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Saturday, February 21, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Kill Me Heal Me Episode 13 Screen caps + GIF Review

A lot happened in this episode.

1. Oh Ri Jin had a sudden de javu' in the basement of Do Hyun's family residence. She saw a girl doodling on the wall and it reminds her of herself or about her lost memories. She passed out in the arms of Do Hyun.

2. She decided not to talk about it in front of Do Hyun who got many questions for her. He was there by her side during her "nightmares" and how she raised her hand as if stopping someone from leaving. Di Hyun grabbed her hand and comforted her. He felt her pain and her sadness at the same time. She was also scared to be left alone.

3. They went to see a fortune teller, separately. The verdict, their fate with their love is not good.

4. Do Hyun and Ri Jin decided to went on a casual date but he was forced to take a rain check because Chae Yeon called Do Hyun demanding that he go meet her or else she would do something like breaking off her engagement to Ki Joon and make a scandal. She was drunk.

5. Ri Jin told him it was okay but she really was not. Do Hyun talked to Chae Yeon and told her it would be the last time he would go see her.

6. Ri On fetched Ri Jin and went home. They talked  outside. Ri Jin honestly told him about her confused feelings for Do Hyun. Ri On saw Do Hyun at a distance. He stopped Ri Jin from talking. She went inside annoyed at her twin.

7. The funny part of the episode was when Ahn Yo Na decided to come out when Do Hyun and Ri On were talking at a cafe. Do Hyun became uneasy hearing stories about Ri Jin and the basement and how it was Ri On who was the boy in those scenario.

8. Chaos soon followed when Yo Na started calling Ri On "oppa..oppa!" and jumped on him. Ri On frantically called Ri Jin begging her to hurry and find them. Yo Na ordered Ri On this and that which made him looked like a fool in front of the other customers. Yo Na was behaving so badly and so  naughty.

9. They run after the other, the three of them, the "twins' trying to catch Yo Na. In the end, Yo Na was able to kiss her oppa!

10. Do Hyun came back to his senses at the twin's house. Ri On was carefully treading in front of him, definitely got trauma from Yo Na.

11. Do Hyun went to find Ri Jin. He wanted to be her man officially. He was about to kiss her when he saw a half burned photo of Min Seo, his mother in the family registry, the legal wife of his father.

12. Do Hyun's mother was by his father's side when she noticed the page of the book had something inside. It was a photo of Min Seo, clearly showing he loves the woman.

Slowly the secrets are being revealed. Soon Do Hyun would face his past and what bothers him about it. Who was the girl with him? And what was Rio Jin's childhood?

I am loving the development of this story. The details are all being discussed at a pace where viewers like me can connect and understand the intricacies of their past. 


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