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Thursday, February 19, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] PUNCH Episode 19 Final Screen caps Review - One Law For All

Final Episode

One Law For All

This has become Yoon Ji Sook's mantra but she is not included in this philosophy. All this time she is seeking the higher up's consent in her favor and using this excuse to execute her power either as a Minister of Justice and now as an Independent Prosecutor. With this fair judgement she claims, people found to be less perfect as government officials should follow the law and take responsibility for what they did.

How will this law for all cover Yoon Ji Sook's crimes? How can she not evade anymore this one for all law? 

Since the opening of this episode, I had my hands gripping the edge of my seat tightly, worrying too much if Jung Hwan will be caught by Ho Sung or how can he escaped him when his legs turned stiff all of a sudden?

Then here are both Ji Sook and Ho Sung who continuous to manipulate and coerce people to corner Jung Hwan and Lee Tae Joon. I think my hate towards these two leveled up so high that I was grtting my teeth the whole time every time they were on screen. Chincha! They make me want to punch them literally with their schemes and lies. They made it appear that their choices were in good faith and will soon attain their goal.

When Jung Hwan ran with the SD card of the black box [or so we thought like Ho Sung did] his energy was soon turning into exhaustion, making it hard to take a step forward. He went to the public locker at the station, pretending to have hidden the card in one of the safe and ran again. But in the end, they surrounded him and had no energy left. He surrendered. They brought him into interrogating room, got his mobile phone to cut all kinds of communications outside.

Lee Tae Joon was sitting and not budging from his office. He made the promise to Jung Hwan, he will stay until he returned. The card has not been found out and Jung Hwan was keeping silent about it. They searched him but to no avail. Ho Sung was confident that Tae Joon would not be able to hold on any longer at the office now that they have Jung Hwan. By this time his health was deteriorating. 

Ji Sook and Ho Sung went to talk to Tae Joon. They said that it would be wise for him to resign and accept their offer for his own good. Jung Hwan won't come back. Tae Joon had already thought that if Jung Hwan had not found a clear evidence, they would not detain him and isolate him. Now he is suspicious that perhpas Jung Hwan has with him the evidence.

What Ji Sook did not anticipate was when she somehow divulged about the card Jung Hwan found. Tae Joon now had the right answer to what should be his next move. He taunted Ji Sook about holding her hand and not letting go until they both fell.

At this point I have forgiven Tae Joon because he is ready to pay for his crimes but just waiting for Jung Hwan to return. Until then, he will not resign.

Inside the interrogation room, Jung Hwan got a call from his sister about Ha Gyung's worsening condition. She asked him to be there at the hospital besides Ha Gyung. Ho Sung had told him already that he could only get out from the room if he handed the card.

I felt Jung Hwan's angry frustrations. His wife was fighting for her life, maybe any minute now she will die ahead of him and here he is, helpless and still he has no means to put Ji Sook behind bars to what she had done to Ha Gyung.

His body is slowly falling apart, any time he would pass out because of the pain he feels. He took out his wallet and cried as he gazed at his family's photo. He took out the last morphine to soothe his pains but he could not find the will to take it not with Ha Gyung at the hospital alone. He would endure the pains, his only solution to get out of this room.

Pouring the contents of the small bottle on the table while holding his wallet and staring at Ha Gyung's face, it was like he was making a vow that soon these people who had done them wrong would pay, and pay dearly.

Jung Hwan collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. It would be hard now to recover just as the doctor already predicted. 

Lee Tae Joon heard what happened to Jung Hwan. Ho Sung has prepared his speech for resignation. The prosecutors were gathered to plead with Tae Joon to leave his post. Ji Sook was doing all in her power to ask favors from those who once have been in position. These people are her own kind, the wealthy ones. 

Tae Joon almost succumbed to Ho Sung's order when he received the papers from him. The media are all waiting for him to hear his resignation. The ironic part, when he opened to read the papers inside, the small SD card was there. It was like a twist of fate again, now he has the upper hand. he suddenly found himself laughing how clever Jung Hwan was to have dropped the card inside. Who would have thought the card they were so adamantly looking for was already in their possession. he asked Choi Yeon Jin to explode a bomb at the Press Conference.

At this point Choi Yon Jin remembered what Jung Hwan promised her before. She may not have his love but she has his good intention and well wishes. As a sunbae, he delivered what he promised to her. That one opportunity to make her reach for her dream as a prosecutor. This is her chance. A big case against a big personality such as Yoon Ji Sook.

Yes, she does love him and it will hurt to see him go but then he will leave a very memorable event in her life with this opportunity she has in her hands.

At the press con, Ho Sung was startled to see her come in front instead of Tae Joon. There she talked about the attempted murder of Ha Gyung and showed them who is the real culprit at the scene. Playing the card through the big screen, Ji Sook who was with Chief Staff by then was shocked to see her own self in the monitor and tha accident showing who she and Ho Sung left Ha Gyung there. That was clear evidence against her and Ho Sung.

The Chief of Staff ordered for her to be investigated because they have to show the people that one law applies to all no matter who you are.

Choi Yeon Jin issued the arrest warrant. The team to arrest Tae Joon arrived at his office minutes before Choi Yeon Jin presented the warrant for Ji Sook. He told the other team to just wait a moment until he signed himself the warrant of arrest for Ji Sook. After he signed with his name, he stood up and offered his two wrist to be handcuffed. Tae Joon knew it was time to go.

Ha Gyung needs a new heart to survive. Jung Hwan's time is ticking. His mother adn Ye Rin were with him by his bed, crying. Ye Rin told him "I love you, daddy" saranghaeyeo appa over and over again while she cried. His sister and her husband were also there.  He was pronounced brain dead after wards. He was rushed to the surgery room along side Ha Gyung. After confirming of his death, the transplant started.

After some time, maybe months, the trial came to an end for Ji Sook, Ho Sung, Tae Joon and Kang Jae. Ha Gyung was the prosecutor in the attempted murder and military fraud cases. She recommended 8 years for Ho Sung and a life sentence for Ji Sook. But the final verdict only gave Ho Sung  5 years while 15 years for Ji Sook.

Tae Joon got 5 years. Kang Jae will appeal for his case.

The ending showed mother and daughter at the beach where Ha Gyung and Jung Hwan went before they got married. It was a beautiful day and although it was sad that Ha Gyung wasnot able to say good bye to her husband, the fight with Tae Joon and Ji Sook were over and somehow they won. 

The story wrapped up nicely. I found the satisfaction of seeing Ji Sook in a prison uniform. The hypocrisy could no longer be seen. She realized that she did made many wrong judgement and choices and what or where she is right now are only the consequences of those actions.

Ha Gyung remained the honest prosecutor until the end. 

I love how at the last two episodes, the writer has tackled the bond existing between Tae Joon and Jung Hwan. It was like the story has come full circle. Jung Hwan was an instrument to Tae Joon's success as he gave his loyalty to him and even if they became enemies at one point. Tae Joon also pay his dues by lending his hand and using his power as the Prosecutor General to help Jung Hwan and Ha Gyung find the justice they deserve against Ji Sook.

The story may lack in the romance part, but what was not shown, viewers like me felt. The love and respect were there between husband and wife. They had their second chance. 

One law for all. Because no one is above the law.

Great ending. I could not ask for more.

As for all the characters, they are all amazing particularly Kim Rae Won and Cho Jae Hyun. Their moments on screen are the best.

this is mslee1107 writing my final thoughts

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