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Saturday, February 21, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Shine Or Go Crazy Episode 10 Screen caps Review

At last Wang So found out that Gaebong is a woman! I thought this secret will drag on but thankfully, it was now revealed. But both looked like they would continue to hide the fact that they knew about the disguise.

Sik Ryeom wants Wang So taken cared of immediately by Se Won. The two pieces of the bronze puzzle were in Wang So's possession and those indicates the initials of the accomplice in the killing of his father, the late King.

Wang So was confident they would not act rashly towards him because he had already sent them a warning before that he knew about them and their crimes.

Meanwhile, Hwangbo Yeo Won has extended her hand towards Wang So but he declined her offer. He knew she has her own agenda. Wang Wook and Yeo Won's relationship were somehow crushed when she helped Wang So recovered. Wang Wook told her he won't trust anyone anymore. For Yeo Won it is a good sign because letting him go and be hurt would make him stronger.

The people in the trading company were all surprised to learned that SoSo is actually a Prince. Shin Yool told them not to act differently but then the King visited the place. He saw Wang So there and the seed of doubt began again to over rule the King. But Shin Yool who was then wearing a veiled hat told the King it was the first time she saw Wang So. This happened before Wang So caught Shin Yool as Gaebong. Wang So was able to calm the King that he is not lying to him and that Shin Yool's act of supporting the celebration was really about making money out of the embellishments they made to be sold to the people and the profits will be given back to the poor for medication. The ledger was an evidence that the trading company has been doing this kind of mission for a while now.

Wang Wook confessed his feelings towards Shin Yool by suddenly embracing her. 

I think the rivalry will become intense between Wang Wook and Wang So. It is clear where Shin Yool's heart lies but Wang Wook is not one to get easily affected or give up. I hope that Shin Yool's brother will have a slip of the tongue in the presence of Wang So and told him that ShinYool was his bride from Gaebong.


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