brother. Even Gwiin Kim and her son knows it is profitable for them to support Gwang Hae.

So this little scheme of the Queen to steal the King's seal was in vain. Her character although young was really ambitious. I could understand the greed to make his son the future King but then, there is already a Crowned Prince, so anything she wished for beyond this situation would be considered greed on her part.

In this last fight, Kim Do Chi was with his men. These men were the ones he secretly trained. They only have one goal, to unseat the King but for this one, to covet the King's seat and kill Gwang Hae. .Do Chi was very manipulative and instinctive. He knew that the King had a long life ahead, so after he died suddenly, he knew who was behind it. In order to make more troubles between brothers, he divulged the secret feelings of Ga Hee and Prince Gwang Hae to make Im Hae even madder.

But on the day of the fight inside the palace, I think Im Hae did not join Kim Do Chi.

 Im Hae possibly realized that Do Chi would love to go until the end, until Gwang Hae is killed. I think Im Hae may be angry towards his brother but he not enough to see him dead, after all that Gwang Hae did for him. They will remain apart as brothers because of jealousy and greediness but I think that would be all.

Like a true leader, Gwang Hae lead his soldiers to defend the palace from the coming intruders like Kim Do Chi.

The man who dare say he has the right to seat on the throne. Kim Do Chi's ambitious mind had clouded his goal from the start to help the people or to have a King who will care for the people. He coveted what he should not.

It was a great fight between Gwang Hae and Do Chi. The hatred between them was so vivid, they have to make the other one disappear forever.

In the fight Gwang Hae was able to cut him across his body. He collapsed but his spirits did not left him. Gwang Hae ordered for his beheading the next day, but just like any true fighter, Do Chi did not gave Gwang Hae the chance to kill him in front of the people. Right there and then, Do Chi killed himself.

What happened to Ga Hee?

Together with the King, she also drank the poisoned tea. This was to save Gwang Hae who has always been her priority. They have spoken previously, and Gwang Hae still has her in his heart, despite being married to another woman. He knew the sacrifices she did for him. He promised her that if fate permits, then they will meet again.

Ga Hee was found lying unconscious inside her room by the Crowned Princes. She silently let Ga Hee out of the palace to be taken cared of by a doctor. Gwang Hae only found out after the King died. He wanted to see her badly but the Princess told him to solve the important problems for now as Ga Hee was fine. Let him do justice to what Ga Hee sacrificed for.

By becoming the King, Gwang Hae also suffered what his father before him had. He also had dreams where he was talking to his father as if he was alive. His worries for the country makes him sad and not confident. He misses his father.

The Ill Fated Romance

At last they met after the fight is over. Ga Hee was fine but she lost her ability to  speak. Her voice was gone. They shared a sad story of their love. Theirs is an ill fated romance.

I feel quite sad for these two souls. They met since childhood. They fell in love young. They promised to marry each other when the time comes. But due to a bad fate that happened between them, they were separated. Misunderstandings occurred. But Gwang Hae has always been in love with her. When finally they can be together, he had no power to lover her. He turned away from her after she let him know that he should take that course, to marry into a family that would help him realize his dreams. She stayed, not far by his side. She supported him in all his endeavors. But the saddest part, she became his father's woman. 

I think this unthinkable fate that they faced then already torn them apart, farther and farther from each other. And now that the King died, it was she who killed him. There was no turning back now. She could be forgiven for her crime but Gwang Hae knew full well that their fate ended also.

I am all for sad love story because often times they are the most beautiful stories ever told. So in this drama, I will just think that love was not lost between them. Their love stayed and did not fade away. I want to imagine that Ga Hee will forever be Prince Gwang Hae one true love and the one he embedded in his heart. As for Ga Hee, there was no question how strong her love for him was. She gave her life for him.

A new reign has come.

Prince Gwang Hae became the King. A King who promised the best for his people. I love his story. Very colorful. He was able to withstand lots of criticism particularly coming from his father. He was abandoned by people who became greedy. He faced formidable foes during the war. His power and strength as a man was tested. In all through this, he was like a gold who 
emerged more shiny and real after it went through the fire.

I think the drama has fulfilled in relating the story about The King's Face. It may not be a love story still, it ism compelling. I won't say that Ga Hee wasted her life in the drama or that the ending did not give her justice. I think that even at the beginning, we as viewers already anticipated this parting ways between Prince Gwang Hae and Ga Hee.

As for the King, I feel sad that he was not able to feel the sincerity of his son. Until the last minute of his breath, he was suspicious of Gwang Hae. Poor King. He died grabbing on a seat that made him weak.

this is mslee1107
sharing my final thoughts

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