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Sunday, February 15, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] WGM #JjjongAh Couple Cut Episode 37 Part 1 GIF + Screen caps

This is what awkwardness between couple looks like if one is caught in a scandal with another woman.

Episode 37 was filmed more or less 4 days after the rumor spread in the internet last January about Jjong and Nana dating as a couple. Jjong was in Singapore then when it happened and it was said that when he went back to Seoul, he contacted Yura and met with her to talk about it. So, whatever explanations he had, he already gave it to Yura prior to filming. A good thing that the production of WGM supported this virtual couple and believes in Jjong. 

I won't say if there's truth in the rumor or not. But I will say that I think regardless of rumor, Jjong and Nana are good friends. 

What should be the atmosphere during filming of this episode? Of course, there should be awkwardness between them. Yes, this is a reality show and not real, still they are normal people, they could be hurt by something like this rumor and affect their working relationship. Ah Young has been very supportive ever since of this show and it is but natural for her to feel betrayed. 

Ah Young still did what she had to do during filming. To be bubbly despite the tensed atmosphere. She made her nagging in a teasing way, to make it less strong. I love that she tackled the issue that way. Not so blunt, but subtle. She also let him know she was hurt, maybe it looked like she was joking but she was not, really. She made sure he understood her feelings towards the incident. I love that she also somehow let him know that since he is close friends with Nana, it seemed she can't do anything about it. I guess they have discussed it off camera and I know Ah Young won't mind him being friends with others just to avoid being the center of scandals in the future until their stint att WGM finished at least. 

She scolded him, she hit his hands teasingly with the remote control of the RC car and Jjong received all of them with apologetic smiles. He was weighing her feelings all the time, like walking on thin ice. Ah Young may be laughing at the beginning but there was a trace of sadness in her eyes. Eyes could not lie. And her interview showed how stressed she had been since the rumor broke out. I believe her when she said that she got a lot of calls.  Even if this is not a true marriage, still she is Jjong's wife in the reality program where they interact as themselves.

So Ah Young's father called her. Well, the father of course would be concerned to his daughter. After all he met Jjong and treated him like a son when they visited their home. 

[screen caps collage]

Jjong: [tiptoeing inside the house...] ah Ah Young seems busy...but wait...she folded her arms in front of her, not a good sign really. She must be angry.

Ah Young : Time to confront him. There's no way I would let this incident slide. He needs to know he hurt me in a certain way. He should apologize and promise to be good.

Jjong: she really looks like she had a tough time. she lost weight worrying over it.  gwenchana, I will not complain even if she nags endlessly about it. I was wrong.

Jjong: finally, she is willing to give me another chance. her laughs are back. that's what's matter. she has forgiven me.

Ah Young: guess I will let him off for now. It's nice that he keeps saying sorry to me. I see his sincerity.

At the restaurant

Treating Ah Young to a very nice food can make her anger subside and her hurt fade away. She is so easy to please. Well, she said so. Jjong ordered meat and sliced it for her. In between conversations, Ah Young find joy in nagging him whenever it fits the topic of their talk. Just like when she told him to be interested in her more. He said why does it feels like he was being scolded all day. Well, she just answered him back that it won't be the last of it. There will be more in the future. Just like any real married couple, Ah Young is letting him know that it takes time to forget and often a wife will tease a husband about it.

The sweet and happy couple are back. They ate with so much gusto. This couple is really cute. They can be a great partner in a food CF. Ah Young makes it fun while eating. Looks mouth watering.

The cute part is here.

Ah Young went outside while Jjong was left to ponder why. Then he was surprised to see a red RC car racing inside. He immediately had an idea what's it about. He hurriedly hides in a corner making Ah Young confuse seeing his seat empty. Her surprise is going to be spoiled.  

She called his name then found him  hiding. She knew right away he is playing with her. She smiled backing away as she maneuvered the small red car. It goes bump..bump her and there making Jjong held his chest as if his heart was hurting.

It was good to see them back goofing with each other. Jjong finally felt at ease to play with her. It was thanks to Ah Young for her light spirited ways. Her thoughtfulness is really something. Jjong surely must have been surprised by this gift. It was unexpected. Ah Young is very thoughtful. Every guy would be grateful and love her for this. Another gift for Jjong that he will remember, particularly this RC car that he really likes and collects. It's not a simple gift. Her gift is something close to his heart and which he is passionate about.

The New Couple Ring

With in the RC car, two miniature cakes were there. One is for Jjong's birthday and the other is for Valentines Day.  Ah Young lets him  eat the first one. When Jjong ate the second one, he never indicated that there was something inside it. He pulled a prank on his cute wife. Ah Young was laughing as she told him to sit it out but Jjong was determined to let her think he swallowed the whole thing. He even swallowed hard and purposely. Ah Young was concerned. In the end he spit it out. 

She told him she does not want to give the ring in a boring way. Jjong was again grateful towards her. She gave her the same style as her current ring. She put it on him after she slides out the old ring. I think this indicates a new chapter in their JjongAh lives.

First order...make it visible in Inkigayo by holding up his hands. Ah Young 's way is much fun and cuter as she flashed her fingers with the ring while she said anyeong!

The conversations continued between them. They talked about her impulsive buying. Her passion for bags and the recently purchased bags. He let her promise to stop impulsive buying. I think Jjong is really concerned about her habits. Should I say that he is the type who spends money wisely.

At the end of their meal, Ah Young continued to play with the car. But her skills are so bad it keeps on bumping making Jjong scared for the car. Such a toy boy.

They left for their next stop..the bank.

screen caps/gif made by mslee
please give proper credit when taking out photos.

part 2 of the episode will be posted next

this is mslee1107 writing my thoughts 

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