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Monday, February 16, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] WGM #JjongAh Cut Ep 37 Part 2 GIF + Screen caps

How to describe the episode?


Jong Hyun received a very special gift from Ah Young. A well thought gift that he will surely love and treasure. The RC car is one of his favorite collection. As a birthday gift from a woman he is in a virtual marriage, the feelings won't be common. I bet, after being in the headlines just days before filming this episode, he wa full of guilt for having to put her through in that hard ordeal. Yes, he knew she was affected, still, she prepared something special for him alone.

A birthday and a Valentine gift in one day.

Ah Young is the most thoughtful in his world now. He became the most special person that day, because of her. How could he not appreciate her actions?

An RC car and a new couple ring inside a small piece of cake. 

As they continue their conversations, their usual banter continue also. Slowly, Jjong feels that the atmosphere is getting better between them. Of course, she always remind him by inserting a nag here and there but the impact had somehow subsided.

Jjong had caught on her impulsive buying again. She promised not to buy again this year. As in chincha, chincha, chincha! Lol. Why does she always look cute? They even shared how much the bag was. Another secret they only knew.

How To Hi-5 The JjongAh Way

Jjong was so relived that the moment is getting nicer that he made the wrong Hi-5 when Ah Young raise her hand. 

Scared Jjong? lol!

Anya, it was not like that. So lifeless. He was really rattled, knowing he might have done something wrong again and anger his wife, but Ah Young only told him to do it the way she taught him. He tried to do it right but still, not the JjongAh way.

Jjong was getting flustered every single moment. He had to do it right this one last time. He would listen to her no matter what. The mood is just getting better, he won't spoil it for her. It has to be gentle, touching palm to palm then slowly enter twining each fingers as they fold and then wave.

Yeah, that's the way to do it Jjong! Finally Ah Young was glad. 

At The Bank

The couple opened a bank account, joint account but under Jjong's name. He is much smarter when it comes to spending. He learned how Ah Young spends her money on vacations, her own style of building memories. She loves doing that with her mother and even aunts. She can spend a lot. Jjong asked her how about him?

She replied back that she is besides him. lol. 

Jjong is looking forward to saving money with CF's from his wife. This moment, the comfort between couple is back. Jjong can now touch her without hesitating. Guess, he learned his lessons well. To admit his wrong and to be more attentive.

Just like a true husband, he knows how to ask the right questions to the bank officer, what to do, and with consent putting the account under his name. But he gave the money to Ah Young to be deposited. I think that is how a husband does it.

How To Play Nurunji Game?

A game in which Ah Young introduced to Jjong.

She told him how to play the game. Through this game, the ride became enjoyable. Jjong is at his most "Ah Young feels" when he is doing his pranks on her and very much enjoying making her lose. Yes, this couple are the best when they do games. Both competitive, even if childish games only.

He is a fast learner. In the end, he managed to win over her.

Jjong playing tricks!

Not giving up even after when they got off the car.

Ottoke? I think Ah Young can only be the one who can make Jjong act this way. She has broken down his iron defenses. He enjoys her company too much. This goofing around can not be faked. His laughter is real. He is so into the moment. Always wanting to make her lose is a man's cute way of expressing he is liking this girl who he wants to react to his jokes.

Sigh! Aint they lovable? Seriously! And people say Jjong is BORING!!! Oh please, he is not boring. He has not yet been this playful until he met Ah Young....in front of the camera. He is reserved because he is basically shy, but Ah Young was able to make him forget his shyness.

Can I say Ah Young's charm has gotten Jjong hook, line and sinker? [wink..wink..]

The troubles are forgotten. Apologies were accepted. Finally, before the day ended, they patched their misunderstanding.

-mslee1107 is satisfied with this episode-

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