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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Kill Me Heal Me Episode 12 Screen caps Review

How far has the story goitten?

The drama by now has totally perked up my interest and if I had written in my first review that it somehow did not make such huge impression, I am now satisfied that each week, each episode is turning to be not only fun to watch but the real theme was being thoroughly discussed for my understanding.

So here we are, Do Hyun having multiple personalities inside his body which were created during the times he had the most trying times in his childhood days. He was abused by someone, while other eyes just looked on as a witnessed but kept silent about it. Se Gi was created to deal all those pains his mind could not face and made them disappear at the back of his head, lost in his past, and let him live with out those painful memories up until now.

Se Gi is the strong character who can take any body even the Chairman, his grandmother who only succumbed to taking him in as a son of Seungjin group because his mother knew more secrets about the household and using them to threaten the family. I am skeptical if this is the real issue because Do Hyun's mother, although opportunist as a mistress, seems not that greedy. She only wants her son to be acknowledged as the successor. 

Other personalities like Yo Na brings out the fun and laughter which typically balanced the existence of the melancholic character of Yo Sub who as a teen can not handle all the problems Do Hyun has leading him to be suicidal when the going gets tougher. Then there is Park Perry, the extrovert and crazy persona who makes bomb and playfully uses them to create more troubles around him, knowing there is Do Hyun who will clean up after his mess. I think this Perry is dealing the trauma through having a good time just like Yo Na but in a different way, just to make his life more breathable through fun stuffs yet dangerous kind. Then there is the still invisible Nana, who plays with dolls and I think this persona was created in the basement while Do Hyun met the young Ri Jin who was also being kept there. Nana replaced Ri Jin in Do Hyun's mind. A sole and pityful girl who is afraid of basements but her fear, Do Hyun took care of it as his own fear, thus creating Nana.

So far these are the personas created within Do Hyun and the ones I already met in the drama. All of them shielded Do Hyun from his trauma and made him live his life more comfortably. But then, the more they live for Do Hyun, the more chaos it is for him to clean up. to cover his mental illness.

Finally, at this point, Do Hyun is remembering his father and his abuse towards him. Do Hyun shied away for two days, making Se Gi more arrogant and fearless to face his grandmother and ordered her to make Seunjin group his. He also revealed knowing the existence of an other child and that he will give the company to that child, a threat that made his grandmother collapsed in anger. Se Gi also kidnapped his father and was so angry he really wants to end his father's life. Se Gi is in attack mode to any one blocking his existence and maybe wanting to stay stronger to be with Oh Ri Jin.

There are funny scenes in the last 4 episodes I missed doing reviews. We all enjoyed those moments but definitely, Se Gi's interaction with Oh Ri Jin are the best moments. Well, maybe I ship them. Maybe I somehow feel that although Ri Jin has a soft spot for Do Hyun, Se Gi has impressed her with his charming personality combines with determination to be strong and at the same time she can tame him. She can make him follow orders from her not to mess around. The only time Se Gi turned away from her was when she kept on talking about Do Hyun, making him angry and suffocated with invisible existence of Do Hyun between them. Remember Se Gi met her those yoounger days in the basement when Do Hyun blocked his memories. Se Gi fell in love with this lone girl and his protective instinct towards her was created, thus growing feelings followed.

Another mess that Se Gi left was making Han Chae Yeon confused of her feelings even after being engaged to Cha Ki Joon. She now has the courage to go after him, not knowing it was the other personality that lured her in order to hurt Do Hyun who Se Gi thought was messing with his woman. But of course, the attraction between Do Hyun and Ri Jin is growing, They are only not yet realizing the existence of those feelings.

Oh Ri On who learned that Ri Jin is staying close to Do Hyun now knew that there is danger to that. This is still mystery for me. Ri Jin is the lost child from the basement, presumably the child of the legitimate daughter-in-law. If the blood relation is true, then they are half siblings and love is definitely out of the question. But then I wonder who is the father of Ri Jin? In order to make the romance fulfilled, one of the two must have an outside parental heritage not linked to Cha family or Seunjin group. And I am thinking why Do Hyun's father was so abusive of him? Was he not his own blood? Or was Ri Jin not his daughter?

Towards the end of this episode, Do Hyun apologized to his grandmother for what Se Gi has done to her but her only words for him was to go back to the States and live comfortably there with his mother away from Seungjin company. She is so hypocrite as to acknowledge a grandson who is suffering from mental illness.

But then it might be too late now. Ri Jin somehow retrieved a part of her memories when she stepped foot at the basement of that house. She found herself looking at a girl, and that girl should remind her of herself.

Slowly the hidden memories are coming back. Anytime soon, the past will catch up on each and every one in the drama. The only on lookers are Cha Ki Joon's family, waiting for the time to get their hands on the company.

The story is good. 


some gif and screen caps

The abuser finally revealed!

The Love and War scenario

Cha Do Hyun was able to come back, a little stronger.

But Se Gi might feel the other way round knowing his existence would soon ceased.

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