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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] SPY Episode 11 Screen caps Review

How will an NIS agent deal with the fact that his parents particularly his mother was and still a North Korean spy? That she is still in communications with the man he is looking for Hwang Gi Chul?

There is only one answer. to deal with him himself.

But facing this man is not easy. He remained calm despite having a gun point at him and that Sun Woo could pull the trigger anytime. Hwang Gi Chul is holding his cards right. He just wants him to get the hard drive from his superior Song Joong Hyeok. He is willing to let him and his family live comfortably after wards. They plan on returning to North Korea after he had his hands on the drive.

By that time, the mission to kill his mother was aborted as well as kidnapping his sister. He went home facing his mother who already knew he found out about her. It was an awkward, tensed and full of disappointments scenes between mother and son. He is angry at her for acting her own way, for presuming knowing what is right for them all.

He sought Yoon Jin. She is the only one left for him to trust. Or so he thoought. Hye Rim left a message in his phone that Yoon Jin is also a spy but still he had not read the message. He told Yoon JIn he is off to defeating bad men in a dangerous mission. At this point, I only wish she had told him the truth already. The betrayal will be too much when it comes. Yoon Jin is acting for the sake of her family, so how can I judge her?

Sun Woo talked with Joong Hyeok about the hard drive. But his boss was immediately called for another meeting with his accomplice in decoding the passcode. Sun Woo grabbed the briefcase containing the hard drive. He got a message that Yoon Jin was hostaged. He is willing to put his life and work in the line for Yoon Jin. Even if his sunbae Hyun Tae followed him at the car park seeing that something fishy was going on him, he fought with him, and handcuffed in a car tossing the keys away. He only told him that he needed it to save a life and that Joong Hyeok is fooling him regarding the supervisor  HyunTae was so adamant in finding to kill. That supervisor was already in custody of Joong Hyeok. He even gave him the radio that could hear conversations of Joong Hyeok, the devise given by Gi Chul.

At the end he went to yoon Jin's place and met the spies.


I think somehow the scenes were a bit slow here. It is a spy theme and some conversations drag a but longer. But all in all, another great watch.


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