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Saturday, February 21, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Shine Or Go Crazy Episode 9 Screen caps Review + GIF

The highlights of the episode was the fight between brothers or Princes.

Wang Wook was so confident he would win the battle or the game considering Wang So was hurt and still recovering. But they were all surprised when Wang So suddenly appeared, although late, but not to late to fight Wang Wook. It was a fight not only who will be the next King as the agenda of the celebration but it was also personal as Yoon Shil was present along side the Royal family watching.

Wang So never realized it was Gaebong up there. He heard it was the assistant head chief of the trading company. The fight was fierce but in the end, Wang So won. He received the sword his father left to his uncle  Sik Ryeom then he gave it back to the King as a sign of respect and loyalty.

One of the revelation during the fight with Wang Wook was that the way he moved reminded Wang So of the assassin who tried to kill his father. It was a disturbing thought for Wang So, having to doubt Wang Wook.

Shin Yool got the surprise of her life seeing So So entering as the cursed Prince Wang So. She never expected to see him there not to say to realize he is a Prince. She was wearing a hat with thin veil so her face can not be seen clearly.

The ending of the episode showed that the King doubted so much the association of Shin Yool and Wang Wook. He put a sword on her neck.

Well, glad that in this episode, Shin Yool finally met Prince Wang So.


gif/screen caps by me

more amazing fights between Wang Wook and Wang So

more screen caps

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